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The-Frozen-Avatar chapter 3 . 7/9
I'm only 3 chapters in so far, but Hans seems like the gay best friend/brother to me and I friggin love it!
syrathia chapter 1 . 7/4
I'm not sure how many times I've read this fic, at least 5 or 6, usually when an update comes out. it's fantastic and worth it everytime. I think on
e of it's greatest things is Hans. I'm not sure there are many other pics where he's actually a great guy like he is in this one.
Dichotomus chapter 3 . 7/2
Good fic thus far. You have an interesting take on Hans. I
lalthazuali74 chapter 32 . 6/19
Please update i love the story!
Guest chapter 30 . 5/14
:)always enjoy
sara-nadia chapter 32 . 4/7
update soon please i love it
sedryn chapter 32 . 4/7
Interesting chapter :) Looking forward to the next one hehe
Moosedrool chapter 32 . 3/17
Oh my god. So much is happening. I really want to say like this story with how you make Elsa and Ann’s portrayed beautifully! I love it
PenguinVuelve chapter 32 . 3/17
:O. Nice chapter c:. I wonder what os Mérida thingking about her situation.
t3l4m0n chapter 32 . 3/17
This was a nice fun chapter.

Poor Druid finally getting some rest, though at least we got information on all(?) of the proxies this chapter, more or less.

Wasn't the Duke under Violet's thrall? I think he was, I guess that's why he came back. To let Violet(maybe?) and co sneak into the castle and perhaps assassinate Elsa/Anna/whomever else or maybe they want to kidnap someone? Nevertheless, quite a jump in progression. I'm guessing Violet was like that because they got word about the loss of the ships. That was a very nice scene, reminded me a little bit of 'Master and Commander'. Shame there aren't many movies like that.

Esmeralda just can't help herself huh? Not doing herself any favors. Aphrodite is a bit weird though, how she 'confuses' love and obsession and stuff, or is that more like it is in genuine Greek mythology and not the stuff that is generally known? Either way, that interaction felt a little bit forced don't know why.

I was wondering why Aphrodite showed up when it was stated that they could only appear in (special?) mirrors, but I guess them showing up means the final showdown is imminent?

Regardless, a really nice update and much needed upping of pace xD

As always, will be looking forwards to the next chapters :]

Have a wonderful day! (At the time of this is review/comment is posted)
Concolor44 chapter 32 . 3/17
Geez, what's Violet's deal? It's like she's under the influence, as it were.

So, now some cross-pantheon deities are showing up. This is ramping up, big time. Gonna be one heck of a battle, when swords finally cross. I think Violet will have a rude awakening at the Grey Gardens. (As did her invasion fleet. That was pretty cool.)
Reithel chapter 32 . 3/16
Ohhhhh, the Gods and Goddesses are close to their proxies! This is getting interesting!
DRON261095 chapter 32 . 3/16
Oh wow. After all this time, I am still in love with the way you work. The character development is amazing. you have a gift for writing.

Please update soon. Or well, as soon as you can. Even though it seems we are getting to the end of the journey I have to say that the story is a perfect 10. IN FACT, one of the best developed stories I've read so far in my history on this site.

I sincerely thank you for putting some of your work here.
bigbuddy1986 chapter 31 . 3/11
Story is awesome, can't wait to see what else you come up with in this story.
JustNeedToReview chapter 31 . 3/7
I cant tell you enough how much I loved finding this story less than two days ago. I read the whole thing practically without putting it down save for when I fell asleep unwillingly while reading. It is beautifully written and I cant hope enough that this gets finished! based on the AN's it may be a while but I need Closure! Absolutely an amazing read though
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