Reviews for Dramione Drabbles & Ficlets
TamraPraxidike chapter 8 . 12/13
TamraPraxidike chapter 7 . 12/13
Ooooh stolen moments and sneaking around. Gotta love it!
TamraPraxidike chapter 5 . 12/11
I love these ficlets! It's fun to read a mini exploration of a new concept/ premise, however wacky it may be. I feel like the shortened format allows for more flexibility, in a way. No need to flesh out complicated plots or other characters; these allow for a quick sketch of a scene or mood and the reader can fill in the rest. These are all great!
TamraPraxidike chapter 4 . 12/10
Libraries are the best places for making out with a former enemy. 3
TamraPraxidike chapter 2 . 12/10
I love stealthy Hermione, getting what she *really* wants ;)
karl chapter 12 . 12/7
bruh im crying like legit tears this is wondeful this is so good ur writing is just so amazing
Elvire chapter 5 . 12/7
This little interlude was so crazy amazing. Thanks for writing it!
MRS.ErikMassenet chapter 4 . 12/6
D. Greade-Hunt chapter 49 . 12/5
I love the poem! Belloc, right? I majored in 12th century French poetry and this was my favorite! So sad . Have you read the poem or just seen the movie? I haven't seen the movie but it's supposed to be good. Sorry, this was probably boring for you. But no one listens to me when I talk about Medieval poetry! Delilah Greade-Hunt
zgurl49 chapter 4 . 12/1
Oh this was fantastic! Perfect little nugget of DMHG goodness!
LittleBabyDamien chapter 5 . 11/29
'Inferi would take up figure skating'! 'It's like you have PMS'! So much hilarious brilliance in one tiny package! And dozens more to go!
Shardaen chapter 53 . 11/26
I love the structure of this little ficlet; it conveys so much with so little words. Each one is structured bruatifully.

And it hits that fairy tale note beautifully. Thank you so much.
Shardaen chapter 56 . 11/26
I don't have words?
Just know that I think you're amazing and that I think you capture Draco and hermione beautifully as they are and your characterization get me every time.
Shardaen chapter 60 . 11/26
I'm going through all these drabbles backwards (?) It seems; but that last line cracked me up for some reason. You always have the best ending lines.

I know people get on you sometimes about length and whatnot, but I just wanted to say that your drabbles are my favorite. Especially when I don't have the time to commit to a long chaptered fic.
Shardaen chapter 62 . 11/26
Tbh I'm Ginny, and I'm sure that watching rom turn purple would be entertaining as fuck.

Amazing. Simply amazing.
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