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lennymosca4 chapter 1 . 6/17/2018
I am the The Shadow chapter 7 . 9/11/2017
Just so you know this one part of that story that you did not incorporate into it after Naruto told his father that Sakura was his girlfriend she hit him in the back indicating she was not his girlfriend if you're going to write something like this and you going to write what actually was used in the anime Naruto is and that's when he says please Sakura take care of care of my son and smiled nervous said she reminds me of Kushina but Sakura really treated Naruto like a little brother nothing else and the reason for that is Sakura no matter what would never gave Naruto a chance in that regard so she put him into little brother category who won tunnel vision opinion of a shallow person with Sasuke was within her grasp that was all that mattered to her she grew up with shallow friends you will be a shallow person when you walk with your friends and she'll friends have tunnel vision all the insinuation in throughout the entire anime Naruto there was never any romantic feelings for none so than she thought of as a little brother and a big sister looking after a little brother and it sucks yes but I think you the true story of Naruto Windows not about nothing self the creator of Naruto wrote the story it's about how he met his wife and truthfulness he is Sasuke his wife is Sakura that's what I believe and Naruto's byproduct of creating an anime story just a theory I have but again we should remember Naruto's not for what it turned into what it was it doesn't matter what not his last movie is or is not all we know is that it exists so we have to accept it and it sucks it doesn't mean you can't keep railing about it it's anime guys let's all move on with our lives
Reality check chapter 1 . 10/26/2016
The only difference I would have done I was unable to and Sakura with children's after Naruto's parents and the second youngest daughter Aumi but this isn't bad story look for you to continue this also you shouldn't call your story alternate timeline usually prefer the Naruto last movie is alternate time Chris is exactly what it is yours should be considered the actual closer to the fanfic that we can tend to the destined for correction also remember the hyuga clan if you don't want to write about the relationships be respectful I understand that be true to what was in the anime not what you want to see if the fan puts fans of the show not fans of couples sometimes I think the fanfic I just live vicariously through the fictitious characters relationships which is kind of sad in the only pathetic way if you don't believe me read some of these fanfic sorry I'm not the best speller my sincerest apologies I'm using Android phone apps to speak with you thank you for this fanfic and stay true to the anime show not anything else if more fans did that on here and some of them to read the Star Wars fanfic if you don't believe me they do an amazing job staying true to this movie and the series thank you and happy Hallows Eve
ALIASECHO chapter 1 . 10/2/2016
The premise here is fantastic, but the grammar is god-awful. I cannot read this as I strain my brain just trying to comprehend what you were trying to say. Seriously, get a beta reader or learn proper English Grammar before you go any further with writing.
Alexander39 chapter 9 . 4/10/2016
Excelent job. Your ending (the true Canon ending for me, all NaruSaku fans and for everyone with a brain in their head) is far better than that crapo that Kishimoto wrote.
I like where in your final A.N you say: "I've tried to do the best story I could think while respecting what happened in the 698 chapters". Because you did exactly what Kishimoto didn't: Kishi wrote and ending without taking into consideration the previous 698 chapetrs while you did. Good Job, your ending is far better.
Plus, I love the way you demolish that crap that happened in The Last Movie: about Naruto's love for Sakura being an extention of his rivalry for sasuke. Because this rivalry thing as you said just doesn't stand to scrutiny.
Quinncie chapter 1 . 5/8/2015
For all naruhina fans,why? WHY are you guys so harsh and cruel? And this is fanfiction,everything can happen here,so to everyone that said, sasuhina is no good or impossible to be happen because the two of them barely even talk,well,let me remind you again,everthing can happen in fanfiction. And seriously,stop saying about"naruhina and sasusaku is a canon"thingy again,everyone knows that NH and SS is a canon,but that does not mean we can not love another pairing. And so what if naruhina is more popular than narusaku? That won't change us into naruhina fans. I mean,don't get me wrong,i admired naruhina and sasusaku. I admired naruhina because they teach us to never give up on life and our dream and to never give up on our loved one. I admired sasusaku becuse they teach us to have faith in someone,geez,sasuke tried to kill sakura for three times,and she still love and trust him? Now THAT! That is AMAZING. And that is why i admired them. The reason why i didn't support naruhina and sasusaku more than i did to narusaku and sasuhina is because,i dislike naruhina fans attitude,they always leave a harsh comment in fanfiction about our OTP (ns and sh). Seriously,we appreciate your canon,so the least you could do is appreciate our OTP. When you guys talk about how naruhina is canon,or mocking Sakura,belive me,you guys sounds like an immature kid,i mean,i'm 13 for crying out loud,and you must be older than me,even if just one year older,so please,behave like a grown up people,no offence. So for now, please appreciate our otp,if you did,it really mean sooo much for us. And that is it. Thank you for reading my Review,and for naruhina fans,i'm sorry if you feel offended,i just want this nonesense fans war to stop. We are human,we has our own likes and dislike,so let's just appreciate everyone like and dislike. And...sorry for my bad english and typo.
samuraipanda85 chapter 5 . 3/29/2015
I completely agree with your thoughts on the Sasuke rivalry thing. Even if it were true, it begs the question, why Sakura?
Frankly, it's easier to turn down Hinata than it is to explain away Naruto's feelings for Sakura. Especially after all they've been through.
Guest chapter 7 . 1/26/2015
You just gave me a ideal for my next story what if the got together sooner Well if they had at all
Guest chapter 7 . 1/26/2015
I feel like I am reading the manga are you doing the flashbacks on purpose just so u seem like the manga
Recks chapter 8 . 12/31/2014
very creative and awesome writing especially for someone whose first language isn't even english! I'm not even a shipper but sadly I would have enjoyed the real ending a lot more if it ended like how you envisioned it to. Kudos on you for managing to tie everything together making it look like an actual ending and not some whack everyone grab a husband ending lol.
DeviousBookVorm chapter 9 . 12/30/2014
Its a really nice story but no offense, the extreme NS shippers are taking the damn pairing way too far! This is a freaking action manga about frickin ninjas! Im sorry but how is the pairing between naruto and sakura so important? I would have been disappointed that i didnt get my pairing but se are taking it top far...
FOXJ NS 4EVER chapter 8 . 12/28/2014
You my fellow NS friend have truly achieve the end of Naruto where Kishi failed miserably so many times.

