Reviews for The Iron Curtain (Cancelled)
Awenia chapter 7 . 2/14/2016
Thank you for telling, I was honestly afraid you dropped this story.
I will look forward to the next chapter, no matter how long it takes.
Awenia chapter 6 . 3/18/2015
Yay! After such a long time I'm so very happy to read another chapter of this awesome story!
Again, I liked it really much and your writing style and symbolism were very good. Oh, and I shouldn't forget the wonderful IC-ness. I'm saying this every time, right? Nevermind.
Prussia is quite mean, right? Anyway, I love him. And the brownish-green, sort of gray colour of awesomeness is my favourite colour.
And I truly love how they just don't recognize Canada.
Also, I admire how you show America's weaknesses like his non existing knowledge of geography.
Plus Japan's comments were very good planted. I like how you manage it to keep Japan the dark character he actually was (like oppressing the Korean brothers and keeping silent about it) but still make him funny and fitting in a light-hearted story, just like anyone else.
But I'm surprised you wrote Vietnam brothers. Vietnam is a female, isn't she?
And Belarus is so creepy...and yet cute somehow. Well, Olympics- always a great chance to prove one's greatness! Can't wait to read about them.
And I guess the Hungarian rebellion is closing near with Hungary having such nasty thoughts.
And I just love how the door of the Trabi, the Prussiamobile always falls off.

Please continue writing!
Awenia chapter 4 . 1/2/2015
I'm really sorry! I have read the fourth chapter a long time ago but I did not have the time for a review. So here it finally is. :D
Like the others the chapter is very well written and simply hilarious! I liked that you involved Manchukuo, I have created him as an OC myself. In my imagination he was a little boy of which Japan took care but he was killed during WW2. Maybe I made an historical error there if he's still alive in your story...
It also amused me when England drew the American flag. I once did that, too, (for creating a cover for a story) and I also drew every star so I know how England felt, haha.
Next I have to say that I really liked the flash backs.
You described the battle really well (although it's kinda scary that they let the children fight) and also in the second flash back the letter and the entire situation were really well. It's just amazing how IC the characters are!
Although I think that the Revolutionary War is really interesting it gets a bit boring because there are so many fanfictions about it. For that, you still really did a good job!'s embarrassing for England that he needed the kid to protect him of France.
And I would have loved Prussia to colonise America- the Awesome Colonies sound great, haha.
Just one thing: you didn't mark the end of the second flash back. That was a bit confusing.
Oh, and Star Wars didn't exist yet at that time so it doesn't make sense that America is talking about it. xD
And again, he's just so typical- mistaking China for Japan.
I think, Russia is very glad to spend some time without Belarus now.
Or maybe she follows him in the end...

Anyway, I will read the next chapter soon and tell you what I think about it. :D
Bigeagle chapter 1 . 12/26/2014
I just finished reading the first chapter with the intent on reading more!

America's even more proud and upbeat than he was during WW2. I like how you wrote both North and South Korea, and Italy is still as epic as ever!

Good work!
Awenia chapter 3 . 12/1/2014
That was again a very nice and funny chapter!
Seriously, what's up with the Korea bros and their gardens? xD
Also, where does North Korea get all the stones from?! xD
But I really like how you describe the war with such few characters around. That's really good. (And chainsaws are awesome!)
Just like everything of his behaviour America's appearance was just so typical. It was somehow cute of North Korea to wish to defeat America since no one managed to do that. (Well, just wait for the Vietnam War.) Who does not dream about that? xD
Also, China made a great entrance as well. I mean, the dragon of war, what the heck?!
Anything else? Oh yes, I like how you portray the relationship between America and England. Especially England's saying that he does great things but America gets all the credit.
And also I found the part with France and Sealand very funny. (Although I don't like that little brat.) It's funny to imagine how the NATO hangs up such posters. _
Well then...they really need a lot of duct tapes. And I'm looking forward to read if they manage to repair the plane.
Awenia chapter 2 . 11/24/2014
Mate, your fanfiction is -and I could not describe it better- awesome! Really, it's great! It's exactly like a Hetalia fanfiction should be. It's historical and funny. Also the characters are all very IC. (Especially your portraying of America is great- he's just as obnoxious as he really is, it's very funny.)
I really love your idea and your humour since everything is completely hilarious.
"True Korea" is also an interesting character, throwing rocks everywhere is a perfect way to lead war.
I loved the plans of the NATO- especially the explosive chocolate.
Yeah, it was quite impossible to come near to the Berlin Wall but okay, since Prussia is awesome he could somehow manage it.
So, I really hope you continue this quickly!
(Um, I'm sorry if this review is weird- I'm just so happy I found this fanfiction!)