Reviews for On the Flip Side
Cassandra30 chapter 4 . 5/14/2018
I don't think Severus is going to forget about it.
Cassandra30 chapter 3 . 5/14/2018
Like Minerva will actually help.
Cassandra30 chapter 2 . 5/14/2018
Harry should have just left again. He could get money at Gringotts and change it to pounds. Stay in the mundane world .
Cassandra30 chapter 1 . 5/14/2018
It will be bad alright.
ETiLak4 chapter 21 . 3/2/2018
I would think that Severus would check if he snake is magical or not as well as if it was venomous.
I really love your stories!
AnaBookWorm chapter 31 . 3/1/2018
Loved the story!
ETiLak4 chapter 5 . 2/21/2018
Um, Harry and Ron visited the Slytherin Dungeon in 2nd year, not the tower.
I think it illogical that Harry, Ron and Hermione think of Draco as Draco instead of Malfoy, and yet Severus thinks of himself as Snape.
Really great story though!
Kawaii3chan chapter 32 . 2/19/2018
Dr. Kineil D. Wicks chapter 32 . 2/3/2018
Okay, I read through all of this in a night and a morning, and...I like it. I mean, there's some punctuation and capitalization issues (such as having a '."' and then "he said"-you can go right to the descriptor when there's a period or other end punctuation instead of a comma), but it was a fun read, and it's actually complete, which is a big deal for fanfictions, so congratulations. :D

I'll be honest, I skimmed over the first three chapters because I hate reading detail on Harry's life at the Dursleys', especially on FanFiction, because people insist on going into brutal detail and I don't like reading that. I'm also a little on the fence on how some characters behave at some points (Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle come to mind). Also thought Sirius and Ron behaved a bit densely, but then again, they were asked to change their opinion about someone they hated, so that's to be expected. Some of the teachers made me raise an eyebrow too, because I'm trying to recall if the anti-Slytherin sentiment was ever that strong with the instructors, or if it was just the students.

But that's the parts I have problems with; now on to the parts I liked.

Firstly and foremostly, thank you SO MUCH for avoiding quite a few of the rather cliché things that most HP fanfics feature. The moment you depicted Dumbledore as anything but a manipulative old codger was the major selling point for me, my goodness. And the characters stayed in character for a great deal of the story, which again is a major selling point. I've been a fan of fatherly Snape ever since my Mom brought it up one day, and your story is definitely one I've enjoyed. To be fair, I've gotten out of HP fanfics because of continually running into a gamut of clichés, including evil Dumbledore and evil Weasleys, but reading your fic has reminded me that yes, I've found some really good HP fics over the years. I told someone once that the strength of a story was if it compelled a person to read the sequel; I'd like to let you know that I'm off to read the sequel as soon as I post this review. :)

Great work!
AngstyCanadianGleek chapter 18 . 1/30/2018
Professor Snape is badass! Good job! I love this story!
paula chapter 6 . 1/10/2018
retired10 chapter 6 . 12/27/2017
I don't know if you read new reviews on your older stories, but I think you are a brilliant storyteller. Thank you for sharing them.
LadyPhoenix68 chapter 32 . 12/23/2017
Snape is a character you love and hate. I read many where he is villian and stays villian and others where he gets redeemed. I personally think JKR was too easy on him to let him die a hero. That said, he does have so much potential if given chance to redeem himself and a background that he should understand Harry and them to perhaps grow close. I really like when someone explores that plot in a very well written way. You have done this. From the moment I started reading, I couldn't stop and had to keep reading until the end and to me, that is the greatest compliment I can give an author.

Thank you for hours of wonderful reading.
geuezt chapter 32 . 12/17/2017
This is so good! thank you for not abandoning this story and I might say that I had quite a few laughs throughout the story
Guest chapter 11 . 12/17/2017
NO please...i love this ship daphne/harry but please...he just transferred and ii gaining some support dont make it romances
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