Reviews for Dramione Drabbles & Ficlets
chocobeer chapter 64 . 22h
I love this
wishingstar21 chapter 83 . 7/15
ahahahahahaha 10/10, the best one yet.
Cornwall Writes chapter 83 . 7/14
I really really love this one
Cornwall Writes chapter 82 . 7/14
How do you make me so sad with such a snippet?
Cornwall Writes chapter 81 . 7/14
I love this so freaking much
delightfullyscreechingtyrant chapter 83 . 7/12
I like how uncaring Hermione is in this one. Like she's just beyond caring and for once wants something different than what she was used to. Draco certainly is that. And I'm sure the sex will be great. But then again, I like to think that he would laugh and ask her out to dinner first or something.
delightfullyscreechingtyrant chapter 82 . 7/12
This reminds me of Olivie Blakes Marked, at the end after Hermione becomes the mistress of death. Except this is darker, or at least dark on a different way. I'm quite sure Draco is actually in love with Hermione here, but not so sure if Hermione is in love with him. If he actually is there of if she just imagines him because she can't get over his death (which doesn't seem to have been nice and painless, if you go after the blood on his teeth). It's tragic, really.
delightfullyscreechingtyrant chapter 81 . 7/12
YES! You go girl! Show him!
I'm always up for Ron bashing and I love this. I love that she's calculating in this one. She wants revenge and she gets it. She know how to hurt him after he apparently caused a scene when hurting her. And you know what's amazing? This will cause a scene but not because of Hermione. Ron will make a fool of himself and Hermione and Draco will smile at him and ask what his problem is at this beautiful wedding. I love it.
delightfullyscreechingtyrant chapter 80 . 7/12
I love this!
Draco's insecurity makes him so human and shows that he really regrets what he did.
I wonder who the couple is she is talking to. Maybe they're influential people in the ministry? Her parents? Co-workers? So many possibilities.
Quickhidetherumx chapter 6 . 7/12
I’m in love with these
Guest chapter 83 . 7/12
No! I need more story! Please!
Quickhidetherumx chapter 5 . 7/12
I love this so much I could read a fic full of this!
Quickhidetherumx chapter 4 . 7/12
Dude you’re trying to kill me these are so cute!
Quickhidetherumx chapter 3 . 7/12
This is adorable
Quickhidetherumx chapter 2 . 7/12
Oh my god. I can’t stop laughing at this.
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