Reviews for The Lies Within
padfoootprankster13 chapter 1 . 12/26/2002
ummm..yeah, i didn't read this fic yet, i wanted to e-mail you, but your e-mail isn't visible at the present time. anywho, you left a review, *somewhere, i forgot where* that stated your middle name "ann" my middle name is Rae Ann (yes, two seperate words, skrewwy, huh?) i think it means 'burning lamb' or somethinig, my middle name, that is. my friend * aka FlamingElf here on ff* leslie, found a web site or something, and told me what my name ment. (_ burning lamb, some of a champion) (( the _ was for my first name, (kayli) which couldn't be found. like it was one of a kind or something, (well, i've never met anyone with the same name, and i've moved 8 times in my life, (i'm only 14) (i've been to 2 contries, too, ) i'm pityed by my friends, cus im moving in 4 days to texas (from kentucky, where i am now)oh well.

looks like i've been babbleing on and on and on and on...for a while now, so,

plz read and review my fics, i'll r and r the same 4 you! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee. k.

~kayli (padfootprankster13)