Reviews for King Stuffypants the Alicorn and the Land of Draconequuses
WolfGirl214 chapter 1 . 10/21/2015
XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD HILARIOUS! I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD! THIS WAS AWESOME! I'm a Fluttercord shipper all the way, but I can definitely appreciate good and humorous writing when I see it. Fantastic job! I couldn't stop laughing! It was so bad I couldn't breath for a while! :P
BoredomIsAnUnderstatement chapter 1 . 11/7/2014
I don't even watch this show and I loved this story. I...just wow. If I did watch this show, I think Discord would be my favorite character. XD I also love the name Dracogriffiherpecaprequus so damn much - and I think I can actually pronounce it?! :D Is it "dray-co-grif-fee-her-pi-cap-ree-eck-quis", or...? Er, well, that's how I pronounced it, at least. -;

Anyway, great story! Discord would make for a WONDERFUL father (although now I wonder about Pandora's idea of her family history XD).
Animekitty47 chapter 1 . 11/7/2014
Yay first review! :D

So much cuteness. And perhaps it seemed like even more cuteness than usual since you're the author, but its so nice to know you can sickeningly sweet. ;)

So many nice moments here, its impossible to pick favorites, the grab bags of elements, not eating grandma, amorphous blobs, flying spaghetti monsters, the various days of the week...

Lovely story, wonderful job on this fluffy story. Though *technically* its three stories. ;) No, wait, I think it was four? :P