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Phoenixx Rising chapter 26 . 3/20
Lol! I love how obnoxious Naruto was in hokage’s office. And the conversation between Sakura and Sasuke, was sweet. And I love that she is standing up to her Uncle! Great chapter!
xiu chapter 26 . 3/20
i love it ! i hope kakashi see sakura and help ;)) can we have the next chapter, please? i'm impatient :)))
Natarie chapter 26 . 3/19
I love the team dynamic you have going on! Like anyone who reads fanfiction I've read so many itinerations of Team Seven, but it's the ones where the author shows them bonding both emotionally and physically (i.e. balanced, which is not what canon gave us) that really shine to me, and I think you've done an excellent job.

You had me worried initially when Kakashi realized child abuse was going on and didn't have the immediate "not on MY watch" reaction I was expecting, but of course Kakashi was planning for the long term. I'm not so worried about Sakura alone with her uncle now. It's nice that Kakashi's plan gives Sakura a sense of closure and self-determination that comes from standing up for herself, because her confidence dearly needs it. It's even nicer because I imagine he's watching the situation and making sure it doesn't get out of hand. He probably also knows she doesn't really need that much back up and that realizing it for herself after beating the snot out of her uncle will make her feel more in control of her life and decisions.

Well, that's my guess on the next sequence of events, but I'm sure whatever you've planned will be awesome because I can tell how much you care for these characters and want them to be happy.
MicroKiller66 chapter 26 . 3/19
Here it comes! I’m so ready for Shin to be dealt with, but does him trying to make off with Sakura mean that his fight with Kakashi earlier didn’t end in Kakashi’s favor? Or did he sneak away and Kakashi is gonna come in and save the day? It would be totally awesome if Sakura managed to run into Sasuke or Naruto, especially since Sasuke seemed hesitant to let Sakura go to her house. I’m sensing some great team-bonding coming up! Can’t wait for the next update
Kaitlyn chapter 26 . 3/19
Yese yes yes yes yes yes yes
Elimyyy chapter 26 . 3/19
I hope we learn why Shin is such a shitty person soon because he grinds my gears sooooo bad.
Your story makes me so excited! I can't wait to read what happens next!
Hope you're well!
pinkiemillie chapter 26 . 3/19
Sakura has come so far standing up to Shin. I hope she gets to properly battle him when she’s older and stronger. Love ur writing and can’t wait for the next update
Alpenwolf chapter 26 . 3/19
I like this version of Sakura. She still has some issues with confidence, but their origin is different. A bit like Harry Potter so to say, always getting abused by a relative (verbal and otherwise), never really learning to be strong and confident. Meak, weak and polite, til they found a friend. I just hope that someday she will beat him. I don't believe she will beat him here and now, Shin is too good and strong for that. One can only hope that someone will get there fast enough.
Serce ada chapter 2 . 3/19
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Cruisegirl86 chapter 26 . 3/19
go sakura! go go!
fluffpenguin chapter 26 . 3/19
is kakashi just staring at them from the sidelines? because he has to know what's happening right? he could easily know where they are and he's basically the strongest ninja in the village below the hokage, tied with guy at the moment since the sanin aren't around, he was probably next in line to be hokage if tsunade didn't show up.

thanks for writing
Jeshimashe chapter 26 . 3/19
Heck yeaaaaaah! wohooo! Show 'em who's boss Sakuraaaa!
Crimson Grave chapter 26 . 3/19
Fuck the Hell YES!
Emzy2k11 chapter 26 . 3/19
Awesome chapter please update again soon i can't wait to read the next part please hurry I really want to know what happens next
Outcast001 chapter 26 . 3/18
Oh Hell, oh hell, oh HELL! That is epic and mad and terrifying! Kakashi is getting shtick done! Evil Shin is trying to ditch the village, but why is he insistent on bringing Sakura along? Is it because he can use her, because she used to be so obedient before? Or because of some remnant of familial bonds?

And Sakura going "Nope. Not doing that." And standing her ground? EPIC AND AWESOME! YAY SAKURA! And I really hope things go well for her!

The arrival was awesome, everyone staring, even the Hokage stared, and the little bit of seriousness when he realized Naruto might have gone Kyubi on the bridge is nice. Everything is coming to a head and I can't wait to see what happens next. You're doing brilliant!
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