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WeiNieSho chapter 34 . 4/10/2015
Side tracked on something else huh, you mean side tracked on RPing rrrrrrrrrright. This guy is clearly selfish for wanting magic for himself only tch. Damn it you scared me there, I thought you said there will be some fluffy StiRia moments on this chap but when I saw Aria ignoring and screaming at Stingy with the 2 arguing with each other I was like O.O WTF? How the heck do you call that a freaking fluffy moment?

THEN I keep reading it went like this KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA you did it, it was perfect I was so relieved and some pervy thoughts enter my head when he locked their room door just the 2 of them, him putting her on the bed lying on top of her, pressing his head on her shoulder and looking at her (now this scene seems familiar *rub chin thinking*...holy shit I remember now, damn you how do you do that?This part is put in the same way in my 1st mini fic (your gift) except they are standing instead of lying on a bed (that come later *wink* XD) and Stingy has also a pained look on his face though he doesn't hug her but that come later too LOL and her looking away and having the same feeling in her chest too when looking at his expression twin *squeezing you tightly*, you were stalking me while I was writing weren't you, it's impossible to be that connected lol this part totally killed me lol asdfggjkhgkhglshghgkhq just too many feels, I can't keep going.

Kyaa a "shut up kiss" hehe I love that it is so meaningful and quick to make the other person stop hihi and the 4 words well done sis. What a way of comforting a girl saying she stink way to go Sting -_-' lol. Oh my two baby arguing with each other, hehe Roguie is quite stubborn right now but Gray managed to knock some sense into him that's good, good boy. Yay finally some clues thanks to Plue's help though I don't even know how the fuck Roguie was able to understand him but who care lol now he can go find and save Lucy.

Great chapter imouto *pat head* even if you almost make me have a heart attack XD. Ja!
Acnologia Prime chapter 34 . 4/10/2015
Nice still a good chapter and now things are getting interesting.
IzzyLovesRoLu chapter 34 . 4/10/2015
Oh my gosh! It's been so long! Sorry about that! I got in an accident and hurt myself and I had to get surgery for a month, so please forgive me for not supporting you! *bows* I caught up on all your chapters and i'm not liking this Gary bastard! *slaps him* WHY MUST YOU BRING ROLU APART *Slaps him again* Uh, sorry about that, I had to get that out of my system xD I swear if he does anything to Lucy, i'll personally slap him with a fish to death, huehuehue! :3 I hope you update soon, shit is going down and i'm on the edge of my seat to see what is going to happen! :D I stopped watching Fairy Tail because it's following the Manga now, at least that is what my friend told me, and I don't want to go through that whole stage where I was crying over the disband of Fairy Tail! xD Anyways, Imma shut up now, I keep rambling, lol! :p
EllieXDreams chapter 34 . 4/10/2015
Still trying to find them
I hope Rogue finds them soon!
Acnologia Prime chapter 33 . 4/6/2015
I love this story! Cant wait for the next installment!
Crimson Twins chapter 33 . 4/2/2015
Ceria: That's because you were doing your homework too slowly _
Mari: Boo When I saw your updates I went straight for the dive
Ceria: She took *cough*snatched*cough my phone.
Mari: You love me too much to penalise me for that :)
Ceria: Whatever, why are we chatting in the reivew box?
Mari: *shrugs* Ekkkkk! MIN-MIN! SHE'S BEING MANIPULATED!
Ceria: Can't wait to see what happens next, btw Mari and I just finished typing out the newest chapter to 'RoLu Prompt Week is Here!' we're going to post it soon
Mari: WOOOO!
Mari & Ceria: Can't wait for the next update, _
EllieXDreams chapter 33 . 4/1/2015
I need to know what happens next!
Paul Starhaven chapter 33 . 4/1/2015
Yay! The story is back! And thank you! The wait was ridiculously taxing on my for using my idea and, funny thing, I was making two plans, one to end the world, "Project OMEGA" and another plan to renew the world, "Project GENESIS" although the story plot sounds like a combo of both, with magic thrown in Awesome chapter by the way, I really missed reading these. On another note, a hint of RomeoXWendy? great timing actually, I was starting to miss the others,*sniff sniff* I really missed them. Hopefully more will come back. Well Thank You again and Good Luck!
WeiNieSho chapter 33 . 4/1/2015
Yeah you're back with a new chap Sis hehe. Roguie has to stay calm and I'm glad he try to cheer Wendy and Romeo up while they felt guilty from letting Lucy being captured. I couldn't help but squeal at the StiRia back hug :3 and when Wendy imagined going on dates and missions with Romeo hihihi she's definitely interested in him. Of course fighting against Minerva was pretty useless with the difference of power but yeah at least they still tried.

