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Kingdark chapter 1 . 1/2/2020
I disagree with their decision too. Leaving the bigger group. At the very least, they should've told them about it and let THEM decide whether THEY thought it was worth the risk or not. There's safety in numbers after all.
AgentJKL chapter 36 . 6/3/2019
I’m sorry for saying this, but the drama is to much... Like, the characters switch pairings so much and their relationships just go all the place. It kinda detracts from everything else. I don’t know if the second act was just to focus on the mess that was the characters relationships, but at least everything is set in stone from here on out. At least I hope... Drama is good and then there is to much that it just becomes angst.
Guest chapter 2 . 8/5/2018
Mr. Bamboozled chapter 25 . 6/5/2018
Why drama, god dammit why drama. It's unneeded and makes me cringe god why.
guesswhodied1 chapter 77 . 3/21/2018
Post it soon I cant wait:)
TwistedFilms chapter 77 . 3/2/2017
Hey, remember me? You gave me some helpful advice way back when I was just starting out as a fanfiction writer. I finished Sword Dancers' Chronicles a long time ago, but I noticed that you had recently updated the story, so I went ahead and read the new "update".

So far, I must say that your new, standalone story definitely sounds like something that could go places. I do have a couple of general inquiries though, some of which I hoped you could enlighten me on.

In your new story, you describe the new death game as basically a carbon copy of Sword Art Online. Aren't you afraid certain readers are gonna realize the obvious similarities between your story and Reki Kawahara's? I'm by no means a professional, but couldn't Reki's legal team in theory pursue legal action against your writings due to the similarities?

Another thing I'm wondering about is how you plan to do the characters. I've seen plenty of fanfictions fall into the trap of making generic main characters that basically look and feel like Kirito-kun (or Jesus-kun as I like to call him). If you for instance include a generally powerful female character that becomes the main character's love interest, the resemblance to Asuna would be too much to ignore.

These are just some basic questions though, and I am sure that with your writing skills, you could create a very interesting universe that would suck people in relatively fast. I'm just worried that your story will basically be Sword Art Online retold in another format :P
shawnmc chapter 76 . 3/7/2016
Hi there! I have been reading this story for the past 4 days. I got addicted right when i started reading. I been searching for a good sao story for sometime now and thru so much patience I found it. This is the best one I have seen on this site and I congratulate you. This was truly remarkable. You have me laughing and saying wtf just happened at so many places. I do not have a Deviant Art and hardly know what it is. I will def make one to continue this rivoting story.

My biggest question is the time travel aspect. I found it intriguing and so confusing. It makes total sense for the system to put Yuuichi(sp) into the story as an NPC. Then again actually time traveling from the future as a quest? Thats freaking fascinating, sands of time is astonishing.

OC characters
They were amazing! My favorites were Xaela, Michiko and Zeeka. Talk about some amazing girls.
The chemistry that Xaela and MIchiko had was just so well done. girls in love but was a sin for one. How that all played out was awesome. ( note im not religious so IDK how much of that was accurate haha). Zeeka was a total badass! I loved her back story and her powers. She kind of reminds me of vixen off of Justice League with her powers. She had to grow up so fast do a lot of growing up to survive. Her back story is just so sad, so many loses in short time.
Sinon! My god she was put thru so much and i just wanted to give her a hug. I loved her in tv show and found her interesting. I kept expecting her to figure out how to craft a gun of some sort. When they found the gale gn wreckage I was like its time! The duel personality she is going thru seemed to really fit and just added more tragic to her back story.

Kirito and asuna. Wow what a dang ride for them. Kirito actually died and Asuna has to save him. That was a killer plot and I liked it a lot. Kirito was finally under level and I dont think ever truly caught back up. There break up and kirito being with Michiko was thrilling. I also liked them as a pair and michiko wanting to explore on Asuna was just so cute. I kinda wanted at least one detailed scene but who cares haha.

Player bosses had me saying what the hell so loud! They are insanely cool amd I wish your FF could be made into an actual series or hell a video game. Lizbeth seemed to be my favorite with the PLayer bosses. We only got 2 see 2 in action because the others got theirs so late. I could imagine it in my head and pictures would be really cool.

Im sure I have more to say but i cant think of anything else. You do an amazing job and dont let anyone tell you otherwise. You do have more story on that site right?
Zachary2 chapter 80 . 10/31/2015
Awesome, maybe you could link it in your profile.
zachary2 chapter 65 . 10/26/2015
Yay for Heathcliff, he's my favourite character.
zachary2 chapter 66 . 10/26/2015
I don't particularly like Dane though, but the Sinon/Dane pairing is very original and her state of mind.
zachary2 chapter 67 . 10/26/2015
zachary2 chapter 68 . 10/26/2015
You deserve more reviews.
zachary2 chapter 69 . 10/26/2015
Awww man, I kinda ship the Robby/Zeeka pairing.
zachary2 chapter 70 . 10/26/2015
That's actually a pretty good explanation, though, you'll have to stick to the rules in this in the future.
zachary2 chapter 71 . 10/26/2015
Wow, these classes are actually pretty cool, I think I'm going to use them as a base for my casual writing (doesn't go onto the internet, just interesting ideas).
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