Reviews for A Legend Awakened
MindForgedMan chapter 14 . 6/3
Just finished this story. Overall... this story is not very good. The premise is nice, but the execution was not. Many characters (Ash and Tobias, for instance) have random moments of OOCness. There's an over reliance on certain descriptions, such as half the chapters saying "Ash grimaced". Further, there's way too exaggerated descriptions, such as saying "Ash was terrified" because he didn't expect whatever move his opponent did. There are even inconsistencies, such as earlier on accepting the canon that Ash did somewhat poorly in the Hoenn League but then in later chapters you have it said that Ash got to the Top 4 in the Hoenn League.

It really feels like you didn't know what you were doing with this story. It was kind of a pain to finish, which is a shame since the premise is nice.
Guest chapter 14 . 6/1
Bring the next chapter soon please, I'm dying to know what happens next does ash win or not?!
Kna5en chapter 14 . 5/31
Guest chapter 14 . 5/2
Please update
Guest chapter 8 . 5/1
Please update the story
jannerd100 chapter 14 . 4/27
Are you ever going to finish this story?
Guest chapter 14 . 4/18
Guest chapter 14 . 4/13
So will there be more!? Ever?
Ciel Moony chapter 14 . 4/12
Artemis Motou chapter 6 . 3/26
Guest chapter 14 . 1/29
Damnit! Give us an ending!
J0K3R Of Monday chapter 14 . 1/7
Steps on how to kill a story.
Step 1: Hype the story
Step 2: Add a very rare shipping
Step 3: Give possibility that Dawn might get brokenhearted
Step 4: Giving Ash hope to win against someone who keeps on spawning legendaries like Naruto spams his Shadow clones
Step 5: Let the two Darkrai's fight each other only then do you cut the story and end it there without an explanation.
Step 6: Disappear from Fanfiction.
Tychon chapter 1 . 12/31/2017
Joda-Eragonsson chapter 14 . 12/27/2017
-_- how long we gonna be waiting for an update man lool. It’s been 6 months. I don’t think I can wait any longer
Guest chapter 14 . 12/21/2017
Hey bring the next chapter soon please!
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