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Ava Simbelmyne chapter 60 . 7h
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mmm... wheeell, I don't think you will kill Areen, so. ... hmm. Are you just developing her character? or is there more? XD I love this! The hug with Fili killed me, how sad. :'( well, thanks, and good luck!
syeern chapter 60 . 1/16
I hope since Areen already went through this, she'll have a natural immunity. What I don't understand is why did the vaccine not work? I know nothing is 100%, but I had hoped it would be able to do somerhing. I know Fili is incredibly greatful for what she's done.
You've really taken Erebor to a low and hard place. Poor Durins folk, every family member must lean on eachother and those they can trust. They need to remember they are not without support. No one is dead, yet, and I hope you let everyone come through alright. So much suffering. Why must Thorin and family suffer so?
WaywardandWanderlust chapter 60 . 1/16
I honestly didn't see that coming. I can't wait to read how this all plays out and if she can help them. I'm on the edge of my seat here! I thoroughly enjoy this story, and hope you continue to update soon
Celebrisilweth chapter 60 . 1/13
Most stories contain conflict, danger, suffering, and high emotions; that's what draws readers hoping for the fairytale ending. And while not all stories end the way we want them to (just read The Hobbit), those plot resolutions are the sole purview of the author. You have given us despicable villains and horrendous circumstances, and I can't wait to see how you resolve things, for good or ill.
readergirl4985 chapter 60 . 1/13
My heart is aching. Wonderful chapter!
Mikaelsonlover808 chapter 60 . 1/13
Noooo! Thats so sad they might all die together plse dont kill everyone off. My heart can bear no more...
Dragoness of Silver chapter 60 . 1/10
I'm impressed. I mentioned in an earlier review that Areen could use a struggle without outside help. This is better than anything I might have been thinking of. Well done! She's a noble character without going anywhere that awful Mary-Sue label so many people love to slap on heroines. Can't wait to read the next development. Hope my last review didn't seem too pitchfork-ish. Just highly concerned about well-loved characters. You're doing great!
Missreadstoomuch chapter 60 . 1/10
Wow. Well, I already knew this but you're definitely very skilled writing suspense. Poor Della. I hope everyone will pull through. I'm curious, do they have any idea on how the plague is spread yet. And i'm concerned. It seems like the more people that get it the harder it'll be to contain the plague.
Poor Thorin, he just can't seem to get a break. But hopefully for his sake things'll start getting at least a little better soon. I kind of get the impression he won't be able to take much more of things getting worse. But i guess the good thing is now pretty much everyone knows Thorin loves her. Now Areen just needs to figure that out. Although i imagine it won't be too long before that happens. Not after how Thorin just reacted. Also, the end with Balin and Dwalin for some reason just feels like confirmation that at least those two, if not the rest of the company will back Thorin when it comes to things with Areen.
I admit i was hoping Thorin or Areen could avoid getting into a life and death situation for at least a little bit longer. But i figured eventually one of them would get into another one of those situations. I mean it took a life and death situation for Areen to actually see Thorin as a friend, it took Areen potentially being in danger for Thorin to get that he loved her. I sadly get the impression it's going to take something along that lines for him to tell her he loves her. Or vice versa.
But altogether it was a pretty good chapter. Granted it's very emotional and suspenseful but that's part of what makes it so good. So keep up the wonderful job. I can't wait too see what happens next. Have a great evening.:)
P.S. I hope work's going well and that things are starting to calm down whether wise for you.
Robinhood4ever chapter 60 . 1/9
Yes! So excited for this chapter, I feel like I’ve waited a lifetime! This was fantastic, and a good twist to your story.
Guest chapter 60 . 1/7
*nudging pithcfork out of view* I’m not sure if I said it in my last review, but I absolutely love your story. Knowing that Areen is in there as well actually makes me feel better and like something is going to happen because of the amazing characterisation you put into her, (not sure if that sentence makes sense but oh well) she’s not going to immediately save the day but she’s going to save frerin, I hope. I still can’t decide whether your going to make Della miscarry or not but I definitely think one of them is going to have consequences to deal with. I think that as we haven’t met the baby yet, it would be the easiest to stomach, even though we’ll all be in tears :”(. And oh, poor Thorin, he’s definitely going to have some confessions to make after this, (or even during?). Can’t wait for the next chapter xD
Me And Not You 1001 chapter 60 . 1/7
Dare I say I kinda saw this coming. I mean, she's already said she survived, if this is anything like the one she survived, she will have the best chance if all of them. I'm just worried about Della and the baby.
Stopdropanroll chapter 60 . 1/7
Oh MY GODDDD this is killing me! I MUST know what happens!
attheturnofthetide chapter 60 . 1/7
My goodness! It's been a year since I've read this book and I've gone and reread all of it. I just wanted to say that Areen is one of the strongest female leads I have ever read in any book, fanfic or not. I absolutely adore how emotionally and mentally... just... strong she is. She's so passionate and kind and I love how she gets everyone to pull themselves together here. To be honest I shipped her with Kili when I first began to read this fic, but Thorin/Areen is growing on me ;)

Happy new year! and have a lovely day 333
padfoot301 chapter 60 . 1/7
For the sake of my emotional well-being please don’t hurt any of them
dojoson41 chapter 60 . 1/7
no, no NO! you cant kill her or any off the Durins !
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