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Guest chapter 31 . 3/1/2015
Mari: WOOOOOO! CLIFFY!...okay I'm dying to see what happens next Rufus set the alarm off, hehe

Ceria: Ahh, the cliffy Nya Wanna know what happens next OwO

Crimson Twins: We can't for now do the Fisry Tail RP thing sadly, we got too many competitions :((((( But once it's over, we can! :) _
EllieXDreams chapter 31 . 2/28/2015
Ohh! I wonder what's going to happen...
WeiNieSho chapter 31 . 2/28/2015
Crap I was log out when I review and I didn't noticed, sorry Sis the guest review under this one is me lol.
Guest chapter 31 . 2/28/2015
Yeah a new chappie. Damn Nick is so stubborn on not telling her about the guy identity. Aria almost got an answer out of him, damnit Sting for interrupting but kyaaaaaaaaaaa that moment sis ayaaaa he finally managed to put his arm around waist kyonn I squealed at that and not only that my god you want me to die of cuteness? Seriously poor girl dying of embarrassment when he sat her on his lap, kiss her on the cheek and whispered in her ear "I won't" ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh asdffggjlkejlfjiezjffkizjknjknjkgrg I can't stop reading that part, that was brilliant imouto, I told you he need his touchy moment and wouldn't resist long and took his opportunity XD.

Oh you already thought of a mission...I'm sorry to not have come with something sooner, I didn't know you intend to update few day earlier before the initial date. Heh as expected of her she's suspicious lol, of course that was clearly evident from the request asked about only Roguie and her going, well written I tell ya this suspicious part got me stressed and I so wanted for them to not go...damn I was cursing Sting all along but after that I squealed hard, you fucking killed me again hug (back hug precisely) his head on her shoulder gahhhh I couldn't handle that so much hotness just from those touch it was hot in my room or was it me? LOL. HAHA Roguie not wasting time and say I won't go lol, he already felt the suspiciousness of the whole request...Lucy clueless as ever -_-'. Kyaaa exactly my baby so smart he got the real reason right on the spot. Ah some little drama between boys hehe, Aria is in danger too this it's a trap but still calm down boys :$.

Nya Stingy protective and worried for his gigi (girlfriend don't ask I just invented the word now lol) too so cute and of course he trust his bro to protect her :3. Kyaaa Roguie so cute pouting like a child coz he don't wanna go . LMAO Erza still scary as ever, now that's a way to persuade him to go. They should stay at FT to have more protection, I'm not sure that only having Sting around will do though I don't doubt Orga and the others would help in case of something happening but the more we are the merrier right. Hehe hugging time I love that and she kissed back hihi, yeah don't say anything and just enjoy lol. Oh Roguie and Aria relationship as bro/sis is so sweet and no time to argue Rogue take the train it will less time to finish lol. Hehe of course Rufus is one of the most observant and rational member of the guild but damn not that he dropped the bomb Stingy has to call the 2 on Aria lacrima or something!

Don't apologize Sis it'a hard to come up with something, thinking of missions idea is really troublesome. Damn this thesis T_T though it's almost done take some rest and don't rush yourself. I hate maths with a passion XD clearly not my fav subject of school. No rush sis like I said, it's alright I knew you must have been busy...ah I just remember something about the RP now that you're talking, sis you shocked me I tell ya, I totally lost it that night how could you..?! LOL I swear I nearly fall of my chair, we need to talk like right now.
Crimson Twins chapter 30 . 2/26/2015
ILOVEURSTORY: Jelly Rogue is so cute though, hehe. About that chapter, I told her to delete it cuz I doidn't really like it, so I made her write it up again (I'M SO EVIL MWHAHA! - she does what I say anyways...most of the time :p - she gave me this face - _ ) Don't worry though, Ceria asked me to write up the next chapter with her, at least this time I have her full supervision, and won't write strange things that don't make sense. Call me Mari! :)

Ceria: I hope my sister's rambles made sense to you, most people don't understand a thing she says *sweatdrop* Sorry about deleting the chapter, but Mari insisted. *sigh* My arms are tired, I just finished 17 pages of maths...I can't wait to see what will happen in the future, the last part was so creepy 0.0 Keep up the good work, and good luck with school, don't stress yourself too much, it's hard to think like that.

