Reviews for Walking In Worlds Beyond
PegasusWingsVW chapter 55 . 7/30
Those of you checking the reviews for updates from me...still woking slowly on the next chapter...that being said it is only 5 weeks till my wedding sooooo idk if the next update will come before september at this pointI can promise I will for sure update by min September at the very latest! Thanks for all your co tinued support and patience guys!
Leafdragon117 chapter 55 . 7/23
Ahhhh its been awhile since you postedddd. Not to pressure you or anything but consider this a fwiendwy smack for taking so long _.

Also I'm too lazy to sign n, otherwise I would've pm-ed you haha.
CosmicKitten16 chapter 55 . 7/14
You just HAD to make this story one of the best things I've ever read didn't you! Now I want every lotr fanfic I read to be set in this world! Oh god you're cursed me with your amazing writing!
PegasusWingsVW chapter 55 . 7/11
hello everyone! my appologies for being so late in updating yet again. we are down to less than two months before the wedding and its been utterly crazy! working on it when i have free time...which is not a lot i'm afriad. sorrythank you for your patience
riptidedarkphoenix chapter 55 . 7/5
This is very good and I am excited to read the next installment!
riptidedarkphoenix chapter 12 . 7/3
Great Job on this story! I am usually annoyed by OC's, but Emily has found a place in my heart. She's sassy and sweet, but she's also a cry-baby and terribly insecure; however, I admire her character for it! She feels like a real person reacting in very real ways, not a fictional character who is overly brave or intelligent or wise. For me, that is what makes this story so enjoyable.
Looking forward to reading the next chapters!
riptidedarkphoenix chapter 6 . 7/3
The cake is a lie. I got that reference ;)
Guest chapter 55 . 7/3
I love this story so much. It is amazing. Please update soon
Guest chapter 55 . 6/27
this chapter is so good, i love it, i ant' wait to read the next
PegasusWingsVW chapter 2 . 6/18
there were supposed to be smilie faces in that last comment. with out them i sound mean. lol sorry!
PegasusWingsVW chapter 1 . 6/18
to those of you who look for updates from me in the commentsLife is a bit nuts so probs be a little while longer before the next you want to do my violin examz for me and plan my wedding for me too I would be happy to find time to work on it, unfortunately, this is just jow it is right now. I'll do my best to update soon but make no promises. Hope you are all well!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/17
6 weeks without news is so long, i check story every week hoping ...
CindraLu chapter 55 . 5/28
*argh* Cliffhanger! I'm on pins and needles to read what comes next. I love the personalities you gave your characters. Great! :-)
KiyaNamiel chapter 55 . 5/9

I missed you so much Pegs! so glad to see you back, and with another amazing chapter! The beta in me is screaming, but the reader is so excited Ahaha!

Weeping Angels indeed, don't blink Emily! I've really enjoyed this chapter and the concepts in them, plus Emily's clear growth emotionally and mentally.
Whovianeverlark17 chapter 55 . 5/6
Well, dang. First of all, Emily, never think of Weeping Angels in front of statues in a dark tunnel! Bad idea. Second of all, now I feel really bad for Thranduil, knowing how his wife was lost. Third, now I'm wondering who or what's in the forest. And fourth, congratulations on your upcoming marriage and new job!
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