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Guest chapter 1 . 7h
so good this chapter thanks, can't wait to read the next, have you ever plane a date to update ?
sweetcherry99 chapter 56 . 10/15
I honestly have no words to how brilliant this story is and how I literally couldn’t put my phone down to stop reading it!

You are a brilliant writer and I honestly can’t wait for the next chapter!

Thank you so much for this awesome story.
Lolcatzlola chapter 56 . 10/12
first off congratulations on your marriage! wishing you so much happiness for the future!
also by coincidence I haven’t thought about lotr for months and then just before this was posted spent the afternoon creating a huge story about the twins in my mind. I absolutely loved the chapter, still felt so much connection with the characters and enjoyment of the story in general and your writing style. I felt so bad for Emily! everyone is being so hard on her! I wanna give her a hug and explain self sufficiency isn’t really possible and everyone loves her really. it feels like, yeah she needs to learn some lessons, but some of the other characters need to remember what it’s like to be young and not take it personally when she doesn’t tell them things... like she’s just one girl cmon thranduil. I’m anticipating a bit heart to heart later.
so interested to know what might happen in future with the giant winged cat... surely she is coming back!
so much thanks to you for keeping the story going, no matter how long it takes! 3
PhoenixGrifyndor chapter 56 . 10/12
Wow this was a really hard chapter for Emily, perhaps her Elvin heritage is showing and she really is reverting back to just a young elfing. I wouldn't want to face Thranduil either
REMdream chapter 56 . 10/12
Man! Thranduil made me so mad in this one! He needs to back off and let her explore her gifts more. I mean, you don't get good at carving without nicking yourself a few times, and archery really isn't the same without getting slapped by the string every now and then. If you're afraid to take a risk then you'll never grow. I know that he had the right intentions and her actions put lives on the line, but that punishment was way too far.
And Emily just needs a bestie to stand up for her lol Cause she can't stand up for herself with this god complex she's creating around her grandfather.
Anyway, loved the chapter! Can't wait to see how all this resolves itself.
Thistle1000 chapter 56 . 10/12
Hi Pegs, Congrats on the nuptials. I was in NYC for 24 hours when this chapter popped onto my iPad. I wandered round my hotel room with the screen on - getting tea, doing this and that, desperately dragging out the anticipation of that glorious moment when I could read it, but then knowing it would be over until the next chapter...but it was so very worth the waiting. You of course left it teetering on the edge, to be honest it could go in several directions, whichever way that goes, don’t leave it to long. Sorry to hear about the doggy mishap, I am guessing it was a dog! And not the new hubby...ha ha. Update soon and big hugs from me in the UK. Xxx
LexieGrey2003 chapter 56 . 10/10
Yay! I am so happy you are back! Congrats on your wedding! I definitely haven't forgotten this story. You happened to updated on my birth month so I am extremely happy! Anyways, love the chapter. I feel bad Emily and her current feelings. I cannot blame her because how in the world can she really control a gift that is new to her? Good thing her mother and cousin were there to offer comfort and good vibes!

Ugh, Thranduil was being mean. I understand that he is only concerned with Emily's safety, but I believe he scared Emily. Hopefully Emily doesn't suppress all that sadness in her heart. Hopefully her Daerada will lighten up and be fuzzy again soon. Thranduil wouldn't want to be jealous of Emily growing closer to Glorfindel!

Anyways, thanks for the update and looking forward to more soon! :D
Whovianeverlark17 chapter 56 . 10/10
Well, first of all, congratulations on your wedding! Second of all, great chapter! Although, I do feel that they're being a bit too hard on Emily. Guess we'll have to see how Thranduil reacts to this. Anyways, loved it!
Vanime chapter 56 . 10/10
You know, I get that everyone is so upset with her. But damn... What the hell did they expect her to do? She did everything she could do not to get into trouble and she still gets into trouble anyway. It didn't help that the King didn't make time for her to really talk to her about her abilities... I really hate the fact that everyone is treating her like dirt right now... looking forward to the next chapter, but I have a feeling it's not over yet for Emily and her grandfather... sigh...
ColdOnePaul chapter 56 . 10/8
Ahhhhh, poor Emily! I’m actually wondering if it might be best for Thranduil to send Emily to Lothlorien for a time to be tutored by Galadriel as well as by the Galadrim. That might teach her more discipline.

Glad you’re doing well! Looking forward to the next chapter!
Guest chapter 56 . 10/8
it's good to know you are alright and to have news from Emily, that was soooooooo long, i hope next chapter will come soon, i so excited to see the reaction of thranduill ( so cruel to cut here ) and HAPPY THANKSGIVING !
quarterhorseranch chapter 56 . 10/8

Woooow, Thrandy has really lost it! Good on Medlinor and Aewnith. :P had a healer right in front of you...and you didn’t say anything. *looks at the camera like I’m on the office* Relatable, but dumb.

And you REALLY love evil cliffhangers, don’t you? X’D You come into my house? And you do this? FOR SHAME!
LadyAmazon chapter 56 . 10/8
I forsee ten lashes across the arse or banishment or locked in a room or ten lashes across the arse in a locked room where she's banished to.
Sassy King is not happy.
Seriously though making mistakes is part of life and who wants to be stinkin perfect? Perfection is boring mistakes nakes things lively and interesting cause you have to use your wits to correct your mistakes! like making excuses for example! see how long you can keep the excuse train going before you eventually have to tell the perfect truth
OpalOf chapter 56 . 10/8
I can't wait for the next update; this is one story I looked forward to!
Leafdragon117 chapter 56 . 10/8

ok but this was really heckin relatable.
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