Reviews for The Cupboard Series 3: Potter Haven
owl3764 chapter 28 . 9h
Great continuing story. Loved it.
TrumpasaurusRex chapter 31 . 9/18
This whole storyline of truancy is so stupid.
He can’t be charged with truancy if he’s expelled. There is no law that requires magical children to be educated. Homeschooling is a thing. In fact, many students don’t attend Hogwarts because they can’t afford it and they’re not invited.
There’s nothing in canon to support truancy. In fact, canon supports that once expelled, you’re expected NOT to continue your education (Hagrid as an example).
JanuaryLestrange chapter 31 . 8/30
Loved it! I’m enjoying the casual horcrux destructions. Cant wait to see how you get rid of the rest of them.
gginsc chapter 23 . 7/25
What a group of idiots! Why couldn't they just leave well enough alone!
TorstenL chapter 31 . 7/24
Great Story! *Thumps up!*
Thanks for your fine work of fanfiction!
Ginny Weasley100 chapter 14 . 5/9
For god's sake Dumbledore! The prophecy is about HARRY and VOLDEMORT. Not about YOU and Voldemort!
Ginny Weasley100 chapter 12 . 5/9
Dumbledore is an idiot. Just because he hasn't heard of something happening before, doesn't mean that it hasn't happened before. Nothing is impossible.
Ginny Weasley100 chapter 11 . 5/7
I still don't understand why Dumbledore thought it was necessary to track Harry. In my opinion, placing tracking charms on someone constitutes STALKING.
Ginny Weasley100 chapter 6 . 5/6
Dumbledore only just woke up from a coma and he's already thinking about obliviating someone? Just how CRAZY is he?
RDDash chapter 27 . 4/29
Trying to save the elf at the cost of his life. Foolish.
RDDash chapter 22 . 4/29
Hermione should just obliviate that guy who saw harry
RDDash chapter 7 . 4/29
How generous of Harry to pay Dobby a galleon worth of money.
savedprincess85 chapter 31 . 3/22
I’ve read through book1-3 now and it’s amazingly well written! I loved the descriptions, the plot changes and different devices used. So good! Well done! On to book 4!
Sparkling Ratemis chapter 31 . 3/22
Woohoo, and again a great story. You're writing style reminds me of a lot of professional authors. You really create a wonderful story arc and still keep it thrilling with just enough fluff. (Btw. great way to stall the relationship, was wondering if you really wanted to start that early.)
morde24 chapter 31 . 2/16
huh, before this went down I thought barty crouch jr was going to go get voldie
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