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WeiNieSho chapter 25 . 2/4/2015
Oh I totally forgot about Rogue's problem in his confession too I need to reread that part lol. Hehe Laxus feeling so lonely couldn't help but join in the conversation. Lol Natsu and his food what a weird love relationship it is. Nahh Stingy was right this date is too cliché too common we need something else but still romantic in a way with some actions in it ;). Haha of course she is dense, just as much as natsu when realising certain things lol.
Yeah Lector save the day but damn he had troll them in keeping it a secret. I second Laxus on that, Stingy totally know what his girl like hahaha, I wanna know his plan damn I can't wait. Fortunately the guys were not with their girls coz they would have been deaf by now XD.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I knew it when she bit her lower lip after Sting cut her off from saying anything more but i wasn't too sure coz I tought she was feeling guilty when she had attacked him when they woke up but damn this woman she remembered everything...gahh I'm pissed right now I so want to flip my laptop over..damn the feels. Erza is right they clearly are 2 baka that complete each other kyon :3.

PUWAHAHAHAHA ROFLMAO everyone reaction was epic, you killed me girl HAHA, I would totally have reacted like that too, who the fuck would expect Natsu's name coming from Aria mouth and much less as her 1st love I would have been shocked too, they totally didn't see that coming. Oh what's wrong with the 1st part of Sting plan? Hmm when you think about that day on the girl side is it our real day that coming soon or a another time story one lol? I think the 2 will chose the same day coz Gray said he only have couple of day to prepare it and Yukino said it's just a couple of day before "that" day.
AH or maybe she was talking about doing it a few day before the big day the guys choose? Gahhh they have to do that the same day or it will not gonna work but I think I know you gave us some good tips ;). Haha Gray wasted no time for stripping he was so excited he lost his shirt in the process XD.

I was sad I tell ya, BUT you totally made my day today this chapter cheer me up in a way I'm so excited for the next ones kyaaa I can't wait next week gahh so cruel lol. Anyways that was great and I expect the following one to be excellent that's for sure, you totally rock girl I loved it and you ;) Ja ne!
Paul chapter 25 . 2/4/2015
Now all that's left to do is trust that you keep your word and give the details. As usual Thanks for the story and Good Luck!
Paul chapter 25 . 2/4/2015
Aria's not so forgotten memory is surprising to me but looking back I should've caught on! This plan sounds amazingly interesting although I can't wait to find out what their plans are. Will both of them work in harmony or will both clash? I think I can bear it since it is somewhat like a Fairy Tail episode ending after a plan has been made..
EllieXDreams chapter 24 . 2/2/2015
Omg! No! She doesn't remember!X(
WeiNieSho chapter 24 . 2/2/2015
Like I expected the morning after was definitely the most awkward one HAHAHA I totally ROFL on this, poor Sting being treated of a perv 1st thing in the morning, thrown some pillows and physically assault though he was the victim in all this mess damn the feels.
I loved how everyone come one by one behind Roguie to see what's going on in sting's room that was funny in way lol. Kyaa I squealed at that when Stingy caged her in his arm I couldn't helped it sorry :3. Haha Lucy face her true reality and of course Roguie liked it even he was forced in doing it but that's love hehe ;).

Just by looking at the title I thought "oh no this one's gonna have a sad part in it", you totally broke my heart on this one, damn this woman she didn't remember anything poor Stingy the feels man, how could you do this? Don't tell me you gonna start trolling us like you know who?lol, I will not accept this I tell ya lol, I'm mad and I still feel this unpleasant feeling on my stomach coz of this part now they're so awkaward around each other, we'll have to start all over again T_T.

