Reviews for Perfect
Dictionary chapter 14 . 12/18/2003
I like your story very much please go on soon
Cauliflower chapter 12 . 8/2/2003
I think this is very good and can't wait for the rest of the story.

Keep them coming, so far so very good!
bri chapter 11 . 7/16/2003
great story i wasnt excpecting that. i like that brennan is now a feral and shaliamr is now a elemantal that is really cool. keep writing. I hope you update as soon as possibal and it was mean to leave us hanging but i WILL forgive you as soon as you update. and there better be more chapterS becuase there cant be only one more becuase that would be mean. so keep up the good work and i will check in every day to see if you have updated yet (except for when i am on vacation.)
tigressong chapter 3 . 6/26/2003
i have a random idea for a title if you want to think about it...

"perfect whole"
tom chapter 9 . 4/25/2003
it really good. Keep it up!
Live-Love-Learn chapter 9 . 4/17/2003
Heyhey. I told you I would review. Good story. Dont leave me hangin here! Plz! Update soon. Cyaz
tube chapter 8 . 3/14/2003
keep going!its mean to stop with a cliffhanger like that!
foxyfeline chapter 8 . 3/14/2003
oh keep it coming please...i want to know what is going to happen to Shal and Brenn
cabouse18 chapter 7 . 3/10/2003
oh this is really good. you definately need to write more. what is so important about Shal and Brenn? write more soon
ace9 chapter 7 . 3/10/2003
great chapter! I am happy you decided to finish this one!
squints chapter 7 . 3/9/2003
Very cool. I wasn't expecting that. More please.
ace9 chapter 6 . 3/4/2003
This one is a good story too! Are you EVER going to finish it?
brigitta chapter 5 . 12/22/2002
merry x-mas at first! Another geat chapter. Really good. I am already waiting for another chapter.

(I know; get a life!)
ItalianchikE chapter 3 . 12/4/2002
Wow she has all the powers combined! Awesome concept! Post more soon!
Candy Coated chapter 2 . 11/28/2002
Cool story, The next chapter should be interesting.