Reviews for Me Without You
Hidden.Forever chapter 24 . 3/30
Best characterisation of Thranduil I have encountered in this Fandom so far. So intimidating and perceptive and utterly gazing into your soul. Good job!
GnCdwll chapter 12 . 12/16/2020
MARY SUUUUEEE! I couldn't go on even if I wanted to know what happens next. Wren is a mary sue :( im crying disappointedly
Guest chapter 74 . 8/19/2020
I do worry, this relationship... I myself am in a slow to fix itself relationship with communication. But... it just doesn’t seem to have any attempt to fix itself on either side.
One is controlled by pride and self consciousness leading to attacking the other and being over defending. The other is caring but quick to make assessments.
If the prior cannot learn to be more self-accepting of her value, and allowing to give grace instead of defending the second she feels upset... the first would find it so much easier to talk to the other.
Then the second, he himself needs to be blunt with her, ask her how she feels and let her know he cannot read her every thought or action the way she means it. He also needs to try and reserve judgement for after he has heard her side.
The lot of them need patience and directness. The first has much more work to be done if she wants a peaceful marriage as she claims, though I suspect she doesn’t because every time a opportunity arrives she chooses the more aggressive and cold route.
It’s a never ending cycle, for now. I’m desperately hoping you address these flaws and can allow them to communicate better with each other. As well as handle Wren’s self-value problem, it makes her so much more attackative.
Titi chapter 109 . 7/8/2020
What a wonderful story. It's means so much me, We have been through alot. The oohs and ahhs, the crying and laughing. I believe am addicted to thorin/wren.
My favourite scene through out the story was the dance btw our two beloved . It's so sincere , peacefull and contenting. Gandalf shed a tear ... i shed lot.
When thorin said "Thank you for everything, Wren,". I knew it was over * cry emoji* . It's so beautiful. Can't wait to read more of your stories and spoil my sleeping schedule.
I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart for such an adventure !
Titi chapter 58 . 7/4/2020
"The Line of Durin has a weakness for coppered gold."
Hahahah! Kili
Titi chapter 53 . 7/3/2020
I swear this story will be the death of me. It's wonderful and hair clenching. I did nothing all day but sit in the coner of my bed displaying emotions. It's so good and heart breaking. I mean when wren loss consciousness and heard Thorin I lost it.
Simple love it !
RozeTh0rn chapter 46 . 5/18/2020
ik I could read this all in one sitting. but I got a headache from crying too much. but I can't wait to finish this amazing story.
Shetan20 chapter 1 . 9/18/2019
Thank you for an enjoyable chapter.
Guest chapter 22 . 7/15/2019
Ugh, not Thranduil!
KDI chapter 1 . 11/28/2018
Beautiful story! I believe I cried for the first 50 chapters or so. Definitely adding to my favs.
Dang chapter 35 . 11/13/2018
I hate getting into a story, waiting for the explosive sex and get freaking side swiped with a cliff and plot slice.
Child of Dreams chapter 97 . 4/25/2018
Oh, wow...
Child of Dreams chapter 88 . 4/25/2018
(eyes narrow suspiciously)
Is Dain playing matchmaker with his future parents?
Child of Dreams chapter 86 . 4/25/2018
Um, parturiency is the "end" of pregnancy, when the labor pains are starting...
I don't think Wren is quite that far along with her pregnancy just yet...I
She's not even showing!
Child of Dreams chapter 77 . 4/25/2018
She can always call him "Amralime"...
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