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Keira-House M.D chapter 76 . 9/7
I started reading this ages ago but never got round to finishing it. I finally got back to it and read the whole thing through. Wonderful writing with brilliant characters and a really interesting plot.
A.D. Alt chapter 76 . 7/19
Just ran across this story last week and couldn't get enough. I forgot how much I miss Spike and Buffy and how much I wished their relationship had been believably developed on the show. You did an amazing job. I hated it had to end but the ending was perfect. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
cherish26 chapter 76 . 1/20
I know this was written awhile back, but I just stumbled upon it recently, and I really loved it. Thank you for pouring so much time into something for so many of us to enjoy!
Stunning Sunset chapter 76 . 12/17/2017
I really liked this story and the care you put into characterization and growth on everyone's part. It was a joy to read.
I know how it feels to see a review for an old story When I get one, I kinda feel like a kid at Christmas, so I hope this brings you some of that feeling!
darklover chapter 76 . 11/6/2017
So, it's been so long since I've become engrossed in a long Spuffy fic and I'm so glad I stumbled upon yours since I had the craving to read Spuffy fics again. It was just what I needed. :)

I'm very much grateful that you were graced with this plot bunny. You are a wonderfully skilled writer that has written an incredible Spuffy story. I don't think I can articulate properly how much I love this story and how much I admire your writing and dedication to this story. You are truly amazing. I wish I could write during breaks and what not and actually have my muse working. I just cannot seem to do it, so I thoroughly admire your focus to do so.

First off, I'd like to say I'm really glad Dawn was the catalyst behind all the changes. I honestly do understand how you cannot like a character in the series, but you get to like them as you write them and delve into their head. It's happened to me. Personally, I liked Dawn and her friendship with Spike and I do agree it was a disservice for Spike as a character as well as Dawn for their friendship not to be addressed or fixed in season 6 and beyond. Their friendship might be somewhat okay in the comics now. I forgot if it is, but I just don't like what they did with her character period. I'm glad about the Spuffy though.

I'm not a comics reader though I have made it a point to check in at least once a year. Quite honestly, I don't consider them canon due to the way they've treated the characters. Even Joss admitted that his writers got out of hand so to speak. Anyway, I'm glad for the Spuffy, but I have long accepted in my heart that Joss doesn't really want pairings and that in my mind Spuffy is the pairing that the series ends with.

I'm digressing though, so back to my review. I really enjoyed your insights and perspectives in your notes and how you addressed all the Scoobies flaws. You made me develop a new take on Xander. I didn't exactly see him as belittling Anya, but the way you wrote made me realize this. I do agree that these characters never really grew up. It really bothered with Buffy in particular though I was glad she was doing that in season 7. I love Spike because he was a character that evolved.

Your characterization was spot on for all the characters, which made this story incredibly believable. I wish this would have happened instead in the series :)

I'm really grateful for the slow progression of Buffy and Spike's progression. It was beautiful and just perfect. Thank you so much! I loved the line you wrote about they both have monsters or something. Sorry, I mucked it up. :( You really captured the beauty of Spuffy. You covered all the reasons why they are an amazing couple. I saw the BTVS 20th reunion cast interviews on youtube a few weeks ago, and I dare to contradict Joss: the greatest love story he ever told was not Bangel, but Spuffy. Well, it could be :) I'm thoroughly glad he mentioned Spike is the long haul guy, which is why I love him. Like you, I think Angel is wrong for Buffy and that he's an alright guy away from her. To me it feels forced how the writers kinda acted like Angel was still interested in Buffy when he came to Sunnydale in season 7 and even beyond that in the comics. I feel like they both moved on by that point. I know it was just a crumb to the Bangel fans.

You know, I have to say I'm not sure how I feel about a Dawn/Andrew pairing. I can accept it but at the same time from what I've seen I can see them as being just friends. Anyway, I liked what you wrote : )

I liked your reasoning for why Spike would be open to getting a soul in this timeline. It's a good reason, though I do think it would otherwise be unnecessary.

Thank you again.

You know, you and I have opposite situations. I started off as a BTVS writer and now I'm a Bleach anime writer. I haven't been able to get back to my old spuffy fics. Maybe someday. I'm sorry to hear that there are things you aren't liking about the spuffy community. I wonder what they are.
SusanMarieS chapter 76 . 11/6/2017
this was amazing. I woke up last night and found this story then read it all day. my break from reading was working just two and a half hours. thank you so much.
badkidoh chapter 76 . 7/26/2017
Well I just spent the last two days reading all 76 chapter and I think you did a really great job on this story, I also liked how the slow build up with Buffy/Spike and how Dawn played out within the stony-line.

I guess I look at some of your other stories when I have time.
slytherinxbadxgirl chapter 76 . 5/13/2017
This was fantastic. I loved every minute of this. Thank you for writing such a great, well-thought out, well-written story.
Wolf of Lilacs chapter 76 . 4/7/2017
There is so much about this that I love, like the unabashed mashing of fantasy and sci-fi, and the way the romance was handled. Oh, and Dawn. This was fantastic. Thank you.
JimmyHall24 chapter 3 . 3/9/2017
I was wanting to write a Slaypire fic. Or a Original Male Vampire fic.

Now I kind of want to write a Super Powered Dawn fic.

Damn you inspiration!
Myth Magyk Fae chapter 76 . 2/5/2017
Its been so much fun to read this story! It was a rollercoaster of emotion and suspense, with such an interesting mix of science and magic! I love that Dawn was firmly the bestfriend and cheerleader even after they got together, and that ending party with the scoobies was heartwarming! I really enjoyed this fic!
AntiCreator chapter 28 . 9/27/2016
What's with this obsession with the word 'bugger'. We barely even use that word, Do you even know what it means? To bugger someone is to sodomise them in the literal sense. I haven't used that word myself, or heard it being used, in a long time. Now 'bloody', yes, we do use that quite a bit I guess, more like when 'fucking' is not suitable. I remember my granddad use to use it when we was kids a lot.
AntiCreator chapter 4 . 9/26/2016
I'm reading this a second time since I enjoyed it so much the first time. I was never a spuffy fan until I started reading the stories on this website. Now, looking back, I think it's a shame Angel ended without any resolution to it. Sarah Michelle Gellar was originally supposed to be in the hundredth episode but couldn't do it. When she told Joss Whedon she was available he apparently didn't want to rewrite the last few episodes so that's why she was never in it. A shame really. I don't read comics and have no interest in doing so so not really sure what happens later. I'd like to see an anime version of Buffy and Angel where they take it directly from the comics, just like the Japanese do with their manga.
Guest chapter 76 . 8/31/2016
Great Story! I really enjoyed it. It certainly wasn't like so many other stories out there. I definitely liked the character development, especially Dawn. It gave an awesome twist and change. I thought it was great that you didn't phase Dawn, and her friendship with Spike out. Kudos!
zenobia2 chapter 76 . 8/13/2016
Thanks for this lovely story with 2 of my favorite person, buffy and spike.I like that xander and anya has amuch beter relation.
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