Reviews for The Stark Truth
Guest chapter 27 . 19h
This is one of the best fanfics I've read. Love Tony. Nat is also perfection. My favorite parts were:
Blueberry muffin orgasm.
Men think with their penis.
Graveyard conversation.
Dumby's death.
Tom riddle.
Minerva's many crushes.
The twins- their caring side.
Momma Bruce.
I can't wait to read more of your works.
Guest chapter 25 . 20h
I just have one thing to say. Fuck you dumbass Dumbledore. You deserve nothing and you are worse than anyone. You are NOT all high and mighty and you deserve to be six feet under in hell. I want you to suffer and feel the pain that you put harry and tom and the others through. You don't deserve jack shit and if you try to kill harry, I wil reach through this phone and drag you to Tartarus, then drag you through all the different hells of the worlds. I'm sure Tony agrees.
Sorry, but I hate Dumbledore. Love the story though. Keep it up!
P.S. On a side note Fenrir was awesome! I feel so sorry for him! Think you could make one with him and Remus? Also wand in the holder? Nice. Anyone else notice Fenrir shares a name with one of Loki's children in myths?
Loved Harry's reaction. Reminds me of myself. Lalalala underaged ears here!
Guest chapter 20 . 21h
I love this story!
1. There's a reason he was named DUMB-ledore. He was just living up to his name.
2. I love overprotective Tony. He is just too adorable.
3. Speaking of adorable, Bruce x Tony is just... Agh! Science bros are my new otp!
4. Loki was awesome! 10/10, would read again. He is full of fluff, and yet too proud to admit it. He is amazing especially when introduced to the twins.
5. Speaking of the two devils, I love how you made their sorting be similar to Harry's.
6. Can you make a book about Fred, George, Loki, and their pranks in the tower? It would be funny if they replaced the blueberry muffins with all the worst flavored Every flavor jellybean.
7. Hogwarts... You don't stand a chance.
8. Loki's reaction to the books was hilarious. I could see him making it so the tower screamed when Tony and Bruce weren't in the same room with earplugs for himself, harry, and the twins.
9. Dobby.
10. THANK YOU FOR LOKI! HE IS A LITERAL GOD! I loved Loki's punishment of Vernon. An eye for an eye.
11. Furious Nick. *Dies by laughter*
12. Is it bad that I prefer fanfics to the Harry Potter books? I haven't even read the series...
13. Harry is f***ing adorable. I love how he cooks for everyone and how he is just... So.. Cute! (Pepper *wearing Queen of England attire and holding a sword*: I hearby dub thee Harry James Potter Stark as the official mealmaker so as not to poison/blow up/kill/give food poisoning to the team/the tower/anyone who might show up (aka SHIELD agents). And *turns to tony who is stuffing his face with blueberry treats* I hearby ban tony from asking for blueberry muffins.)
14. Mamma Bruce. Also Caring hulk! (Don't think I didn't see that line "all the hulk wanted to do was hold him" (or something like that...) people forget that the hulk isn't mindless. That's why I love ultimate spider man. It shows Peter helping hulk.)
Keep up the good work
Guest chapter 20 . 22h
I love this story! It was awesome!
1. There's a reason he's named DUMBledore.
2. Harry and Fred... Gah! They are too cute! (Love George. "They're kissing without me?!" Priceless)
3. Bruce x Tony has literally become my life...
4. Loki with dobby was funny. I can just imagine him meeting the elf...
5. Poor Hogwarts. It doesn't stand a chance.
6. Can you make a book with Loki and the twins pulling pranks at the tower? I loved the one with Clint. (Honestly he has it coming. HAWKeye, sneaking around in the vents, I mean his nickname is BIRDbrain... I'm not surprised especially with the king, sorry God of mischief and the prankster princes...)
7. Loki was spot on. He was absolutely amazing especially when he was in the library. I can just imagine him spelling everything to scream in the tower and conjuring earplugs for him, harry, and the twins. Or maybe having only Tony and Bruce hear it unless they are together.
Great job! I can't wait to read more.
Arion Kagano chapter 8 . 7/20
Oooh. You went with the twins. Yeah that's much better than Spiderman/Harry. Spiderman was just the only Avenger I could see working with him in the current situation.
Arion Kagano chapter 7 . 7/20
I've recently discovered this fic, as I'm on a bit of an Avengers/Harry Potter fic. It's quite good so far. I like that Bruce is in the mother role and the hints of Bruce/Tony. Loki/Tony is my favorite pairing, but I like the science Bros pairing as well. I have no clue what you went with for Hairy pairings since I'm still early in the story, but I'll admit Spider Man (not Toby Maguire) was what I was leaning towards as well. The older Avengers are taking more familial roles and I think it'd be difficult for any of them to end up with Harry.

