Reviews for Irony
Jay Dawn chapter 9 . 11/8
Tsuna, please save this family. Ugh I hate it when they cry.

Well, that certainly ripped my heart out and had it stomped on repeatedly. Thanks.
Jay Dawn chapter 8 . 11/8
Oh, wow. This just turned into something juicy. Fulvia out there asking the right questions. :'3

Nonononono aaaaahhhhjhhhjjjj :'(

Yes to R27. YES, PLEASE. OvQ
Jay Dawn chapter 7 . 11/8
*fans self* whoo
Jay Dawn chapter 6 . 11/8
Tsuna, you little- :')

They're s adorable :'3
Jay Dawn chapter 5 . 11/8
Tsuna explaining to Reborn what his family is like. :'D I have no words. Poor Reborn's so confused.

Animals are just drawn to Tsuna. They can't help it. But that smile Reborn's trying to hide tho w

I can believe it.

"Let's just say I am training you. To be a stalker." LOL hhahahaha

They really are responsible for how the other turned out. At this point, time is just an illusion.
Jay Dawn chapter 4 . 11/8
Food. _

On another note, it's hilarious watching Tsuna work on Reborn's nerves.

To be fair, I'd hate it if my parents blamed me for things I didn't do. And if I were to meet an unsavory character (not that Tsuna is one) and felt the need to be less than polite to them, I'd do it even if it meant my parents would nag at me.

He got that persistence from you, dear.

Seriously, Tsuna be paying back Reborn. :')

Wait a- he's being bullied?! QAQ

LMAO Tsuna :'D

Seriously, how do I enter this story? I need to give my baby, his mother, and Tsuna a very long power hug.

I was going to comment about how withdrawal sucks, but Tsuna popped right in, Reborn rushed to go see, and I was busy cooing at how adorable that was and how funny it was that Tsuna accepted becoming Reborn's tutor. The tables just keep turning. :')
Jay Dawn chapter 3 . 11/8
Very enjoyable, indeed.
Jay Dawn chapter 2 . 11/8
12-year old Reborn is like a hissing kitten. Freaking adorable. One of the reasons why I've adopted him.
Jay Dawn chapter 1 . 11/8
Well, this is certainly one way to get my attention. Do tell me more. ••
Shiori Kurotsu chapter 14 . 8/11
this really is a good story. i hope you'll pick this fic up again and finish it
mudaora chapter 14 . 6/27
The next chapter ! The next chapter ! The nexT CHAPTER !
No seriously I love it and I'm surely hoping for an updte even if it's been, like, 4 years-
mudaora chapter 12 . 6/27
Listen here author my first review didn't express how much I love you and this fic, I would sell my fucking soul for the both of you
mudaora chapter 2 . 6/27
This is so good, I haven't seen amny with this trope and I honestly live for their relationship and the writing style is really good
maharzoubari chapter 14 . 5/10
are you going to continue irony?
Ameliy chapter 14 . 3/3
I like to say that I love your story... I hope you going to continued someday... Thank you for ever write this story
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