Reviews for The Space Between
Jbrowne26 chapter 59 . 8/29
Oh, I really liked this chapter! There were hints about Rose and Andrew a few chapters back, but I wasn’t expecting the circumstances.
It’s nice to see Caroline starting to really heal.
C’mon, Al! Say something!
Interesting manifestation of a new ability for Nat
Jbrowne26 chapter 57 . 8/29
Oh, wow!
It was clear Crabbe would be involved, but things are really coming to a head.
Off to read the next couple chapters now.
And I’m so torn about Draco. I both detest what he’s done and feel sorry for him at the same time.
And I really hope Harry tells Ginny soon.
jersey gal chapter 59 . 8/27
love this!
Slaidback chapter 59 . 8/27
Okay. Good chapter. It's been awhile since a chapter was either or posted or read by me, but my memory was jogged by the 4th or 5th sentence which is a sign of excellent writing. Thanks!
ginnyweasley777 chapter 59 . 8/27
I absolutely love Caroline in this chapter, and I'm so pleased they got married last chapter. She's come such a long way and I really love this pairing :)
Nat and Al are so clueless though ha ha!
JetLaBarge chapter 59 . 8/26
So when and why will Caroline walk over to James bedroom, and when will she allow them to make it their bedroom? You know it is going to happen. And will intimacy go from acceptable to good, and then to very good. (And how are you going to write about it?)

And of course you are going to continue to torture us with Albus and Nat.

I am sure you are going to have people unhappy with Rose ‘settling’ for Andrew. I’m not sure I’m all that fond of the idea of a romantic love that is not between people who are friends first. Once you have been married for over 50 years comfortable and being friends is pretty good. I think that Rose and Andrew have what it takes to make a good marriage.

You can work on falling in love, and you have to work to stay in love. Too many marriages fail because people “fall out of love.” To me, love is less the emotion than the commitment. You made promises when you married, and you work hard to stay true to those promises. For better or worse means that you ought to assume there will be some very tough times, and you persist not because of wonderful romantic feelings but because of your wedding vows.

You see that much longer lasting love in couples that have been married for many years. It is not the giddy love of “falling in love,” but it is deeper and in many ways much better.

An author I follow, (Mrs_Granger from HPFF) writes about one couple, the wife saying that she knew he loved her when he stayed with her when she was operated for appendicitis, and declared his love for her when she threw up on him. That’s love.

Great story.

Jet LaBarge
scrappy8 chapter 59 . 8/26
great chapter
I can't wait until Al and Nat finally tell each other how they really feel
Jane Davidson chapter 59 . 8/26
loved this chapter keen to see what happens with coroline and homes... weirdly i think rose and Andrew are good together
tmtcltb chapter 58 . 8/15
Poor James and have been through so much and now this...
tmtcltb chapter 57 . 8/15
Crabbe is beyond despicable!
tmtcltb chapter 56 . 8/15
I’m reading this chapter on the later side and sorry that your book did not do well! I definitely appreciate all the work you’re putting into this fantastic story. The entire bit with Scorpius, and then Scorpius and Lily, was absolutely perfect.
tmtcltb chapter 55 . 8/15
The end he was chilling. As much as Crabbe thinks that hurting Lily will be enough, I doubt that anything would ever be enough. Her vengeance will never give her whatever solace that she is really looking for.
jersey gall chapter 58 . 8/13
love this please update! :)
jersey gal chapter 58 . 8/11
please post a new chapter
tmtcltb chapter 54 . 8/11
My favorite line was when Lily mentioned that Ginny was the sort to hex first and ask questions later. So very true. It’s nice to see these children growing up and turning into such unique and special human beings.
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