Reviews for Remnant's Reclaimer
03sdd18 chapter 16 . 9/15/2018
Eehhh, the nudity was funny... but I need my fix of badass fight scenes. I'm a bit of an addict, you see, no substitutes will do. Onwards, to the next chapter!
03sdd18 chapter 14 . 9/15/2018
Oh the innuendo! It's only eclipsed by things too shameless to be called as innocent! *cackles madly*
03sdd18 chapter 13 . 9/15/2018
Okay, revision, little Ruby is going to change her name and flee to Vacuo if she ever catches wind of what Rose just pulled, cursing her Xiao-Long genes the whole way. XD
03sdd18 chapter 12 . 9/15/2018
Poor little Ruby is never going to be able to look Goodwitch in the eye again and she didn't even get to enjoy the fun part! Cruel, Rose. Cruel.
03sdd18 chapter 11 . 9/15/2018

Omg, that's hilarious! What on Earth is going through that girl's head? And why can I absolutely imagine Ruby shouting exactly that? XD
03sdd18 chapter 10 . 9/15/2018
You've created a monster. And now there's TWO of her.
03sdd18 chapter 5 . 9/15/2018
Well, okay. Yeah, I can see how they'd fall for it, I guess. When you remember that the Schnee's have a family semblance, why not the Roses? Silver eyes and Ruby's face could be passed off as family resemblance, and Ruby uses a Scythe because that's what Qrow taught her. It's totally believable that he would have taught Rose the same thing, right? 'Rogue' Rose is exactly like Ruby the same way Winter is exactly like Wiess. It's uncanny, of course, but plausible. At least enough that people wouldn't immediately jump to the conclusion of time travel. The only glaring crack I can see is for people who know Ruby and Yang well enough to know they're only half sisters. If Summer was Taiyang's second wife, then where on Earth did a Rose older than Yang come from? I would have gone for "Summer's younger sister/Ruby's aunt". As it is though, you can totally exploit that crack in the lie for future juicy drama.

I'm very much enjoying this so far! And if I can suspend my disbelief enough to believe that Clark Kent isn't obviously Superman, surely I can believe that Rose isn't obviously Ruby from the future. I'm already ignoring the fact that I know full well this hasn't been updated since 2014 so I can enjoy what story there is, what's a little more?
03sdd18 chapter 5 . 9/15/2018
Sooo... Ruby's cloak is too distinctive, but Crescent Rose, her personal logo, her semblance, the silver eye, and sharing Ruby's actual face aren't? XD Ruby Rose is a pretty distinctive person to begin with...
03sdd18 chapter 2 . 9/15/2018
This IS strange. Suddenly, I really want to see Ruby adopt herself. XD
Guest chapter 30 . 8/19/2018
I really hope you will continue this story one day (sometime soon hopefully) because its amazing and I really want to read what happens next
Reneth chapter 14 . 8/17/2018
I can see this as a stand alone amazingly, that weird?
Good shit nonetheless, don't go fucking up more things now, y'hear?

Ice1514 chapter 30 . 8/14/2018
Loved this story. Wish you would write more but unfortunately I doubt it. It seems like the best stories rarely get finished.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/6/2018
Break the sound barrier and there's a sonic boom. You broke the time barrier Ruby, time boom. Ripples of distortion radiated out through that point of impact, shifting everything just a tiny bit, but enough.
My Father's son chapter 30 . 7/31/2018
Hey, you're seriously doing good, keep up the good work and thanks for making this absolutely fucking amazing fanfiction
475213 chapter 30 . 7/29/2018
Could you, maybe, update? I love the story, and O would love to read more!
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