Reviews for A Fresh Bouquet
Millianna07 chapter 1 . 19h
I don't know what the original plot was, but I like this one so far. I love the idea of her being Lily's sister, which is something I haven't seen often, or well-written. Can't wait to see what's next!
Azure Shine chapter 23 . 11/29
this chapter is so cute. love reggie x sirius bond
Azure Shine chapter 7 . 11/29
I love Kreacher
Senseo chapter 24 . 11/28
Please please please kill of Malfoy in some deliciously horrific way. I've developed an incredible hate for the character thanks to AO3 writers (psychos).
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 24 . 11/20
I like Poppy’s plans- they are straightforward and they work.
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 23 . 11/20
Oh Sirius and Regulus are finally sort of bonding! Progress!
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 22 . 11/20
Them plotting murder together shouldn’t be this adorable!
theekop chapter 24 . 11/13
Honestly never thought about Regulus before, but this story made him one of my favourite characters! I wish there were more fics like this one, I live for the domestic vibes and Poppy and Reg being such cute parents.
Love.Fiction.2019 chapter 13 . 10/21
Love.Fiction.2019 chapter 11 . 10/21
Love it
Love.Fiction.2019 chapter 8 . 10/21
Wow didn't expect that!
Love.Fiction.2019 chapter 7 . 10/21
Great chap
Love.Fiction.2019 chapter 4 . 10/21
Wow amazing.
Love.Fiction.2019 chapter 3 . 10/21
Goof chap
Love.Fiction.2019 chapter 2 . 10/21
Liking it so far. There isnt many good Reg/OC stories out there so looking forward to see how this progresses.
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