Reviews for When Storms Come and Stars Collide
xlokiswolfx chapter 80 . 10/22
Awww I love the family reunion and the fact that all were included (as well as their frost beast, what happens to him by the way?)
Kelsey finally gave her kiss to he who deserved it and you wrote it spectacularly.
Why must Fandral come back and ruin everything by practically telling Thor that neither will be returning?! Please don't be too harsh on my poor godly brothers. They need some good in their lives after what they've been through.
Amazing writing, perfect story writing, great characters and plot (love nana btw 3)
xlwx ;)
Guest chapter 80 . 10/21
Yay they finally kiss!
MarvelGirl313 chapter 80 . 10/20
If I have to wait a whole month for the next chapter, I WILL LOSE MY MIND!
j.k. No pressure. Just keep writing. This is literally the best fanfic I've ever read!
artemis7448 chapter 80 . 10/20
Earthsong1 chapter 80 . 10/20
oracleprincess 1 chapter 79 . 10/20
Plz continue soon!
MarvelGirl313 chapter 1 . 10/11
Dude, it's been 4 weeks when are you going to update?
Dragoncat chapter 79 . 9/22
I think the Frost Beast will make a good substitute for the car, solving the license issue. Loki needs to finally admit he loves Kelsey. I'm kind of hoping the super strength will wear off eventually. Since Thor and Loki are not blood brothers, it should be okay for Thor and Jane to have their little romance.

And Odin the dog? Perfect name. Excellent choice.

Keep on writing!
xlokiswolfx chapter 79 . 9/21
Just three words:
Oh My God!

Few more words:
You are mazing! how you are able to write so much in incredible detail is beyond me! Also, love Odin the dog. he does have the personality like a bulldog now that I think about it ;)
xlwx ;)
Earthsong1 chapter 79 . 9/20
Awesome! This totally awesome! It is about time Kelsey expressed her feelings for Loki and Loki sharing his feelings with her at the end of the fight. I can't wait for more. Please tell me there are going to be a couple of weddings down the road in this story. Love it! Love it! Love it! Well done!
artemis7448 chapter 79 . 9/20
Can't wait to see what happens next!
MarvelGirl313 chapter 1 . 9/19
GAAHH! Please update soon!
Earthsong1 chapter 78 . 9/12
It's about time that Kelsey and Loki admit to their feelings for one another now they have to make it known to each other. Odin is like my brother who is a jerk and never admits when he is wrong. I love this story and I can't wait for more.
xlokiswolfx chapter 78 . 9/12
OK, what I want to know is how you posses the power to write the longest and the best chapters that fanfiction has eer seen in such a short space of time. love the long chapters and you put so much into each one that it doesn't feel like its so much. you had better become a professional author one day because you are amazing at character design, character development, story design, story development and so much more! love it and keep on going!
xlwx ;)
Dragoncat chapter 78 . 9/11
When is Thor going to remember to not leave that hammer lying around? That thing is more enticing than Excalibur!
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