Reviews for Promises
Mischievously Me chapter 5 . 1/28
Yay! You updated! Love love the pace of your plot! Keep at it, please!
justagirl143 chapter 3 . 4/6/2017
AJ has sass!
nayuta chapter 5 . 1/2/2017
I hope you update some time again :)
StopTalkingAtMe chapter 5 . 7/24/2016
Just wanted to say I've really been enjoying this story and I hope you return to it soon. The Z Nation fandom needs more action, d*** it.
Morte Mistrata chapter 5 . 7/5/2016
This fandom needz more oc's like yours. hope you update soon.
ndfootball09 chapter 5 . 6/5/2016
I love this! Ariel is amazing! Please keep it up!
lizyeh2000 chapter 5 . 3/12/2016
Love your story now following! . Please update soon!
Erudessa-gabrielle chapter 5 . 3/10/2016
Guest chapter 1 . 2/19/2016
ObsessiveReader chapter 5 . 1/30/2016
Can't wait for what you have in store next!
Guest chapter 5 . 1/25/2016
I really hope you continue with this story! It's really awesome, and I love the interaction between 10k and Ariel!
JustCallMeWhatever chapter 5 . 1/19/2016
I love this!
This is probably the best written Z-Nation fic out there. Seriously.
I look forward to seeing a new chapter. :)
Brennan chapter 5 . 11/24/2015
Hey I really like your story. I hope you are still writing it. Keep up the good work!
Id65 chapter 5 . 11/19/2015
I wish you'd update this, I was just starting to like Ariel instead of grudgingly respecting her!
Id65 chapter 4 . 11/19/2015
I originally wasn't the hugest fan of this story, but after finding one of your imagines on tumblr I came back to this, and I'm glad I did. This is a good story, and I realized that even though Ariel has yet to be a favorite of mine she's still a great character and you're a good writer.
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