Now to begin, I see why you had Naruto peck her forehead so quickly since he was still in shock. Plus, the story wouldnt capitalize to its maximum if you didnt have Sakura doubt that she was too late in having Naruto's love because of his conversation with Hinata that he never told her what happened. I think what makes even more well is that you make Sakura act like herself, jumping to conclusion so full of anger, along with her pointing out every single reason why Hinata deserve Naruto( as well as the ONLY reasons why fans of Hinata wanted NaruHina so bad, because those really are the only arguments i ever hear from people that ship that pairing).

Just like with Sakura's inner reflection on all the time she has spent with Naruto. Your display of Naruto's reflection was just as grand as you eloquently resolve all the stupid/made up reasons why the series destroyed Naruto' love for Sakura and NaruSaku as the endgame. Using Kurama, like i mentioned in my previous review, was the best thing ever since it is through him that we can make a legitimate and logical analysis of everything Naruto's lived through with both Hinata and Sakura.

You keep surprising me, i didnt expect you to compare his life with both women, thats something most fans choose to avoid and not look towards. Because overall you did an excellent job in proving that Naruto never did love Hinata and that the rivalry really couldn't happen because if that was the case Sakura was giving herself to him and he flat out rejected her where a rival would have took her showing he has finally won Sasuke but instead he focuses on her happiness than his own. Plus, that alternate universe joke was a great way to express how you felt about the terrible ending.

After proving those two facts, going over every single event that was Naruto's true feelings/emotions for Sakura even going to explain how every one knows how he loves her with how open he was about her in Part 1 in comparison to Part 2 goes to show how his feelings weren't fake and that anything otherwise is just him lying to himself. You really did a wonderful job in conveying al the times Naruto spent with Sakura and how every single one of those events made him feel. The thing thing that Kishimoto did wrong is that he never went towards explaining how the characters felt toward certain events until it was far too late in THE END, so in a way the red herring comment even if we don't like it, i can see what he meant but that doesnt do the character of Naruto and Sakura justice for everything they've gone through taking aside the romance. Naruto even when he was oblivious had Sakura's care and love the whole time and it fills me with joy to read how you managed to wrap everything manga related, no parallels or fillers, just pure story as it was written in the manga.

Naruto's character, upon reiterating who he is, is exactly the type of person that makes him such an incredible character and precious to all the fans that love him over the years. Your reasons for why Hinata cant be his endgame but why Sakura for everything she is whether good or bad is exactly spot on in why she is the true endgame for the story. No producer or writer will ever change what fans know is true about NaruSaku and your deep thoughts on why justifies and upholds why NaruSaku is the endgame.