Note: Wahhhh We have no idea what Fairy Tail RP is, it looks interesting though, but we don't have enough time (Ceria: Mari isn't done with her maths hw yet, and Chinese New Years Holiday is nearly over _ I still need to teach her...) Sorry we can't join! x :(

See yeah! Bye
WeiNieSho chapter 30 . 2/25/2015
I'd say it's not surprising that Roguie can transport more than himself in his shadows coz before future rogue made his (sexy) entrance lol :3, when Lu, Natsu,Wendy and Loke fought against the Royal Army of the palace, he got them trapped and sucked them all into his shadows at the same time so I assume he can transport several people too, just a guess though.

Oooh Roguie is so concerned about his girl even when being in bed, hehe now he'll be with her all the time, I don't mind the overprotective side for the purpose of protecting her but too much kill the mood sometimes lol, so as long as it's stay like this it's okay.
HAHAHA poor Stingy being pinch again, seriously he just wanted to put his arm around her waist, it was not even a PDA thing compared to a kiss, she so need to loosen up sometimes, there are worst thing to do in public you'd rather not like doing...though I'm glad they still doing there pinch nose/cheek thing, hmm maybe she wanted some sexy time session with him in private *wink*.
Damn this mysterious guy he came all the way here and saw Nick gahhh Nick should have talk to someone about that guy, he has no choice now or someone's gonna get hurt by this. I so wanted for Sting to catch him when he saw him leave damnit! Haaaa you couldn't helped yourself Sis huh, "his hard half naked chest" so tempting you just couldn't resist :3 :D.

Kyaaaaa Sis when he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her and she felt something "hard" lol, I started to think about the scene you know...*wiggling eyebrows* XD. Ha now that's what I call PDA not in public though lol but just kiss hehe so cute together :3. Fuck who is the 3rd person he is after...Nick, Aria and Lucy? Damn I so hate mysteries, I was thinkng like Paul about the woman Minerva but I don't know she doesn't seems to be the type of person to take orders from anyone except her dead father so I don't know maybe it's her.

Well this was again a great chapter, I'm really excited about the next one... good job imouto *ruffle your head smiling*.
EllieXDreams chapter 30 . 2/25/2015
Is it Minerva? Or her father?! Hope the next chapter comes out soon!
Paul chapter 30 . 2/25/2015
Mysteriously interesting chapter, I still don't get how Rouge's shadow can transport more people than himself and why would people think that it was just a fan? Luckily there are some sane people here. Sting and Aria are so adorable with each other! And I'd also be scarred for life if the same thing happened to me if I were Nick. I think that the woman is Minerva, as the info says so, or at least points towards it. All I can say is thanks and good luck!

Until next time!
P.S.- What is Fairy Tail RP? It kinda sounds interesting. Also, hope you find an idea for your story Unexpected. If it were me, I'd go with a food fight starting or a truth or dare game when Meredy comes for lunch with Natsu and the gang, after a fair amount of shock Ultear meeting Meredy when Natsu introduces her and all again, good luck!
Crimson Twins chapter 29 . 2/19/2015

Ceria: Nya Don't worry about it, it's still quite sweet. RoLu is super adorable, StAr is too! I was thinking about the whole chapter where someone is following Lucy, and the fact that the chapter is called 'Shadow' I made a hypothesis about it and I'm making a guess that that is either Rogue's shadow (Evil Rogue) or it could be Lucy's dad's soul or something, cuz Jude was following Lucy in one episode. Just a random guess. YAY! Rogue is back
fanfic-freedomwrite chapter 29 . 2/18/2015
Great chapter, at first i thought that Rogue was watching her. You know becuase he uses shadows. But now i want to read more. Please update asap.
Paul chapter 29 . 2/18/2015
Really good chapter, I absolutely loved it. Sure the bad guys following Lucy around is common, but luckily she landed into Gray. It's sweet of Loke and Capricorn to make breakfast for her and I assume that the shadow is the man from Nick's past. Sting only goes lovey dovey with Aria when they're alone? To hide Aria's cute side. Surely they are perfect for each other. Rouge it awesome in cool lines and looks, I can't wait for the next chapter! Although I have a fair idea what it will be like. Good luck on the thesis, internship and story, thanks for the story and until next time!
EllieXDreams chapter 29 . 2/18/2015
RoLu! I'm really jealous...
WeiNieSho chapter 29 . 2/18/2015
Oh you put a 1 month gap after the official relationship of StiRia, I wish I could see when they came back and tell to everyone the good news but well. I'm sure that Mira is totally excited about this, haha poor guys who thought they have a chance with Aria and now they all disappointed, Madonna comparison with Aria that was epic lol.

