Reviews for Corat Damar: Lives Lost
rekelen2309 chapter 1 . 8/12/2017
I think the Star Trek franchise lost out on a golden opportunity when this character was killed. Thanks for a glimpse of more Damar!
Shada The Cardie Dukal chapter 35 . 1/15/2016
A touching story, coming from someone who is not exactly into romances. I like the way you write emotions and the sense of loss. I guess this is how people feel even when they are hardened and don’t want to display their feelings.

Your Weyoun sounds very realistic, I have always enjoyed the exchanges between Damar and Weyoun.
Shada The Cardie Dukal chapter 25 . 1/12/2016
The story takes a more dramatic turn, Damar and Keela are engulfed by events bigger than they are.

It sounds realistic enough though. This is how people forced to close a chapter in their lives are likely to feel.

I really like the way you present Dukat, he is not that bad but like most Cardassians he hides his sensitivity behind tons of arrogance and swagger.
Shada The Cardie Dukal chapter 16 . 1/11/2016
I feel sorry for Damar, in Cardassian terms having a hybrid child is a social slur so he has to be careful. I don’t think that taking Keela and his child to Cardassia is a good idea, having in mind all misfortunes Dukat experienced because of acknowledging Ziyal.

Keela gets cranky and unbearable at times, hormonal imbalance, you get this right, it makes sense.

It is really getting tense, the old Romeo-and-Juliet trope still works.
Shada The Cardie Dukal chapter 6 . 1/11/2016
I love stories centered around Cardassians, I am very happy that these complex aliens still stir fans’ imagination.

I really like your take on Damar, reluctant, not particularly sophisticated and blunt, but still capable of surpassing his cultural constraints. And he can be stubborn and hide behind his dismissive nonchalance or bitter humor when he wants to. This is what I like about him.

Keela is not only lucky, she is outspokenly cruel and ungrateful. How long does she intend to leave poor Damar high and dry, gulping kanar utterly frustrated? This is Dutch comfort!

I like the dialogues, they are easy to read and they really unfold the story, as though in real time. The paragraph structure is a cliffhanger, making the reader wonder what is going to happen. I have always hypothesized that having a mistress, even an alien one, is a matter of prestige in Cardassian culture.

Poor Dukat! Everyone is making fun of his affairs, he is often viewed as some sort of a Cardassian Caligula but I guess fans simply envy him. High social status always goes hand in hand with more opportunities to get laid, in all cultures and epochs.

Now I am really intrigued whether this touchy Federation princess is going to do anything for our guy…
JeffC FTW chapter 35 . 6/20/2015
This was one of the best stories I ever read, and I'm glad you expanded Damar and made him and his family more believable and understandable. :)
DefenestratedCountess chapter 35 . 2/1/2015
Wow, great story!
I'm suprised it hasn't recieved more reviews...
thaifighter30 chapter 35 . 12/26/2014
Nice story, you should continue. : )
FromHellWithLove chapter 8 . 12/11/2014
I Love this story so far :)
you have an amazing take on Damar. I'll get back to reading now :)