Aside from that, Good job making Naruto still doubt his chances with Sakura, it makes her sudden interruption via a kiss even more heartwarming to read about. Plus, their whole lovey dovey scene was exactly how the NS resolution should have pointed to. Im also loving the fact that Naruto made that joke about not remembering the kiss and the fact that they whispered i love you to each other and finally took action in embracing the love that has always been there.

Overall this was a tremendous ending of how NaruSaku should have ended, which incorporated everything that made NaruSaku a possibility. This truly did transcend across anything NaruHina and SasuSaku could ever hope to be. Many NaruSaku fans i'd wager take their whole fan life to express exactly this and you my good friend achieved what other takes perhaps year to say in a months time. So from my bottom of my hear thanks you forever for what you have written.

I especially enjoy your author note in which you explain how you just used the manga panels, which directly supported NaruSaku and the panels for supporting NaruHina, and in the end Hinata didnt have much of a chance for Naruto because she had the time to change yet she never did until so late in the series where she suddenly showed some growth. In addition, all the parallels and things aside from Naruto and Sakura's interactions are there to reinforce that NaruSaku was the endgame, which is another thing i love that you didnt go about using the parallels just their own feelings.

One day Kishimoto will publicly announce his true intentions and that he falsely lied about NaruSaku and over glorified NaruHina, but it doesnt matter because i know the truth and the truth is that NaruSaku did happen, not in a literal sense obviously, but because everything those two stood for is exactly what i love about them even at there worst they inspired people. For that, I will never cease believing in NarutoXSakura because the manga is just one man's interpretation but the true story of Naruto life romantically& career wise lies within the fans.

So thanks once again, man how many times have i said that by now, lol, for writing such an incredible story. I may dread that next chapter being the last but thank you for making it no matter what haters say about your story and the NaruSaku community we will not give in because we have the true will of fire that remains unbroken no matter what believe it! :)

Take care, and your english is definitely improving because your message in regard to what you want to say is coming across strong and clear.

Until my last review,

FOXJ NS 4EVER chapter 7 . 12/28/2014
OMG, you never cease to disappoint with this story, and I was right when i said you'd go the distance when writing the NS resolution. I've already read ch.8 but i'll first review the main points of this chapter.

Because it really is an overload of all the memories that make Sakura the one for Naruto.

To begin, good job starting with Naruto OVERLOOKING the fact that Kakashi said that Sakura kissed both Sasuke and HIM. Leave it to Naruto to forget that important detail, thank goodness he has Kurama inside. I truly didnt expect you to use Kurama as a means to get through that knuckle head.

But thinking about it, Kurama is the perfect being to knock some sense into him, regarding how his current pain is from being happy just enjoying her smile when he has the opportunity to take it to the next level. (your comment of Kurama's thought- Especially when your so close, that would be so dumb, was exactly what the ending was, no denying that no matter who you are. SO good job writing what your feeling there).

Also, you even had a Gaara scene in which he was rectifying the NS resolution since he was the one THERE when Sakura gave it her all to save Naruto. Again, i didnt expect that, including our favorite kazekage just brought a deeper level to the NS resolution.

Now for how you resolved the prolonged bench scene, you wrapped everything needed to be said in order to get to the point where Sakura can finally realize that Naruto always was the one. Seriously, you have Sakura explain her Kiss of life and why she went so far for Naruto, added Naruto complimenting her and making her blush, and finally Naruto proving that he was the one who told her that she has a nice forehead, that it makes him want to kiss it. Perfect!

Furthermore, you even went so far as to wrap every single scene of Sakura sharing her life with Naruto, that by far was an excellent way to wrap it all in one go. For the longest time, i forgot about several moments where her opinion changed of Naruto slightly during Part 1, but months ago i saw a video that captured everything you just went over, and all the events from Part 2 was just a spectacular. You really did your best, seeing as how as time went by she kept on doing and acting in order to help Naruto more than is a lot of points in Part 2 that people take for granted when analyzing her character. Heck, you bringing back inner Sakura for this one moment was really wonderful in achieving your goal, after her disappearing in Part 2 I pretty much wrote it off for the same reason you gave Sakura, how she is what Sakura enjoys that she wont admit to herself. I could go on and on but you really have outdone yourself, and next chapter is equivalent to and possibly greater.

