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SolitaryNyght chapter 11 . 2/27
Welcome back. So glad to have a new update to this story and can't wait for more.
DarkAngel2581 chapter 11 . 2/19
I'm really enjoying this story a lot please update.
sabrinawoodall1 chapter 11 . 10/21/2017
Katrina should make Bella forget about Edward Cullen and His family
CarleighAlpha chapter 11 . 8/15/2017
Please don't stop
Debbie Hicks chapter 11 . 7/28/2017
Chapter 12.
Blacking out Drained with fiv e Sudden ly they had terrifyin g planetary gifts Chain ed who turned you tell us then suddenly Kate had a Power suddenly Executedboth sister with fiv e thhen Bitten them harder then Murdered then you b roke the law don't m ate with them then Felix trid of her with her sister then suddenly Kate Shocked him harder then Screams of both then surren der we Join then Taken to Volterra for testing too late then drain ed as all of blood Their powers emerged then fully tim e activ ated their Merm ories erased they were drugged b rain washed then too late Changed far too much man y m ore then too late lost the ab lity their seeds both frozen then With theirs then sudden ly Swore to them kn elt were n ow Guards then they were Phoen ix coven senior ranking elite Sailor Soldiers then too late Blackedout without mem ories of their humanity lost then Spread too far gon e Killed as all of Vulc an s then too late rem ained Bound via a Vulcan min d meld Bitten m ore drain ed were Trapped then depressed but with PSTSD Then overdosed then sudden ly Bitten Claire Young you broke the law Felix they been changed then Brin g the accused they did it hun ted people bitten kids killed Vulcan s we sen ten ced you to die here GUARDS! Wait they are b oun d to us they are train ed sailor guuardians then too late Killed with them Reb roken as all of then Carlisle you are c harged opf both newb orn s with you Blazing them with them then too late machin es failed with their seeds exploding shattering with them exploding then too late Fire was scorching ev erywhere they POPPED Freely bring them then it was too late Purplish flames was heard they With them witn esses then too late Shatteringh b rought them here reported poison ed their em ories erased are un ab le to have more kids Are Immortal children are senten c ed to death they are severed b ut they resurrected b ut Executed her with her own sister with the Immortal children with them are Guilty are Exiled to Alaska from here they blown apart they are unable to have kids but they are not humans an ym ore they are Deceased bring them then too late CHAIN ED Then Both sisters screamed of their crim es then Executed with them bring them they fled from here shattering then too late reb oken then too late Poppedforth then too late without memories then Nuked them then sudden ly brought them to them they are Con v ertees as all of we fin d you guilty rip the accused apart then too late no more of them b lown as all of guards then too late exploding then Alice they been what pun ished they are what not guilty then blacking outside then shattering freely then too late were sterilized with them but too late un ab le tyo bear kids they were n ow bitter fiercer b ut Anmesiac b eings then sudden ly n ever had families then Crackinbg freely then they were with a sickn ess then it was too late popped freely they were Immortal by now then it was too late they had true plan etary gifts trained harder now conntroled but shattered from here n uked brought here then were pun ished they were severed cut from them then Nulling from here then it was over then return ed to Washington to plan bhoth weddings of both they were with their own suddenly too late Snapping freely then their hair grew back then they were much paler brought the corpses then suddenly a noise revived them dressed Kate's voice was much smoother but more sorrowful but colder harsh but icy with her own sister was expressionless was more emotionless finally embraced Kolinahr b oth wore Ocampan pointed ears eyeb rows were slanted then Alice had a vision of a army an d their strange parentage then oh m y god you been what they remain stoic very cold Carlisle they are not human s at all they are a species of Immortals then b lacking outside then suddenly nuking from here then reported foun d them in hiding posed as hum an s they are with Yellow eyes with black they are Imm ortal b ein gs they are Priestesses of the gods and goddesses are set to marry each m an are forbidden b ut they are Extinct drain the remains they are crunc hed freely b ut are unable to hav e m ore children arre n ot alive rid of them then too late m urdered then sudden ly Phaser blasting then Ashes then Bella with her sister passed out in robes of a Acolyte Alice they are handmaidens of Gol watch it baka or i Shock you suddenly a true power source Shocked Garrett right in the face ow good god woman watch my sister herself shielding more powerful they are gifted with you oh my god you sacrificed yourselves to the gods and goddesses are religious women are Acolytes of Mount Seleya it's a sacred mountain on the planet Vulcan we are psionc my newest name it's T'Lar she's T'Pring Sir! don't touch these engaged women soon to b e mated to You Jake are her consort Alice they are chosen to be what priestesses it is a Woman of Authority ranks and titles must be chaste remain bound to each excecutor priest us crap so us then too late they were a sect priesthood were Syrannites followed Surak's teachings the true Witings of the Kir'shara good god man they are what spirirual holiest women oh no Momma mia madam who dares to acdress us we are higher ranking Acolytes of Gol good heavens you are what telepathic with them by touch oh no Carlisle they are psychic Vulcan priestesses gulp Sis I Sense his emotions he is afraid fright took over he is terrified Sir! they