I was going to wait until I finished to comment, but then this line happened: "I thank you for your warning, but I think my men can handle your Dark Lord."

And I just cracked up. The images of all the Avengers responding-
Voldemort: "Avada Kedavra!"

Bruce: *transforms.* Hulk: *ignores Avada, crucio just makes him angrier, proceeds to smash.*

Tony:*in armor* "was that supposed to do something?" Canon dictates that the spell needs to hit a person directly to kill them. So armor blocks it. It could theoretically short out the suit but... a) arc reactor is an entirely different power source which may not be affected by magic and b) if Tony knows about this issue he'll have figured out a way around it in less than a year.

Cap: *shields*

Thor:*is immortal* "My brother has hit me with stronger magic during spars."

Loki: *is immortal* *laughs*

Natasha: *dodges*

Clint: *Snipes from high up before the death eaters even realize he's there.*
daciagurule99 chapter 27 . 7/18
this has absolutely been one of my favorites. I love all your stories but this is by far one of my favorites. I have read this so many times I have lost count. I have followed this story since the very first chapter. I really hope you can make a sequel.
Guest chapter 27 . 7/17
I totally loved this book
Selene Malfoy Lupin chapter 27 . 7/14
This is the best crossover Harry/Avengers, Definitely my favorite, excellent work, thank you very much for sharing.
Mr. S chapter 27 . 7/13
Diablos, tu fic estrujo mí corazón de comienzo a fin y aún así soltar risas y sonrisas... felicitaciones hiciste un gran y maravilloso fic!
Te deseo salud, dinero, suerte y amor ;)
jeanette9a chapter 3 . 7/9
if you want a good spiderman I suggest watching Spider-Man 1994 TV series.

now that's a good spiderman.
so much so that the writers managed to write around a huge disadvantage handed to them and none of us viewers noticed it the first time through.
tbh I won't have noticed unless I were told it was a thing.
and I'm amazed at how well they pull it off.
Guest chapter 6 . 7/6
Oh... my... god. I feel sick. He was only SIX YEARS OLD?! I wasn't even that young when I was, yeah (O mean 10 isn't much better, but still SIX?!). I'm just glad that mine was only once and by a stranger (that was never caught...) not by a sick, twisted, pedo of an uncle. I completely understand why this kid is afraid of men other than the kids his age at Hogwarts, His father, and Bruce (he still isn't comfortable with the rest of the Avengers, so they don't count). I'm absolutely terrified to be in a relationship with someone of the male agenda (this includes transgender that I originally thought were threatening). Sorry about the rant just had to get that off of my chest. I really don't feel like deleting this either since I've already typed this much on my phone, so post review button better be prepared for the spam!
JustBREATHEforNow chapter 1 . 7/5
Ahhhhhhh! I love this story! I would love to see a sequel. *wink*. This is the best FanFiction I have ever read!
Wendy Riddle chapter 27 . 7/5
I read all that story in a week almost without stopping for studing. It was a damn good story! Really, I have loved reading this.
Well, I didn't love reading the scene of violence but you wrote it good. I hope you enjoyed writing it as much as I enjoyed reading it.
ravenwholock chapter 27 . 7/4
this was the best crossover fic ever. tony and harry were adorable, loki was too cute and fluffy
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