Reviews for Trump Card
wawo20 chapter 35 . 7/2/2019
Great story
Guest chapter 35 . 6/22/2019
Wow! Good story! You really need help learning to end things though. I should say, this was a great part of a story!
Nerfhearder69 chapter 35 . 6/16/2019
You are an unmitigated bastard... Great story, horrible person...
TrashIsWhereILive chapter 35 . 6/14/2019
You are evenmore evil as I’ve been waiting for the next chapter since this chaptwr was released!
Cheshirek3t chapter 28 . 6/13/2019
Replied on January 29, 2011:
So that's what a dragon mating ritual looks like ..."

Lol that's what i was thinking
Draco Victorious chapter 35 . 6/11/2019
please please please, with only one chapter to go please finish. even if it turns out as crap a complete story is still better than that cliffhanger. not that I think it would be crap, you're writing is very good.
pwtcmcneil chapter 1 . 6/8/2019
cmon just one more, don't do this to us
deathgeonous chapter 35 . 5/30/2019
Ok, Ill be rude here. This has one chapter left, so... FINISH IT! Thanks for writing this, and bye for now.
TorrentAB chapter 35 . 5/28/2019
That cliffhanger truly is evil. Look forward to seeing how Taylor gets out of this one!
Pavic124 chapter 35 . 5/27/2019
Wouldn't be quite such an evil cliffhanger if the story was finished.
Hope it will be updated soon.
Guest chapter 27 . 5/4/2019
It was godzilla vs mechagodzilla
Breakerp16 chapter 35 . 4/15/2019
Can't wait for the finale and hopefully sequel.
Innieminnie chapter 35 . 4/14/2019
Whaaat?! Will there be a sequel?! Is Taylor going to die again?! AHHHH! Wuuwuwu .
Innieminnie chapter 32 . 4/14/2019
Oh god this is so hilarious.
Innieminnie chapter 30 . 4/14/2019
Ah gosh, this is so great lol. Holding out on breakfast till I finish hehe.
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