Reviews for One Good Turn Deserves Another
rRPGaming chapter 37 . 6/18
A very good story, a quality that I would have expected to pay for. Thank you for the hard work!
I-just-wanna-read-bruh chapter 37 . 6/11
Wow I can’t say I’m disappointed. It was all around good read. 8/10 ending seems kinda lacking but so do most of Coeur’s stories, the endings are always the hardest part.
The Remainder chapter 37 . 5/17
Rereading this, i'm so proud of how far you've come Couer. Thank you for continuing to write up to this day.
Monster King chapter 37 . 5/19
Sebine chapter 37 . 5/12
That was dark as fuck in the last 5 chapters but that epilogue made up for it
Sebine chapter 13 . 5/11
poor Blake, her fried is brain
Sebine chapter 7 . 5/11
Wow reading Couers noob ass author notes is funny as hell
JustAReader124 chapter 10 . 5/5
Lmao, I love how Jaune referred to Ruby as a ‘romantic option’.
newbienoobie102 chapter 36 . 4/16
Man I hate ending I wish there's more
newbienoobie102 chapter 37 . 4/15
It's so f**king good
Kitsune no hi 75 chapter 37 . 4/13
This was... it is a beatiful story man, I honestly have no words to describe what I feel about this fic. Well done, this is amazing.
Chris Adair chapter 37 . 3/26
Awesome story. You could have a mini sequel chronicling the exhibition. Make some earth changing monumental discoveries.
Bowserjrrules chapter 37 . 3/23
So this is the story that you started with on this account. I'll admit I only picked it up to save my curiosity on your Arc Royale story, but I enjoyed it for what it is. This story shows its age as many aspects of the tale were overridden in cannon, I see flaws in the pacing and grammar, but it was enjoyable to read and grow with the characters. The romance accomplished the goals you set out to do excellently, it was a slow burn that felt plausible throughout most of its run. Anyway, great story, keep up your excellent work!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/21
I’ve re-read this fic quite a few times. Somehow, this is the first time I realized Jaune kills the beowolf he’s protecting Blake from after he loses the use of his shield arm. I must have always assumed help had arrived by that point.

This scene ends up being significantly more badass than I remember.
Lokian vulc-who chapter 37 . 3/16
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