Reviews for Walking In Worlds Beyond
Guest chapter 62 . 8/18
love this story and this chapter is so good, i hope you plane to update soon, i cant' wait to see how legolas will be when he wake up
Guest chapter 62 . 8/4
awesome chapter, i hope you will update soon, more than a month is sooooooooooo long ! love you and this story
firerosedreamer67 chapter 62 . 8/4
Thrañduil is on the mend...Emily is almost well and Glorfindel survived his ride, and the odd but charming Radagast has arrived! Waiting for more!...
REMdream chapter 62 . 7/15
Okay, that argument between Aewnith and Thranduil was scary, and very entertaining. Like wow.
And oh my word when thranduil escaped from his room! XD That was amazing.
LEGOLAS! Why would you do that?! I can't believe he didn't go get it treated after Thranduil got better! He has NO excuses!
Also, I nearly died when I read the part about Radagast making Glorfindel green in the face with his driving XD Finally that golden warrior got a taste of his own medicine!
...that ending tho. Man, I hope Gwilithel is who I think she is...
Took me a bit to catch up, I read the whole story from the beginning, but boy was it satisfying! Great chapter! And I can't wait for the next!
Whovianeverlark17 chapter 62 . 7/14
aaah! this is such a good story! each new chapter is so intriguing and I love it!
REMdream chapter 61 . 7/13
Joel better be glad that he's not actually real because I would skin his hide faster than he could utter another syllable! Dagnabbit! You should have at least gave Emily one good punch right to the jugular for what he did!
Poor Legolas! When you said he was a pale little leaf, my heart lept into my throat!
But oh man alive, that part with Thranduil and Cellissel and how he saved Emily! My word that almost made me cry! I love this story so much!
Also, if Glorfindel doesn't come back riding atop a white steed of glory, I'm just gonna die. Because if he's hurt too then I don't know what I'll do DX
Christabel chapter 62 . 7/1
Wow! Another great chapter! :3 I loved it all! Especially the parts with Thranduil and the part with Legolas. (Poor totally-not-relatable Legolas xD)
Guest chapter 62 . 7/1
yes, the creature is the wife of thranduill, and i hope she will come back like an elf
PhoenixGrifyndor chapter 62 . 6/30
Could the skin changer be Thranduil's wife?
quarterhorseranch chapter 62 . 6/29
Hehehehe, that was what you wanted, Emily!


Medlinor straight up told him to shut up that’s hilarious

“I’ll tell on you!”
“Just how drugged are you?”

Ahhh noooooo, Legolas is gonna be devastated!

“Boring as heck stuff.”

Ohhh Glorfindel does deserve that!
SerethielGreenleaf chapter 62 . 6/28
Love this chapter! I want to see some Emily whump in the next chapter, though
Guest chapter 62 . 6/28
ouf, i'm so glad to know glorfindel is alright, legolas you are an idiot... bur i love you, he will be so sad whenhe will remenber how he hurt emily
Guest chapter 62 . 6/28
thanks for this new chapter
Kuroki Kitsune chapter 62 . 6/28
I was content with waiting for an update but then you had to add that last line in and now I have to read more but there isn’t more yet but I need it... and now I sound like an addict
Blue1258 chapter 62 . 6/28
Oh this was such a lovely update! Emily trying to get out of Thranduil‘ grasp was hilarious! I also really liked the scene between Thranduil and Medlinor. It was nice to see the friendship between them. Also, their little adventure was great while it lasted until they got caught. Poor Emily getting attacked by Legolas, that must’ve been horrendous for her and he is going to be so upset when he finds he out! I did really like the teasing of Sidhel, also, has Rimdir been pulling pranks? Or is he just predicting things getting out of control? I am happy you brought Glorfindel back without further incident, I was really worried what type of trouble he’d get himself in. And that ending! I’m happy it’s confirmed something I’ve suspected for awhile, it’ll be interesting what they do with the information. Anyways, this was an amazing update and I can’t wait to find out what happens next!
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