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Rob Rimsill chapter 46 . 12/14
Astral Projection... and also the Penance Stare, apparently. I really like your descriptions of how Taylor's spells turn out - it's not just 'oh, she does this and it has this effect', each spell has her own signature style on it. Very creative.
tanithlipsky chapter 46 . 12/14
good chapter
Greyslain chapter 45 . 11/26
Still loving the tag team between Panop and GG.
Greyslain chapter 33 . 11/26
This is one of my favorite interludes of all time and I'm not even a fan of Glory Girl. Her dialogue and perspective are just perfectly spot on for an entitled teen.
Mingyu chapter 45 . 11/22
Dangit, Taylor! You didn't actually need to live up to the quality of government intel!

Thanks for the chapter!
tanithlipsky chapter 45 . 11/22
good chapter. i wonder what the yellow stuff is.
orkestrzhopa chapter 16 . 10/11
that nena song though
i had to go back and reread that line a few times just to make sure i was reading what i thought i was reading haha
tanithlipsky chapter 44 . 10/9
very good
Mingyu chapter 44 . 10/7
Frick'n Nazi's. They deserve Taylor siccing Glory Girl on them. Thanks for the chapter!
Rob Rimsill chapter 44 . 10/5
I'm about 80% sure Natasha is Rune, or her equivalent here.

Nice to see Taylor getting along with new people. I seem to remember there's that 'good first impression' spell from the Mind Arcanum, which probably came in useful.
tanithlipsky chapter 43 . 10/3
creepy and good
StangerThanRust chapter 43 . 9/30
Holy molly, An Imago of Rust and Crimson is extra creepy now!

Ever since I watched/just binged stranger things, I couldn't help but notice the parallels between Taylor's special place and the upside down. I mean, both are twisted and misshapen representations of the real world. I have a better appreciation of your story thanks to that show
jdboss1 chapter 43 . 9/28
I am incredibly impressed and I cannot believe I have not come across this story before now.
I love all your new twists but mainly your world building

Onto the politics
I have found most people who write stories are young liberals who don't really appreciate nationalism
I am pleased you have at least understood losses enough not to paint it. With a strawman argument

I am British. I live in England never been to America
I have played around with UK politics as a nationalist campaigning to leave Europe and anti-immigration
and the media took every opportunity to call us Nazis /racists and so forth
I have never once considered myself to be a (Nazis /racists/skinhead) and I never experienced anyone in the movement who was
as you seem to be pretty experienced with American nationalists based off your story I'm asking you a question

Is it really that much different in America I know in the Canon story . The gangs actively criminal and pretty close to being paramilitary/ terrorist movement
but just on the political nonviolent site for those who are concerned their country is changing in a manner they are not happy with to be branded as skinheads
or are forced to become skinheads to participate in such political activity seems to be quite strange. From what my experiences of shown

I have never had any problems of Japanese people and my visiting of Japan last year would have been more than welcome them to the UK
but if an influence of immigrants started to bring a gangs /criminality of them. It is reasonably expected the host population would take offence

I would like you to do a narrative of Japanese people who are very grateful of America letting them in. And how they're not criminal, and how it is a very very very minor
percentage and what they are actively doing to counteract

I feel what you have shown in this story is Japanese/American's
not really any Japanese trying to help police their communities and working with the existing culture

If at the Valley. They bought out a couple of billion Japanese speakers to state that they should be a bit more appreciating to America taking them in at their worst crisis in Japanese history
and look what they have done in return bring gangs and crime with them
political rant over

The Empire and the Asians in my version of Canon I saw it has two gangster needed one another. If one disappeared the other one would quickly fade as they need the other
to maintain the fear and the need for the existence of be the point in paying protection to either side if they wasn't the problem
so I was going to secretly have it that the two gang leaders did everything came their power to not destroy one another, but give the illusion of occasionally fighting give the peons something to do

(There's always a tendency to have the main character, politically sympathise with the writer)
I would like to hear Taylor express why she isn't more pro-or anti-the Japanese community behaviour and how she thinks the situation could be improved
just the occasional comment of matter. Instead, she seems to be sympathising with the Japanese without any good reason. Especially when she was living in a city where the Japanese have allowed themselves
branded with the same brush as organised crime level wages lower standards ungrateful behaviour.

One last thing
you seem brilliantly informed I've only ever studied enough to find it was nonsense, and happily be an atheist. This

Your Taylor seems to be too polite to accepting I don't mean I have to insult someone, but I can sue quickly think they are been an idiot and I would have thought Taylor might have had a bit more of a sceptic
occasionally picking holes in the crap the poor religious brainwashed girl rants about

My only comment might be is the girl in the mental home is too much of a danger to staff. They don't know how to treat her and with her ability to avoid them and cause damage. She needs to be moved to a different facility
or killed Eva way to allow a religiously crazed girl with that much power thinking Yahweh the genocidal prick is given her instructions one moment of madness she might attempt to
cause diseases floods kill the firstborn son of every whatever religion and powers are an instant mix to have major disaster and I would happily send her on a one-way ticket to have God with a bullet to the brain

I do love your story. Cannot wait for an update
goddragonking chapter 43 . 9/28
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more:)
Guest chapter 2 . 9/27
I'm re-reading this because the first time I read it, you had 40 chapters up. I think that was like... more than a year ago? I dunno. But reading 41 and 42, I don't even remember half of the events they're referencing that happened earlier in the story.

Anywayyy, I just had the thought, and I know I didn't think this the first time, that the caterpillars must be her shard digging into her as she triggers, and she has the chance to just fall into her hallucinations and ignore the other world until it goes away. She has a choice, and she chooses the otherworld, and rips out her own shard. Can't believe I didn't notice before, that's neat af.
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