Reviews for The Forgotten Child
Guest chapter 11 . 8/1
Please update soon I think they should find out about the glamours soon
xTCatxx chapter 11 . 7/20
Omg poor Harry
Please please make his family and him happy please
Guest chapter 11 . 7/18
mas mas muy bueno
Chicken Nugget chapter 11 . 7/17
Good story, I SUPPOSE I can look past the grievious long hair for the rest of this pretty cool story.
Chicken Nugget chapter 2 . 7/17
I freaking hate that.
Plus, undergoing a glamour removal DOES NOT make hair three times longer.

Otherwise, I have to say this looks pretty awesome.
AnnaVeraS chapter 11 . 7/17
yes, welcome back. please update soon
Angelic Abomination chapter 11 . 7/17
Yay! Welcome back. Read the whole story again and loved it.
HarryPotterSlashFreakyFan chapter 11 . 7/17
Hi there!
This is a really good piece of work and I'm sorry it effected you negatively. But I'm really glad you are feeling better now. Just a thought...what about giving Cerin a nickname frim his parents. I noticed they call Draco, "Dragon", and it may help Cerin feel more close to them? Maybe the mind healer could suggest it if you bring one in to the story.

Thanks for a good story and I can't wait for the next chapter.
Good luck with writing,
lilly-flower15 chapter 11 . 7/17
Great chapter update soon
Dixie.f.9 chapter 11 . 7/17
Great to see the update. Oh you gentleman have your work cut out for you.
blackangel150 chapter 11 . 7/16
Oh this is killing them badly
vangogh32 chapter 11 . 7/16
I just read your story for the first time and love the idea behind it. I can't wait to see more interaction between father and sons and what happens when they see him without his glamour and help him heal. I have to admit I hate that Severus is still so closed minded towards him. How Severus treats Draco as well as how he was the one that Cerin I would think he would be gentler towards him and more desperate to be by his side more. I would love to see his character development and see him take action with changing his ways. Again I hope to see more Cerin and Severus/Lucius bonding.

Also after all Cerin went though and the fact he can't stand to be around men due to his abuse I feel he wouldn't be gay. But I also feel like he shouldn't have a pairing at all in this story due to the extent of his mental trauma. Curious to see where you'll take your ideas behind pairings and such you had mentioned previously.
white collar black wolf chapter 11 . 7/16
Liked it
julesa66 chapter 7 . 7/16
I would not even worry about Cerin even thinking about a relationship at all. It will take a long time before he would even think about one with all of the abuse and rapes plus finally having parents and family. Let him stay uninvolved and just have friends.
julesa66 chapter 11 . 7/16
Great chapter and story. I am enjoying it very much. I can picture Severus getting irritated with Cerin asking him question after question about what happened to him and Cerin going you want to know what has happened to me, let me show you and pulls Sevetus into his mind and just let's all of the memories come forth son he can see. When finished he through Severus out of his head and leaves, not knowing where he is going but just leaving. Have Severus trying to cope with what he saw from the Dursley but also himself. How he treated him at Hogwarts and Lucius casting Avada Kerdeva at him in 2nd year. How he has only known pain his whole life and really doesn't want to continue on. Please but please don't bring Granger into this as she is not someone he would be able to deal with her attitude and bossiness and being so pushy trying to get him to talk about everything. It would be nice if Severus could trying just sitting and holding him to start with. It would be one of best things for Cerin since he never had anyone do that.
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