Kyon cuddle cuddle, Aria sure is embarassed to do this sort of things, worse in front of everyone, hehe now they live together (so perfect :3) gahhh I need fluffy scenes of the 2, they definitely need to do more than lovey dovey things when there are only the 2 together if you know what I mean :-P, of course you know now that I gave you a taste of that XD.
Oh my god hahaha you put Jerza in there you totally rocked, of course Zaza go see her Jeje lol she need love too. Even Gale is official? damn we miss so much on this single month we need a compensation for this. Damn who is that shadow following Lu, does she knows the person behind or is it a new enemy? I'm curious what color were the shadow eyes, I could have guessed from that maybe lol.

Though I'm glad everyone is back especially Roguie who will take care of her, not that I mind Gray for the job, the 2 would be good too lol. Anyway good chapter even without the fluffy part it was enough to keep me intrigued with this new enemy lurking around the corner ready to strike at Lucy, so I eager to know what's gonna happen next. You did a great job imouto *ruffle hairs affectionately* rest now.
Tinygirl14 chapter 28 . 2/17/2015
Please please please make more chapters
WeiNieSho chapter 28 . 2/14/2015
Gosh I totally didn't see that coming...a carriage girl just wow you got me speechless for 5 seconds lol. Why didn't she noticed he like her I wonder(sarcasm here)...coz she's dense duh I'm pretty sure that even Natsu could noticed. Kya so cute the scene of his hand on her cheek, haha she clearly is a lovesick girl.

Haha I knew it was Porlyusica, she's the only one known for her grumpy attitude hehe. I so agree with Stingy she can stop herself from asking so many questions, can't just enjoy the moment damnit lol! LMAO yeah hard to believe that was him who cooked it(paella), is it your favorite sis? When he said he is craving for sweets a pervert thought struck me, he so want to eat her bad XD. Damn she is a mess all trembling and stuttering, another pervert thought hit me when she said she looks like an idiot shouting his name, sooner or later she's gonna shout hit eventually if you see what I mean XD.
HAHAHA what a mess this almost confession scene but seriously she can't blame the guy for misunderstanding the whole thing, she was looking at his chocolate (no not his abs sis XD) for pete sake either way you must always have a plan B in case plan A doesn't work which is mostly the case everytime lol. They (men) became gentlemen only on a date except Roguie :3. No way she still doesn't understand why he is doing this, tell me she was kidding and that she knew coz earlier she wondered why she didn't notice he like her and it's pretty obvious it's V-Day and they are only the 2 of them I think even Natsu could understand the meaning of the situation lol so she has knows...anyway.

YEAHHHHHH it's confession time!You enjoyed that part didn't you? It was like confessing to yourself in a way lol. That's my boy good job now that's what I call a real confession and he started straight to the point with an "I love you. Damn Stingy for making her cry on that day though the 2 were at fault on this. You didn't fool me with that scene ok a tiny bit in the beginning tough but that just it lol. Ah she's confessing about her lie, I totally forgot that part. I second you on that he is such an idiot and a jerk...hahaha she rubbed the misunderstanding from earlier on his face.
Hehe she's such a tease, KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *squealing so hard* the kissing nose scene already put one in here totally love it, tough a real kiss would have been better instead of a quicky but damn he got her real fast here she didn't see that coming lol. Ahhhh now the real kiss girl and she kissed back for her 1st time and her being so shy hehe, oh the audience totally spoiled the thing damn! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa she said the 3 words gahhh finally! kiss vs pinch in the cheek in the totally laughed at that. Oh no not drama they just confessed and being official, I love the 2 waffles and crêpes lol, oh nice one Paul Sherlock Rogue haha. Anyways great job sis you did well *pat head affectionaly* ;).

You know I feel like we are connect you and I coz for you gift I used the same kind of expressions than you like Aria hidding her whole face in embarassment or saying "s-sting you idiot"with the stuttering part, "I love you too idiot" the way stingy tease her and push her to say IT, Aria being a tsundere and still stay stubborn with her "you know the answer idiot" actually this phrase is quite close to one of mine and there's so many others like seems I've kept them in character well enough unknowingly lol tough they're still a little bit OOC coz it's my story so their personality differ a little but not too much, I didn't copy on your fic in anyway except borrowing Aria lol, my gift is finished since february 1st but it's still a big mess without any structure arrangement so yeah it was just a spur of the moment thing I created in my head.
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