Reviews for Remnant's Reclaimer
Nani chapter 1 . 11/19
I love this story, but there are some jarring changes in tense. Like Cinder's death is present tense, but everything else appears to be past tense.
r2qu32sc1nt.3n.p1c2 chapter 1 . 11/18
Dudemate, this is one heck of a story. I'm taking the Marvel standpoint Nd saying that a this happens on a alternate Remnant, so that this can continue to be part of my canon. How 'bout some more, considering the new developments?
Treant Balewood chapter 1 . 11/14
Had to come back and reread this... again. Really enjoyed it hope you come out with a spiritual successor or at least some thing with a similar badass tone. Thanks for Writing!
Guest chapter 30 . 11/12
Better late than never means you should update this asap.
Guest chapter 12 . 11/11
I'd need to reread the first chapter to be sure, but couldn't Rose clone herself further if she wanted by attempting to replicate the conditions that led her here?
Guest chapter 2 . 11/11
That bed is hardly stable with just Ruby in it, let alone Ruby, adult Ruby, and thrashing.
JackTheSpades chapter 30 . 11/13
Truly a great story. Not the first I've read about a Ruby from the future but damn sure among the better ones.
Damn shame it seems to be abandoned. So even stories that kept on going for 1 and a half years aren't immune to that, huh?
Anyway, you sure did a great job regarding most of everything I've read. (Not including any sort of mistake that stems from writing about things you couldn't have known when you wrote them). I really like the dynamic between Rose and team RWBY. It just feels genuine somehow.
The shipping between Weiss and Yang was also well done. Not some out-of-nowhere "I just realized I love you" but a more natural progression towards that. And while Ruby, Rose and Blake aren't there yet (and apparently never will given the state of the story), you also did a great job building their relationship.
All in all a damn fine story you got there. Following it anyway on the slight hope you might return to it one day.
shelwyn chapter 30 . 11/4
Thanks so much for the story. Even though is not finished and I don't think it ever will. I really appreciate what you did for us. I know how much effort and time goes into writing. There are so many other past times or hobbies you could be using your time on. He'll even just resting instead so having put so much time and effort into this story is something I appreciate. I've followed and subscribed. I tried my best to review every chapter.
shelwyn chapter 29 . 11/4
Holy shit how do you end this in one chapter.
shelwyn chapter 28 . 11/4
I can't help think of other characters with big hammers like Reinhardt from Overwatch or Jayce from League of Legends.
shelwyn chapter 27 . 11/4
Start killing already
shelwyn chapter 26 . 11/4
s it's almost over
shelwyn chapter 25 . 11/4
Haha it's almost over.
shelwyn chapter 24 . 11/4
Too crazy.
shelwyn chapter 23 . 11/4
I know it's hard to write op monsters without drama or jokes but man I'm just kind of waiting for this to be over so I can add to my favorites and get it done with.
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