Lastly, her realization a the end was just grand, providing all those scenes in order to lead up to that one moment made reading this story even more worthwhile. Her reaction to Naruto once she figured it out and finally saying Naruto-kun you can kiss her forehead was wonderful. This truly is how the ending should have progressed in resolving NS once and for all. Good job making Naruto fight back his urge, even if it would been pretty great/funny to see him actually jump up for joy, him restraining himself was still a great move.

Well that is all for Heaven shine on Earth, I can go on and on but for now this is more than enough.
Thanks once again for writing this story, NaruSaku may be down but it will never be out for good.


FOXJ NS 4EVER chapter 6 . 12/27/2014
Man, you never cease to amaze with the quality of this story.

Actually showing the interaction of Team Taka as they depart alongside of Orochimaru and Kabuto, and illustrating Team 7's departure as a whole truly does a long way in reaffirming Sasuke's bond to both teams.

Furthermore, THIS, and by this i mean showing Sasuke departing from his former team to find his path of redemption and taking Team Taka(thereby stating what happened to them) is EXACTLY what should have been shown in the manga.

Not saying that Sasuke's way in parting with Team 7 in the manga wasn't swell, but Kishi sort of forced it out with out the necessary development. While, you on the other hand, developed it thoroughly with the decision at the Kage Summit and executed it perfectly and in tact in regard to each character's respective personality.

On a side note, I didnt expect you to have Kakashi admit to his fault as a sensei to the three, but the fact that you did so brings a deeper sense of resolving all the unresolved and emotions felt by people when they think back to Kakashi as a teacher to the next generation of Sannin.

Speaking of that, I enjoyed how Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke reacted so well to that promotion. Also, like i said in my response back, Naruto needs the jonin exams, but good job putting a good sense of humor and determination into it. Put a good smile on my face and maybe a few chuckles when i read over that.

Again, you keep catching me off guard with how your going about this story and I'm loving it. This time I'm referring to how you reemphasized the deep value teamwork played and holds to both Naruto and Sakura in their upbringing as ninja. I can honestly admit that i didnt see you bringing that up. But hell of you didnt do a good job writing that, having Kakashi bring out the respective flaws of both Sakura and Naruto yet having said member of team 7 speak of how teamwork is what allowed for everything, including faith in Sasuke on redemption to happen was ingenious. ;)

Now, I'm kind of sad that there isn't not jonin exam, but for this story's purpose, a jonin exam would have been to much. And this story is about how Naruto SHOULD have ended, and i really do think now, more than ever after responding back to you, that a Part 3 was Kishimoto's best option-which sadly he didnt take.

The story of Naruto maturing as a grand shinobi of the leaf wile facing all the obstacles and challenges to achieving his dreams should/and for all means ended, but i believe what matter more was a sequel/Part 3 where everything that fans,when pairing is taken out of consideration, so desperately wished to see from their favorite hero and gang.

Finally, the NS resolution is going to be one heck of a show. You've already set the stage so perfectly and grand that i know I'm going to absolutely love how it plays out.
Besides, Sasuke's part in all of this no matter how small was pretty hilarious, hopefully Sakura doesnt beat him to a pulp the next they see each other. And poor Kakashi is going to lose his bet so bad its hard not to laugh sympathetically for him.

Either way, if i said once before i'll say until the end of the story, thank you very much for creating and writing this story. A great way to close in on the story and open it up for the endless possibilities that could have been.

Thats all for now, now its time to read up on this long awaited confession and resolution of NS ]


FOXJ chapter 5 . 12/27/2014
Your killing me with how grand your story is for being so simple.

In one short chapter you've resolved NaruHina far better than any possible way it could have played out in the manga, while also giving Hinata room for growth.
Great, great job! :)

As for the NaruSaku interaction in the beginning of the chapter, just like NaruHina, you've resolved the unresolved issue about Sakura thanking Naruto for bringing back Sasuke, even giving the budding hint that Sakura now holds feelings far deeper than what both her and Naruto can not see. Those two bakas. But thats why we love them. :]

But seriously, i think how you wrote there interaction with each other, as well as with there respective inner, was spot on in their character & personality. You made it so believable with Sakura being jealous and Naruto, along with Sakura, being so oblivious, that i had a hell of a time reading your chapter.

Until my next review. Take care. :D

FOXJ Signing out
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