must be trained by our priestess we are taught by both are now warriors gleeep he was a young Vulcan male looked twenty they were with them n ow a war will take place into the clearing by both then shattering freely then lost the color of their skins then they sacrificed animals Bella chanted O' Glorious wild eyed of the hunt and game appear to me as T'Livre at once oh my god she's what powerful Hear us Killed a animal we drained blood into our bodies we Ask ye to curse Marcus he will b e so mad an d crazed he will like a animal crap both are priestesses so they then news of them were a sect priesthood b ut their jewels were magic shattering then were much psionic they were deeply holiest women oh crap then nuking freely then brought here they reported hold as all of mem bers theyu are gifterd but wiped them out then blown apart then lost from here then more guards biirthed then shattering then it was too late their blood was poison ous b ut more txic waste they reported they are not human s at all but they can 't die are forever youn g an d look mostly human but shattering more drained they were turned at birth but these are Dead blast them then too late never existed but they were not mortal at all anymore but more than as all of them executed then Alice had a vision Carlisle they don't age you sure they remain youthful blood bound to them then CHAINED Then SNAPPED Blown from here then brought here as all of them then suddenly n ever died or gone Elderly were trapped as teenagers oh my god they are not humans their mother is Elvish they are hybrids then it was too late they were not mostly mortal they were of a race of imm ortal beings they need to heal we adapt but we cann ot die out lived in a v ery longest time we never age we exist when Earth was in it's youth they chimed together in softer sorrowful voices were tinking like crystals then Nulled from here with all of them b rought here we found hybrids are halflings then they killed them for their energy then blood nuking then rid of them forever then suddenly Both Sisters wore armor embraced their weid supern atual side of the family they were Elvish women begun speaking into Ancient High Elvish dialects learned from the movies oh my god they are armed and have gained a longest life span b ut they are what beautfiul like us yes.
Creepy.Crazy.Weird chapter 10 . 12/7/2015
fluffy chapter 10 . 8/18/2015
please up date i love your story
Layla347 chapter 10 . 6/9/2015
I love the chapter update please:)
Crystal-Wolf-Guardain-967 chapter 10 . 6/8/2015
loved it
mellberry chapter 9 . 4/19/2015
I LOVE this story! Please update soon!
Layla347 chapter 9 . 4/17/2015
Update soon please:)
Crystal-Wolf-Guardain-967 chapter 9 . 4/17/2015
loved it
MariMart chapter 9 . 4/16/2015
I really like this story because usually twilight sister fics the sisters are pretty much identical or on full opposing sides and completely cut each other off and are like you are disowned. And I'm like ok so you never really cared about each other. But in your fic they care about each but have very different opinions which is how real siblings usually act :) Also you made your OC have cool gifts without taking away from the original series ''supernaturalness'' or making her like I am the savior(OP) or something :)
Layla347 chapter 8 . 4/6/2015
Debbie Hicks chapter 8 . 2/9/2015
Chapter 9
we are hungry we got powers and we need blood both inserted Crimson eyes Shattered but both signaled the very as all of the Army oh my god Edward they gone Wild but Carnivorous spawned a ARMY a Army Both swan sister are forcing them to Attack they have Changed but they are their commanding officers yhen suddenly Bella and Katrina ordered ATTACK! All chaos broke loose then the Newspaper reported a Second/Third Armies All of them as all of them suddenly Spawning all murders and deaths and killings and lot of all damage but with as all of them Forks was a Vampire battleground and causing the Senior Volturi guard who witnessed then all of the Sudden the very fulliest power of their each both races Human and Vulcan turned into Killing machines then all of the sudden were too much and much many more people turned but bitten but as all of them drained You hold these Newborns must die with them must PERISH We ended the first Army then it happened their own Screams rose then then all of the sudden without their own bodies with as very as all of then suddenly had them Burned but terminated but their Bodies were as all of them crumbling but shattering as all of the prizes were wild and Carnivorous but returned Victorious but a very alien Radiance but Resurrection but a risen who kept their seeds then it was too late the Senior Volturi guards as very as all of them suddenly with the UP/Down with their newest friends as all of them but suddenly Exploded but shattering but causing them as very as all of them to join the Volturi as Witnesses but crumbling away as all the very as all of them had Red eyes but became Senior Volturi Assassins with powers were as cold as them but lethal but dangerous then it happened destroyed themselves but became fully turned Volturi members then they had three blood colors as all them faded away but the newly turned were undead forever bound and linked but locked in a hive mind the Volturi heard this they had kids were hybrids after death they were unable to die at all but looked fully grown but had kids from Shifters but it was no more children at all but their families looked in their middle ages after furned bitten but as all of it slipped away with them but suddenly crashed but it was as all very as all from Around the world created a Kingdom then suddenly it was no more as all of the bodies dropped much many more suddenly destroyed themselves but much many more members enjoyed new life.
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