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bonbon2007 chapter 8 . 7/17/2008
it ain't a problem i shall wait opatiantly for your update!
Not a Member chapter 6 . 12/13/2007
I'm like, JUST now taking spanish 1 so lets see...


I'm pretty sure the begging is...

WEll, let me just stick in the english words.

Hello! Do you want to go to the cirus? to visit my friend Trowa Barton and su novio Quatre(something to do with a quarter or four)

That's my best guess. :S

Gome, I just had to try it. Forgive my butchering of the Spanish language.
The Scarlet Pumpernickel 2.0 chapter 2 . 5/22/2007
I Bleed Copper And Blue chapter 8 . 5/29/2005
How can your Stargate/Inuyasha crossover get so many reviews and mine can't?

Good story, please update, when you get a chance
Fu Fu's the name chapter 8 . 5/24/2005
cabn't wait for next chap, I love this story
Fu Fu's the name chapter 1 . 5/24/2005
Oh my god! that was so great! Miroku! That was great'!
petpeeves12 chapter 8 . 4/17/2005
Your forgiven!
Allyssianne chapter 6 . 4/7/2005
Gracie's ramblings:Hola! Te gustaria ir el circo visitar mi amigo Trowa Barton y su novio Quatre? Just for the hell of it why don't you reviewers out there try to translate this and review me a response(in English)? I hope you all enjoy this next chapter.

* I think (if distant classroom memories are correct) I would like you all to go to the circus and visit my friend Trowa Barton and my sweetheart (boyfriend?, fiance?) Quatre. How'd I do?

Disclaimer: If we shadows have offended, Think but this, and all is mended. That you have but slumber'd here, While these visions did appear. And this weak and idle theme, No more yielding but a dream. Gentles, do not reprehend, If you pardon, we will mend. And, as I am an honest Puck, If we have unearned luck. Now to 'scape the serpent's tongue, We will make amends ere long; Else the Puck a liar call: So, good night unto you all. Give me your hands, if we be friends, And Robin shall restore amends. ~&*&*~

Good Shakespearian quote. I look forward to more of this story.
Zelinko chapter 8 . 1/24/2005
Okay I'm hoping to hear from ya again
trent chapter 3 . 11/4/2004
the stell claw attack is called IRON REAVER SOUL STEALER
kay chapter 8 . 11/3/2004
i love your story. thank you
drunkenwerewolf chapter 7 . 10/16/2004
great fic please update!

o and have oneal blow naraku's brains out
angel8818 chapter 7 . 10/16/2004
whats with this you promised to have the next chapter over a year ago, u can't just leave me hanging plz update, im down on my knees
Angel8818 chapter 7 . 8/15/2004
luv it just luv it plz update im speechless im sorry normally im a better reviewer then this but your story has just blown me away
rin136 chapter 7 . 8/1/2004
You had that chick sing and made Inu yasha almost cry! whoa wasn't inu's face red. he he he Great story.
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