Reviews for Cards Against Remnant
Guest chapter 11 . 7/10
This is the best Cards Against Humanity version I have ever read! I love the teams reactions and the other shit they had to do! I love this story it made me laugh so hard I was crying! 5 stars (if there were more stars I give 'em to ya!
X522NightNadder chapter 11 . 7/12
I think you should do a sequel to this. Maybe adding Qrow, Ozpin, Winter, and Glynda to the crayzieness
Alex TF chapter 11 . 7/9
This was beautiful. I can die happy now. Thanks for this masterpiece.
beast5200 chapter 2 . 7/4
This is incredible and hilarious. thank you for creating this madness/
yomunot chapter 11 . 6/18
Heh, pretty sad that this is done, was a fun little read
yomunot chapter 8 . 6/18
Heh of course they'd be Cinders X)
yomunot chapter 7 . 6/18
Oho Blake, saucy girl XD
yomunot chapter 4 . 6/18
Let's be honest, Monty Oum would probably love the terrible dark humour of cards against humanity X)
yomunot chapter 3 . 6/18
I can highly relate to Nora and Ren
yomunot chapter 2 . 6/18
Ren's got my kind of humour
yomunot chapter 1 . 6/18
"sleeping noises"
Guest chapter 11 . 6/12
Do a sequel?
SweetSalty chapter 11 . 6/14
Fuck, I think I almost peed myself laughing at times reading this. Either that or I almost got fired for reading while working. Everyone was perfectly in character, and it was such a nice change from the drama you find everywhere else. Would you be interested in another beta by chance? Just purely for spelling/grammar purposes. I spotted a few on my read-through and I wouldn't mind lending a hand if you wanted it. PM me if so! If not, no worries :) Thanks for the entertainment!
That guy chapter 9 . 5/16
That guy chapter 7 . 5/16
...laid by cards against humanity...

Thats a new one
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