Reviews for Unintentional Interception
Pleasingjennifer chapter 3 . 1/6/2020
I love this Ana ! She knows all she needs and more !
Pleasingjennifer chapter 1 . 1/6/2020
wonderful chapter ! I like this in do many ways !
vampireshadowhunter chapter 10 . 12/26/2019
Omg omg! I’ve stayed at those cabins and did the exact same thing and went to eat at the backwoods brewing. My husband and I went there for a weekend getaway! So cool that you wrote about this location! ️
hummergirlnv chapter 110 . 10/28/2019
It was very long, bur I loved when you would go back in time and remind us how they met ant fell in love.
Alicia Janae Alexander chapter 75 . 8/14/2019
Ouch that’s sounds painful
Guest chapter 45 . 7/22/2019
Kudos to you writing a fanfic in not your first, second, but THIRD language! I am so impressed!
MLEE777 chapter 110 . 7/20/2019
110-chapters of pure joy.
I couldn't stop reading it.
Thank you.
Charlotte chapter 108 . 6/23/2019
Beyoncé does not have a song named Naughty Boy. The name of her song is Naughty Girl.
leantired chapter 110 . 6/21/2019
Thanks for this story this the second time that I have read it in the last 3 years. And again thanks ️ Peace
CupcakeW chapter 28 . 6/15/2019
I don't know, but sometimes Ana looks like a Dom or in a relation controlled by Ana sexual power, Grey looks wick. They only fuck, never read a time making love.
i realy liked it!
Kirsty29 chapter 110 . 5/8/2019
Absolutely loved reading this story I cracked up laughing at some parts so thank you for writing it. I wonder if doing a sequel for it has ever crossed your mind. Xx
Kim972 chapter 110 . 5/8/2019
Missing something to finish or a sequel please
Kim972 chapter 96 . 5/7/2019
Grey is a bastard but Olivia deserves it all
Kim972 chapter 67 . 5/5/2019
Live that wasn’t expecting anything less thank you
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