Reviews for Angel of Music
MindIIBody chapter 10 . 8/6/2007
Hi there, it was a nice story and all but I wanted to correct some things in your choice of reference. Since Kagetsu is a Viscount in this story, he is not to be addressed as 'Your Grace.' That title and words belongs to the Duke himself along side with his wife. Just like you would not address a Prince 'Your Majesty' as you would a King. Just wanted to let you know that.
fricketyfrack123 chapter 7 . 4/14/2005
na... it seems you are basing it more on the book than the play, and it's moving a little fast... haha, but Graham is AWESOMELY AWESOME!
Salt-the-Catgirl chapter 10 . 11/15/2004
Wow! _ I loved it. Nice work.
Xelena chapter 10 . 6/17/2004
i liked it. so sad
Xelena chapter 9 . 6/17/2004
i like it a lot. it's very much like the musical.
xelena chapter 8 . 6/17/2004
graham makes a very good phantom. the attitude of both characters match..
Xelena chapter 7 . 6/17/2004
i like this story a great deal. i've seen phantom live and i own Shamanic Princess... the way you're writing this redo is quite well done.
The Deadly Dolly chapter 10 . 4/6/2004
That was so sad...I loved it
treze chapter 10 . 3/18/2004
nice... though i am not a solid Tiara/Graham fan, this almost makes me change my mind.
Salt-the-Catgirl chapter 8 . 2/17/2004
_ Doing great! I kind of wish I'd waited until I got notice that Chapter 9 was up too, though. How much longer do you think it'll be before you post again?
Jocanda chapter 7 . 2/11/2004
Truth be told, I never read the original story, but I daresay your story is excellent by far. I can't wait to read more.
Salt-the-Catgirl chapter 7 . 1/12/2004
Wow! This is getting good! You've got to finish it!
Salt-the-Catgirl chapter 2 . 1/12/2004
So far, so good. I've never read the novel or seen any of the movies all the way through, but I've been a fan of the Phantom Of The Opera for almost forever. I also love the Shamanic Princess series. Personally, I don't think you could have cast these characters any better if you'd tried. It acutally makes me wanna' go back and do a Moulin Rouge spoof. Only, loose Graham's mask & make him the writer, ya' know. _
DATsukai chapter 7 . 8/7/2003
I totally love this story. I have just bought the Shamanic Princess DVD and totally love it. I think putting the cast into the book, "Phantom of the Opera" was a great idea. Can't wait for the next chapter!
Bleeding Heart12 chapter 7 . 6/7/2003
Finished in one sitting. I really like it. Write more. I'll be waiting for the next chapter.
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