Reviews for Code Geass: Lionheart of the Revolution
Mugen-Muse chapter 79 . 14h
Good question. Pretty sure VV's response could be summed up as shooting himself in the foot. Though that's probably because he received Code before his pair could drop far enough for him to shoot them off due to his stupidity. As for Emperor Chuck and Prince Schnitzel, who knows? At least Cornelia's reaction could be somewhat predictable if her mind isn't messed with by Geass.
Coment9 chapter 79 . 7/1
VV is soooooo fucked.
ShinHyuga90 chapter 79 . 7/1
A very nice chapter.
Spiral-Voltron-Zero0Q1 chapter 79 . 6/30
Awesome chapter
And Nice to see Kallen’s bitch of a step-mother get humiliated like that, she deserves even worse

And I am hoping that Lelouch and Kallen really cement their relationship soon
Blanchimont chapter 79 . 6/30
V.V is in denial, if Charles even wants to see him, a tongue lashing will be the least he will be given.

So Suzuka finally acknowledge his loss against Lelouch, I honest doubt he would be doing anything productive after his trial, given his poorer performance compare to canon, the emperor is not going to look at him favourably.

And finally, a Code Geass fic that ends in BK victory during the first rebellion that is nearing completion. I had only read 2 fic that shows this happening and only 1 is completed but not getting a sequel. Congrats to you, and once done I look forward to the sequel.
dalek117 chapter 78 . 5/13
Ok, I recently found this fic and have been loving it to death. The changes to the main canon have been great and the OCs aren't bad or distracting in many ways from the core characters. Also the fact that Japan is currently independent is great! The Knightmare battles are very good, and Nunally's involvement doesn't feel forced at all. Lelouch being honest also, while a bit OOC, makes this story unique and the consequences of him revealing his secrets really creates a butterfly affect that changes up many elements of Code Geass.

I'm also hoping that personally Lelouch gets into a harem with at least Kallen, Shirley and Euphie, due to A) Both Shirley and Euphie are alive B) Lelouch cares for all three of them in ways that can easily be love (even if he is a bit dense atm) and C) I don't want any of them to be rejected by Lelouch for another. All three have great dynamics with him in this fic and I really want them to get together. Also since Euphie x Suzaku isn't happening anytime soon removes that obstacle for Lelouch.

Though the above could just be my biases shaping how I read the fic.

Looking forward to more!
InfinityMask chapter 78 . 4/2
I wonder should Lelouch fortifying his position in Japan or left fortifying to his members in Japan and left to help other area?
InfinityMask chapter 77 . 4/2
Hoho. Successful rebellion... wellll revolution! Haha.

Sigh. Suzaku just learn truth of thing and seeing Lelouch success full, I wonder what he is feeling... also I’m curious what Charles would do...

Nina sister supporting Lelouch huh? That surprised... and Schneizel take creepy nina... I wonder if he will get fleija...

Hopefully the BK take samples of Nina bomb and make counter.
InfinityMask chapter 76 . 4/2
Hopefully schneizel wouldn’t bomb the area. Lol.
Oh lulu plan is very beautiful. Tho EU and The Eunuchs would try take advantage of this situation...
InfinityMask chapter 75 . 4/2
How come suzaku know where lulu is?
InfinityMask chapter 74 . 4/2
Urgh... creepy nina strike again. Sigh.
InfinityMask chapter 72 . 4/2
Stupid suzaku argh. I wonder if he succeeds on getting Euphi and then she killed would he finally open his eyes or he still would denied everything and sifted blame to others ?
InfinityMask chapter 71 . 4/2
Haaa. Just give suzaku redemption arc fast or killed him of. He really really annoying right now.
InfinityMask chapter 70 . 4/2
I hope the results would be different than canon.
InfinityMask chapter 69 . 4/2
Suzaku here is more annoying than canon... Rei should shoot vv more times. Lol.
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