Now everybody went to search for them, damn this celestial keys really attracted know I almost thought you made a mistake with the name guy I thought about Gray XD, by the way did you really have that name in mind for a long time before the event on the scans chapters or was it really intend that way in reference of it lol? Hahaha destroy and renew the world...yep pretty much a classic in the villains list of their reason to do bad things. Oh you have stories in store gosh you absolutely have to write them down girl, M one *cough* if you have lol. Gahhh you still have your thesis for next week on now you'll be really free.

One thing though, I know you're pretty excited to speak about the manga chapters and all but you should try to refrain from talking about it coz not everyone that read you are following the manga and I'm sure they wouldn't like being spoiled (you know how people like that are they brag about being spoiled "oh what did you do", "no now I'm spoiled blah blah blah") though most of the time they're at fault for clicking where they shouldn't when a title clearly specified SPOILERS but yeah here it is not the case so yeah or at least put a warning at the top or before your usual author note at the end, like that they know they should stop reading at a certain point after the end of the chapter.

Apart from that keep up the good work, you're doing well like always imouto *ruffling your hair smiling*. Ja!
Paul Starhaven chapter 32 . 4/1/2015
Alright, the waiting is killing me! PLEASE update soon.
P.S.-I made an an account!
Paul chapter 32 . 3/18/2015
interesting chapter, and you're right, the action scenes aren't as good as the rest of the chapter, but I'm the reverse, my story's emotional scenes are bad. Botched communication? A very common thing. The way the story turned out was similar to what I had imagined. I can literally see them in battle right now, although it is quite plain. Person in green clothing? I'd have thought that he would use plant magic but then again looks can be deceiving. Poor Rouge and Aria, although Yukino was taken? I think that a revived eclipse fuelled by Nick's magic will happen. But anything is possible. Besides, I have a fair idea of the first few parts of the next chapter will be. Once again Thank you and Good Luck!
P.S.- My exams are turning out fine, incredible luck has had a large part in it though. And I literally cannot PM because I need an account to do so.
EllieXDreams chapter 32 . 3/17/2015
Yay! It's good that you finally updated. Things just get complicated from now on...
WeiNieSho chapter 32 . 3/17/2015
Whoa it's been a while since an update Sis. Gosh I had goosebumps all the way through the chapter to the end. The atmosphere was definitely stressing me. Damn this interferences on the lacrima devices I don't like this kind of things like in movies when there is a danger and the contact is lost between the 2 parts.

Poor Stingy he was so helpless in this situation and Aria who seems to give him the "cold shoulder" though I understand why it's normal considering the circumstance and the fact that is him that told them to go but still... . Damn this old man, just by using wind magic he managed to half destroyed the guild and defeat all the mages...fuck this *pissed at the whole thing*. Gahhhh you finished with a cliff damn it I wanna know what happened to Lucy..., poor Roguie :$.

Great job imouto, of course i'm definitely excited about the next chap but I know next won't have any anyways. Oh you changed your costume for Lucy's one? Her outfit with a blue cross in the middle hum coincidence much that your name is BlueCross I don't think so XD. Don't worry a brown Lucy is still a sexy Lucy hahaha blow their mind girl :3.
Paul chapter 31 . 3/6/2015
P.S.- I cannot PM you and my exams are starting tommorow, so I will not need ANY distrations, especially with me so close to failing. By the way, I'm a member at Fairy Tail RP now, same name as always. The only reason I never put 'Starhaven' here is because I cannot.
Paul chapter 31 . 3/6/2015
Great chapter, the final climax was both do I put it? funny and scary at the same time. And now the two proctors of Nick and Lucy are gone, can it get any worse? Wait a second, I take it back, it WILL get worse, then better and repeat. The paranoidism of Rouge and Aria was right, why won't Sting listen!? Other than the ones mentioned of course, they never really made sense to me. Anyways, thank you and good luck!
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