Reviews for The Age of Innocence
butterfly chapter 46 . 6/21
to 'Guest' below:
Hi! Now, this story would make the perfect movie! Preferably a 100000 hour long one! How do we make it happen?! ;)
Guest chapter 70 . 6/17
Looks like I am not the only one completely absorbed in your epic story.
I usually am not one to enjoy reading this type of story however, it surprised
me that I had to reread this several times over and keep wanting to do so...
What a wonderful, lovely, nostalgic story filled with everything, suspense, action,
romance, a true human drama, one so plausible yet fantastic... just cannot get
of this ! We, readers felt and cared for all of the characters and I could picture all
the descriptives. Bravo!
This can be rewritten with different names of the characters, tweak a bit of this and
that and you have yourself an epic drama, perhaps even a movie for this story...
Good Luck! I wish you all of the success!
butterfly chapter 45 . 6/17
Then he goes and signs his letter 'Your future husband' and... what can I honestly say?
You, author, you ask what our thoughts are at the end of each chapter. I tell you this is wonderful, these people are wonderful, I like who Bella is and who Edward is, their personalities, their values and their huge hearts, that you write Edward and Bella as belonging to each other to such a degree that is basically unparalleled and i love reading it and all wars should stop now and forevermore and not occur again from now to eternity and it's not even half of my thoughts. Thank you.
butterfly chapter 44 . 6/17
...and that short telegram and those red roses are the real treasure and the best presents for her graduation Bella could ever wish for, second only to having Edward there with her. No fancy party and no expensive shiny car could ever compare to the joy of Edward's heartfelt words and love.
Love this story immensely. Thank you.
butterfly chapter 41 . 6/15
So so romantic. That proposal was just so romantic and true to who they are. It's like one can't believe the other loves them in the exact fierce and all-encompassing and forever kind of way. The writing is so great, I lose myself in the magic of it. Thank you.
Xoxo chapter 70 . 6/7
Thank you for your passion and dedication. This story has made my heart start shining. There aren't any words, thank you.
butterfly chapter 36 . 6/2
"Sweetheart, that's what I was here for: to be whatever you needed me to be; to hear anything you needed to say."
Voilá, the recipe for a love forever.
The man has such romantic words. What a great love.
Thank you, author, for sharing this.
butterfly chapter 35 . 6/1
Oh, this is so heartbreaking.
Please tell, are these characters real, or based on real people...? Is this the story of some people in your family or so? The feeling that I'm reading a biography of sorts gets stronger and stronger.
To think that they share such an intense love and are going to be separated again... and not just by miles, but by the war...
This story... I think of it even when I'm not reading it.
butterfly chapter 33 . 5/31
Oh no, that's so painful to read. I don't want to read these sad and terrible things. Where are you going to take these beautiful characters?
Thank you for your accuracy and the historical facts and info provided. Because the background is so real, the characters feel less and less like 'characters', they feel like real people.
butterfly chapter 29 . 5/26
So there is mistery, too, in this complex beautiful story. I have a tiny idea but, I don't see how... no, it can't be...

I have a lot of songs to catch up on... I'm going back and check the songs in your playlist now... after I finish another chapter ;)
Thank you, author.
butterfly chapter 28 . 5/26
Renee is a disgusting woman ! Ugh !
I've been thinking there's some kind of mystery going on here. If Papa Phil is on Edward and Bella's side, how does he even tolerate Renee? Is he only pretending to like Edward and to accept him for Bella? Or is it some kind of twisted act? So many questions...
Great writing.
butterfly chapter 25 . 5/24
Utterly great.
The loving letters. The moving reunion. The women in the present avidly listening and commenting on the life of Nana Bella.
Again, I was listening to a song and it made me think of Edward and Bella. The song is in Italian, roughly translated it sounds like this:
And I can be without you
but not without your smile that,
like a shooting star,
erases the darkness from my face.
And I was without you
but you were with me anyway,
buried in my tomorrow
as if you were a seed.
You've grown up slowly
It was August and I felt you
I had sand in my hands
Your name on my fingers
To feel alive again.
butterfly chapter 24 . 5/20
Edward is a poet. And their love melts my heart, it's so fierce and pure and beautiful.
I am so happy Bella has Esme. After last chapter's brutal scene with the horrible Renee, I needed to read this Bella-Esme interaction. Bella's found a loving mother in her.
I am so worried at what awaits them now.
Congratulations, you are a master storyteller.
butterfly chapter 23 . 5/19
She's no mother. She has no heart. Sold it long ago for pretty clothes and glamorous lifestyle. Evil disguised in the seemingly gently stroking hand. What a horrible creature.
butterfly chapter 22 . 5/18
She composed a song for him ! How wonderful. Something never read before, Bella composing for Edward... even if it was just a reworking of some songs ;)
These couple chapters... loved them. I love Edward and Bella's love. And I have no more words because together they are so... *huge sigh*
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