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MysticalSquirrel chapter 69 . 11h
First of all, Iceland is absolutely gorgeous, and I’ve always wanted to go. Second, what is this magical ability of yours to get me to feel genuine emotion in regards to your characters? I literally felt my heart soar when Arif was able to discern fuzzy shapes and colors. Thinking of Frerin never being able to completely see his parents’ faces again makes me want to cry again, but at least he’s not alone. Then there’s Thorin. It’s honestly hilarious that he’s completely head over heels for her, and she’s just completely clueless. He’s so far into the friend zone with her—but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she won’t grow to love him in a different way. That’s one thing that I like in this story: it’s not just boom—boy meet girl they have hormones boom they kiss and love and stuff. There’s a good buildup of friendship and a deep soul to soul connection. Thorin’s consideration is so sweet; he’s taking into account all her little idiosyncrasies while designing her room. :) I’m liking the way the story’s turning, and I certainly look forward to your next chapter. Arif is very sweet, and I never even considered the possibility of him being a possible love interest until you mentioned it. There was such a strong feeling of kinship over the blindness, but not quite the right. . . chemistry. Although, I didn’t see the chemistry with Thorin until you began going nuts with your keyboard over there, and then I was thinking, “Hmm okay. . . Ooh I see what you mean.” For the meantime, I’ll just sit here and converse with your characters while you visit the beauteous land of Iceland. Oops, Areen is messing with my kitchen, Thorin is arguing with the TV, and Kili is holding my cat looking confused. I should go fix that.
I’m not sure if any of this made sense. . . I’m so tired that I’m not entirely sure if I’m forming complete sentences. Anyway, goodnight and have an amazing trip!
Aquacoral14 chapter 69 . 7/17
Hands down the GREATEST hobbit fic I have ever seen! Areen is an extravagantly and amazingly detailed person, and she practically leaps out of your words in terms of her interests, her perspective, and her emotions! Your rendition of Thorin is literally the greatest I have ever read, and their relationship feels so real and has undergone amazing development in 69 chapters. In addition, I don’t remember a single place where you’ve slipped up in descriptions of Areen’s pov, and that is a feat, so well done!
Frerin, Fili, and Della are an excellently written family, and the interactions between all of the Durins speak volumes about their relationships with each other. (Your decision to blind Frerin is heartbreaking, but it’s also an amazing progression of the plot without just doing it for shock value.)
Kili! Honestly, I spent the first 30 chapters or so completely nervous that you’d pick Kili/Areen instead of Thorin/Areen, and you gave no hints away! In the end, I’m very glad of the direction you decided to take Kili and Areen’s relationship, as well as how you’re writing Areen’s outlook on romance and friendship with Thorin. It’s incredible to read about such a well developed relationship between two characters with such distinct personalities and perspectives.
I’m very excited for the wedding! The attitudes of the citizens of Erebor is something I’m glad you’re paying attention to through this, and the cultural attitude towards blindness has been prevalent but not overwhelming through the story.
The plague was an extremely well written plot. I’m honestly in awe, because you’ve kept threading that through the entire story, making sure that it has roots and a solid foundation before bringing it forward to affect the characters. *applause*
Final notes: I’m never going to stop laughing at the word nuptuals now, thank you; the cave in is my favorite part, surpassed only by current events; and in the beginning where Areen had to deceive Thorin’s court was amazing and glorious and emotional and nerve-wracking and a million other adjectives for ‘very-very-well-written-and-realistic-scenario’.
Thank you for writing and posting this!
dearreader chapter 69 . 7/14
Poor Thorin. I don't think furniture, even the custom, child-friendly rounded- cornered kind, is the way to win her. The way to a woman's heart (paraphrased for gender) is through her stomach. Especially Areen, who appreciates good food wholeheartedly with her enhanced sense of taste. He could learn how to cook or take lessons with her. Kneading bread is very sensual. Their hands could intertwine in the dough. Imagine a "Ghost" type scene with dough instead of a pottery wheel. I think the best gift would be a wonder of Dwarven engineering. A room designed to enhance solar light so she could see people without roasting in the forge or going would take a lot of time to plan and build, all the better to write your nefarious plot twists. He could present it to her, and she could see his emotions on his handsome face. Then, she just might get it. And realize she feels the same, or can grow into feeling the same. Sorry for the length. Your great writing brings out the worst in my comments. I can't seem to shut up.

on the right track, there). I think the best way to win her would be to engineer a room to receive the maximum amount of solar light inside the mountain. That way she could see people without roasting in the forge or having to go outside. They could slip in there for private conversations, and she could read his emotions on his face.
fireelfmaiden1 chapter 69 . 7/14
I enjoyed reading this chapter, I am looking forward to reading the next chapter. well done.
Missreadstoomuch chapter 69 . 7/14
Nice chapter. I like Arif but I feel sorry for Thorin. I have a feeling he might have a bit of a struggle with jealousy in the next few chapters. And I love what Thorin's doing and how he's trying to make her comfortable. I got to admit it's kind of amusing seeing him daydream simply cause he doesn't seem like the type to. And he thought he'd be okay with a platonic marriage. But altogether it's a wonderful chapter and I look forward to what comes next. Have a great evening.:)
ThatOtherWriterGirl chapter 69 . 7/13
I won't worry about Arif yet...but it does look like Dwalin is. ha ha.
And Thorin was so sweet to get that rounded furniture made as well as the pillows and textures for everything. So sweet!
Poor Fili...I still feel so bad for him and his family.
Can't wait for more, have fun, come back rested and ready to write.
readergirl4985 chapter 69 . 7/13
And Dwalin is wanting to kick himself! Lol! Thorin is getting a little excited in more than one way, I see! And Areen just still has no clue. The sweet lamb. Fantastic chapter!
Celebrisilweth chapter 69 . 7/13
Oh,Thorin has been bitten by the love bug so badly. He's trying to be so thoughtful and sweet and that is so not like Thorin. I guess Areen is good for him. I liked the interaction between Areen and Arif even if it might be misconstrued later, just adds to the fun and Thorin's distress.
Me And Not You 1001 chapter 69 . 7/13
Lovely, as always. I really enjoy reading this. I can't wait until we're finished, so I can go all the way back to the beginning and read it all over again, start to finish. It's one of my favorite parts about being with a fanfic until the end. I'm excited for the next update and I hope you have fun in Ireland. I'm lovingly jealous.
partygirl98 chapter 69 . 7/13
Lovely lovely lovely. It's too early in the morning for me to say anything else. Excited for the next chapter!
pallysd'Artagnan chapter 69 . 7/12
I love who Areen is helping him .. He may be smitten by her but I think its more as friend then anything
tgo62 chapter 69 . 7/12
Thanks for this new chapter and enjoy Icelanf, it is phantastic!
bb985 chapter 69 . 7/12
Such a heartwarming chapter!
Guest chapter 68 . 7/10
Anxious for more.
Laurafxox chapter 68 . 7/6
I LOVE this fic! I swear it's one sof the best hobbit ones I've ever read. I adore your characterisation and the slow burn of a romance, even if it's not verbally requited yet! I can't wait for them to both finally give into their feelings and just tell each other they're in love! I just hope it happens soon, I hate Thorin having to hold his feelings back! Ugh, so good! Please, please update soon!
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