Reviews for A Legend Awakened
Robert chapter 14 . 9/30
You should make this a ashxlana pairing fanfiction. There aren't alot of those around nd the look good together.
yuriko.hueixin chapter 14 . 9/20
Hahaha I like your story. But you are missing with 2 things.
Or 2 movie.
After the raise of darkrai, the continuing movie of giratina and the sky warrior plus arceus and the jewel of life.

You skip them making ash unable to meet giratina and arceus.
gwencarson126 chapter 14 . 9/6
Zapster45 chapter 14 . 9/4
update it
Firedragon99 chapter 14 . 8/26
Oh come on! Please finish this story. I want to know who wins.
Guest chapter 13 . 8/19
Awesome story and I like your narration style but I want to know that is this a pearlshipping or rayshipping cause I would really like to read a good and completed rayshipping story.
Keep updating and finish this story.
Sefera chapter 14 . 8/20
Vary good! I'm favoriting this, just incase you choose to continue it.
kapilmaheshsuri chapter 1 . 8/15
update please
cornelia chapter 14 . 8/10
update please! i'm obsessed !
Rad chapter 14 . 7/28
It's killing me waiting for the final to be honest I've loved reading this as each chapter comes out.
Shu Ouma GC chapter 2 . 7/27
Can it be like Pearlshipping and advancshipping at the same time or something like that hmmm...
Shu Ouma GC chapter 1 . 7/27
Wait a second... a heatran?
Mythic Imagination chapter 14 . 7/26
Awesome story. Hope you continue it soon.
GatsuBerk chapter 4 . 7/23
Not a fan of what you put lavitar through. still enjoying the story
Marauders Inc chapter 14 . 7/20
Yo yo yo. You cant leave me hanging bro. That too for the finale in the finals. It's easy too rude bro. Update soon! I was really getting into it after all.

P.S. I think you over did it with the legendary and pseudo legendary Pokémon. Really. Genesect, Zapdos, Darkrai and Latios? Wtf? And then you have Hydreigon to add on to it. I was whaaaaaattt... Ash is gonna get his Ash whooped. And what was that! No Pikachu? It's his strongest ever Pokémon bro. No matter how many Legendarys he may catch you don't abandon your Starter for them in the finals. Sceptile and Charizard were good choices. Darkrai and Heatran were obvious choices. But you should've kept Pikachu. It went head to head with Latios in the Anime and nearly beat it. Which makes it pretty powerful already. Considering how you've buffed up Pokémon in this fic it'd have definitely taken out Latios and banged up another Pokémon. Or stood toe to toe with Zapdos.
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