Reviews for A Swallow to a Dove
glo4twilight chapter 40 . 11/12/2019
what a bloody idiot! so glad esme saw what must've happened. wow i hope he can find her!
glo4twilight chapter 39 . 11/12/2019
omg she's leaving?! i guess she thinks alice is edwards choice for a wife. awww so sad that she has to leave the babies. this is not good.
glo4twilight chapter 38 . 11/12/2019
oh dear i wonder how she will read into the letter. so glad she went to see rosalie and was able to talk to her and comfort her.
glo4twilight chapter 37 . 11/12/2019
hmmm now i can see that alice is probs just a friend but what would bella think she is? hmmm trouble in paradise!
glo4twilight chapter 36 . 11/11/2019
I am so glad they were laughing about it. I thought edward might be even more embarassed to mortification haha. I love this lol.
glo4twilight chapter 35 . 11/11/2019
Hahaha omg that was just so cute. Edward running from the room naked that is lol.
glo4twilight chapter 34 . 11/11/2019
Ohhhhhhhh dayummm niiiice work edward. Mmmm mm.
glo4twilight chapter 33 . 11/11/2019
Hahaha a leg scandalous haha. Love it!
glo4twilight chapter 32 . 11/11/2019
Yayy they're totally on the same page in so far as what they're thinking but now just words and actions would be good. Yep. Lol
glo4twilight chapter 31 . 11/11/2019
Oh geez she needs to really get to liking edward lol and want to marry him if she don't wanna leave those girls.
glo4twilight chapter 30 . 11/11/2019
I am loving edwards dilemma and what's going through his mind and yes i agree i think he knows her a little better than he thinks
glo4twilight chapter 29 . 11/11/2019
Omg that was pretty funny. Lol. And i might be thinking that edward is thinking again haha.
glo4twilight chapter 28 . 11/11/2019
Aww what a beautiful chapter. Poor bella. She defs is beautiful.
glo4twilight chapter 27 . 11/11/2019
An intervention of sorts lol. Loved it. Girrl time.
glo4twilight chapter 26 . 11/11/2019
Hahahaha little matchmaker good for her!
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