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Isangtao chapter 34 . 4/26/2020
And here I thought Recette would have a bunch of Rank 4 and 5 Fusion items that she's been holding out.

Great story, it was a fun read right from the start!
Reine de la Mort chapter 34 . 9/11/2015
Oh, this was fun to read. I truly appreciate how a reader doesn't have to have played all 3 games to really understand what's going on. Overall, this was quite pleasant to just spend an afternoon reading. You put in all the details so that as a reader, I was not often lost, you had perfect control over your plot and characters so that we never end up going nowhere with our plotlines and all the narrative buildups do lead to a satisfying payoff. Lastly, the notes you had, at the end of the chapter, about new skills/characters unlocked? Love those; they read exactly as though they came from the original games' descriptions.

Well, that's the good points I had to note about your story. Now for the things I disliked.

First of all, you kept on writing "your" when you meant "you're". You also once wrote that Chiffon went with Griff of his own "violation" instead of his own "volation". I just don't like such mistakes.

Secondly, I get the fact that this is a crossover, but I feel like at many points in the story, you had too many characters in a scene. I know I was confused at several points because I was trying to keep track of which characters were where. The fact that some of them didn't even really talk was only adding to the confusion. Quite frustrating.

Thirdly, you had a few plot points that seemed to come out of absolutely nowhere and never seemed to lead anywhere. For instance, the whole thing with Recette's mother. That came out of nowhere and previously the character had never even been hinted to be anything but purely antagonistic. As a result, I couldn't really find it in myself to really care about the character one way or another when the big reveal was made. Didn't care when she was turned to stone, or when she was healed. The character didn't have that much of an impact, is what I'm saying.

Some scenes felt quite unnecessary, like Alouette and Prime's one-scene wonder. I get that they're meant to be cameos or just extra characters, but I feel like they should've had slightly more to it.

It's funny how a story can be over 100 000 words long and still feel so short. You had quite a few segments in this fanfic in which you skimmed over a lot of details by merely telling us what happened, instead of showing it. It was unsatisfying to read, for me who loves a show.

Lastly, the epilogue, which felt... short. Or, well, not all that satisfying? I wish we could've had a bunch of full scenes for everyone, instead of flashback-like thoughts and dialogue, but oh well.

Overall, it is a rather good story, and I enjoyed myself while reading it, but there's plenty of room for improvement.
malandy chapter 34 . 7/27/2015
Congrats on finishing the story! :)

Thanks for the Double Chocolate Chip Internet Cookie!

Loving all the epilogues!

Oh! Sequel Hooks... Sorta...:

1. New Demon General...
2. Where's Faust going...
3. Fate of the Statue (Demons drain it for power? Or as a preventive measure to keep Zanth weak? Or something else?) [Drat... now I have even more ideas that I'm not using...]

3.5. Another cycle of sealing, and unsealing, and resealing, has started? Perhaps the next story will be in the Information Age of this world... or something...
malandy chapter 33 . 7/24/2015
10000 Words of Story~! Congrats!

True, true, 1000 views is pretty awesome!

Oh, hey... It's them... Wonder what they're doing?

Huh... is Pensee getting a new Adventurer? Is he gonna do the Crystal Nightmare to show that he's the strongest?

Oh... so that's before/during the last chapter(s)...

Ah... setting the world right again...

... it's been months... Right...

Hey! It's Arma! ... Makes sense, malicious mind magic isn't that easy to recover from...


Why's Calliou there? Oh, restoration... I see... Hope it works... I guess We'll know in the epilogue...

Wow, so that happened to Tonkiness...

Yeah, they could have sent more letters... I think...

Oh, Sana... Why'd you have to say that...

Griff and his image! Hehe...

Arche got grounded before... Right...

Now to wait for the epilogue! ... Hmm... maybe I'll reread this in the meantime... Maybe...

In other news, I was playing Recettear when this updated... What are the chances? It's just coincidence... It's vacay, you play something... Just coincidence...


"of her to" - "for her to"

"your back" - "you're back"... unless he got wounded on his back? I think he did... is he still supposed to be recovering?

"Arche too Chiffon" - "Arche too, Chiffon."

"Sana you" - "Sana, you"


"rule of no bringing" - "rule against" or "rule forbidding" or something like that, and a 'law' instead, so it sounds stricter?

"get going back now" - "get going", feels more natural that way?

"definitely need" - "need", ditto...

"was grounded by" - "a grounding from"

"Wait, what," - "Wait, what?!"?
malandy chapter 32 . 7/18/2015
It's here! It's here!

Thoughts on title: "Is it related to Future of Hope? (Chantelise End Song) Nah, overthinking again..."

1000 views! Wow! :)

I wonder if my TvTropes recommendations had anything to do with it...?

... It's sad (and strange... and a ) that there's only 5 follows... :(

Does the view counter inaccurate 'cause it counts rereads or something?

Sorry if I killed your buzz... I _really_ think too much... :(

Ah well, I'm still following... So, see ya next week! Have a good vacation!

*Actual review of story content follows...*

Action! ... More Action! ... YAY!

Griff got First Blood! Wooh!

They got more some hits in! Yeah!

Oh... that's sorta sad...

I liked those musings about legendary people still being people...

New Skills! ... Where's that footnote... Oh... Ha! That's brilliant!

Hmm... I wonder what'll happen to the statue... Will she be freed somehow? Well, it's a nice conclusion for this chapter either way...

Those Element colors... What are Green and Violet? Green Earth, Violet Wind? ... I'm quite sure that Red Fire and Blue Water...