You got me more depressed than I already was today :( I need to drunk my sorrows too lol. I hope she'll remember or maybe she's faking it, you had me doubting for a moment I don't know but I need some cheer up things or I'm gonna die soon. Well anyway it was a good chapter so keep going and update soon (said with a depressed voice). Ja!
Paul chapter 24 . 2/2/2015
Great chapter and you have made a good impression of what an actual person would feel if the person they love forgets his confession and now I am shivering in excitement over what will hsppen next. Oh, WHY do you torture me so? I simply cannot wait. PLEASE update soon! On another note the story was calm and funny, it provided awesome balance fir the chapter
IzzyLovesRoLu chapter 24 . 2/2/2015
Oh my gosh sorry for not reviewing for a while! I've been so busy with midterms, and then my power went out because we just had a huge storm hit me and ugh! Is it just me or does mother nature hate me? xD Anyways, I loved the last chapter with everyone drunk that was so funny! I was laughing when Lucy was acting like a cat and feeding Rogue, hahaha! I wonder what Rogue and Lucy are going to do about Sting and Aria. :o I hope there is some cute RoLu moments, and they kiss more than once! Oops, i'm fantasizing too much! xD For some reason I've been more obsessed with RoLu than usual. Is that weird? x3 Oh and I just read Chapter 418, too! Lucy looks so pretty and I can't believe she's working with Jason... As an underwear model, LOL. Natsu looks so weird now, I feel like giving him a haircut now, huehuehue! :3 I can't wait for the next update, there better be some cute StingXAria moments and RoLu moments - Although, I know you won't disappoint me on that! :3
UnknownC chapter 24 . 2/2/2015
OMG! You read the latest chapter of the maga too?! AWESOMEE! WOOO! I'm sugar highhhhh I liked Lucy's new hair style too by the way! But, I feel that she hasn't gotten any magic boost up since the disbandment (thats was too sad) since she became a reporter and all, I really wanna see if Lucy had more abilites! The OVA was super funny, poor Natsu though...
EllieXDreams chapter 23 . 1/28/2015
Wahh Finally! It reminds me of the OVA when Lucy got drunk. Nick was funny in a way!
WeiNieSho chapter 23 . 1/28/2015
Cana always up to a drinking contest and now she has find a new buddy whom is Aria to keep up with her. Oh my god the shock Nick became such a flirt when he's drunk as hell haha I lmao at this one I didn't expected that one bit good job boy lol. "Tomorrow" gonna be freaking awkward and awesome at the same time especially for 2 couples *wink*wink* muahahah.

Of course the best at the end kyaaaaa I squealed so much on this damn I love the 2, Aria when drunk is too emotional but cute at the same time or maybe it was an excuse to get close to Sting *wiggling eyebrows* anyways I loved every part of it even drunk she remembered the "my Aria" part and couldn't let this opportunity slipped and ask him kyaa I thought she wouldn't respond to him when began pinching his cheek and all BUT she said it too asfghjkjlefzejfhjefjfufufzyhbzbiln damn the feels she could have seal the deal if she hadn't collapse when she started to lean toward him for a kiss for god sake.

Oh my goddddd why did you do that girl lol? You killed me I swear that was epic too bad Sting thinks she said the 3 words coz she was drunk BUT I trust you on this you'll do the right thing to make up for it. Good thing is she still hold him by the hand and won't let go and they sleep together too hihi so yeah that's all matter I'm happy with that for now but I'm eager to see chapt 24 I so want to read some StiRia actions I ship them so much (not as much as Rolu lol) but in this fic I can't even describe how I feel when there part is on, anyway keep up the good work (and thanks for it ;) I love it and you lol. Ja ne!
Paul chapter 23 . 1/28/2015
Now I completely understand the last part of the previous story.
Paul chapter 23 . 1/28/2015
Ha Ha! The first portion was RIDICULOUSLY FUNNY! Nick gaining a flirtatious side when drunk and Lucy asking for such requests from Rouge. The emotional overload was so much that I kept punching my pillow and rolling in laughter until my bed started creaking. Aria is drunk and the first thing she asks for is more booze? I'm still wondering how can she still think after all that! Also the setting for the confession is Sting's bedroom? Now I can never look at any bedroom the same way again. And I have a feeling you are resisting the urge to write something so I wil just say go for it. Besides I've gotten over my nightmares by playing pokemon before sleeping so I can probably bear anything. And Sting confesses because he cannot lie to her? Yup, the setting makes it lousy compared to all the others but then again, they need to start somwhere right? Anyways, great story, absolutely hilarious chapter and brilliant plot. Good luck and until next time!
Paul chapter 22 . 1/26/2015
I still don't get the last part although the happy coincidence that Aria got what Nick wanted even before he asked it. The part when Sting and Aria find out about Nick and Yukino's relationship was the most hilarious! And Sting is noticing Aria's behavior around him but still cannot piece it? Ah, how can he be SO dense? Good thing the piano is n Sabertooth and not Fairy Tail otherwise tge piano wouldn't even survive one evening! This chapter is quite good although it is somewhat monotonious. Well Good Luck and until next time!
EllieXDreams chapter 22 . 1/26/2015
Some party... Their reactions are so cute! I feel bad for Sting, but it will happen!
Paul chapter 21 . 1/23/2015
Aren't you going to run out of goodies if you keep handing them out?
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