Wow... this is on Google already and its only been 32 minutes... (Tried to use Google to search for other instances of "violet" in the story...)


"curtesy" - "courtesy"

"a momentum" - "on momentum"?
malandy chapter 31 . 7/11/2015
Oh~! I'm liking these POV-switches!

Now everyone's here... except for Arma... Where'd she go? I bet she's gonna be real important next chapter...

Hmm... those power up don't seem good for the long-term... I bet that'll be covered in the epilogue...

I wonder what those power-up speeches foreshadow, if anything...

Hmm... Scythe-y death symbolism? Or just 'cause it's got more arc-attack ability? So, they're facing 3 floating weapons... 2 swords, and a scythe... Tricky?

See ya next time!


For the chapter title, do you mean "Despair" instead of "Dispire"? Or am I missing something?

Also... "The Power of the Elemental Stone(s)" ...
Ryoga's best friend chapter 8 . 7/6/2015
This was a surprise to come across... Having beaten two of the three games(recettear and Fortune summoners) there's a lot here for me to enjoy. You've messed the worlds pretty well thus far and progressed the stories of the games a bit past their endings. The Reccette - Louie scene made me smile, seeing the fortune girls banter and interact with Griff of all people was good times. I'm looking forward to see more of the interaction of the cast when I get back from work.
malandy chapter 30 . 7/4/2015
Oh! ...first thoughts on the Chapter title: "Any relation to the Geddon Device: Speaker of the Words of the End?"

Those battle scenes!

Huh... so that's who it is! ... Awesome Twist!

Hey! Look who joined the battle!

Location switch!

Huh, I guess that's Charme? You don't name her, so I'm confused, but I bet that's on purpose.

Lol! Tielle X Calliou! Nice! I approve!

'Till the next chapters! I wonder how they'll win this boss fight... I'm going with Overloading the 'God', even though it seems unlikely...
malandy chapter 29 . 6/28/2015
Oh! So Quick with this chapter!

Cool! 3-part battle!

Nice Opening! So Sad!

That's an interesting outcome... with the petrification and all... I'm shipping Griff X Selene now!

It would be really weird/interesting if Griff's was Recette's Aunt or something...

Typo: "Scared the battlefield" - "scarred the battlefield"

So that's why there was no scene with Selene and Mysterious Woman.

Hmm... are demons normally pale skinned, or tan like Griff? We can assume that Demons normally have Elven-esque pointed ears, unless... Griff's dad is an Elf-Demon Hybrid?

So many questions! Like what do Devils look like, just a smaller Archdevil or what?

To the Mysterious Woman! Who may or may not get Hoist by Her Own Petard... YEAH!
malandy chapter 28 . 6/27/2015
Nice fight scenes!

Oh... my... God... The Black Knight's identity... That is evil... I'm sure the Knight will make it out, when this is all over, I think you're not that evil... Like when the school got Dark World-ed...

What was that 'shift in Elemental energy' I wonder... Is it from Selene or from the "New God" thing?

OH! I'm gonna bet that "New God" is a Dark Element King!

New Character!

More skills~! Those skills are quite different... Interesting!

Hmm... So, 2 more chapters, and a epilogue? We'll be waiting!

Happy writing!
malandy chapter 27 . 6/21/2015
Oh! So we're doing it group by group! Nice!

To the Black Knight with Louie, Recette, Elise, Tear, and Chante... Wow, that's a big fight... But then again, it's 3 vs 1 again, if you don't count the Fairies...

Hmm... I wonder if the Black Knight is gonna get a power-up too? Does he have a Darkness Crystal? Or the Poison or Paralysis ones? Hmm...

I guess Sauv is Human, right?

I can't see any typos here! YAY!

I didn't expect you to spoil the surprise, just throwing out guesses...

I wish more people were reading this... But, it is what it is...

Thanks for writing all of this! :)
malandy chapter 26 . 6/20/2015
Wha? Who is this? Well, I guess I know at the next chapter... Could it be Minasa-Ratis? Stella's Mom? Alouette's Mom?!

That would be so weird if I was right... But, then again, it's expectedly unexpected... The Great Hero turning into the Great Villain...

Hmm... New God... Another Archdevil? Or something new?

"Fruitless"! Nice Joke!

I'm gonna say that Selene and Griff are half-siblings on their mother's side...

A few bits of weird punctuation, PM me for more info if you want...

Four Lines, All Waiting... or are the main characters now the Fortune Summonmers' Quartret and everyone else is getting Offscreen Moments of Awesome! ?

Well, I trust you'll make it work! To your grand skill!
malandy chapter 25 . 6/15/2015
Interesting~! Oh! More Skills!

Still watching! :)

Hmm... interesting phrasing there: "Where Louie goes, I shall follow." Why not "Where Louie goes, I go (too)!"? ... I guess the formality makes it more of a forceful statement? If so, perhaps add "forcefully" to the Recette's description?

Perhaps have Louie be flustered by Recette's... display of affection? Or not, if it doesn't fit your characterization...

Still good however you do it!
malandy chapter 24 . 6/10/2015
Made you a Fanfic Recommendation on the FanficRecs Page for TvTropes's Article on Recettear! Gonna do Fanfic Recs for Fortune Summoners and Chantelise too!

Keep up the good work!
malandy chapter 20 . 5/16/2015
Don't worry... we're still following you! Hope you had a good Mother's Day! I know some authors that take 2 months per update... and given the chapter lengths you get with a weekly schedule, a possibly longer wait, for a longer chapter, makes sense, at least... to me...
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