Reviews for Weaver Nine
Reymen chapter 22 . 3/21
This is the best fucking endbringer defeat I have ever read. This is the first time I really feel the intensity, the sacrafices, the pure emotions of finding a trick that is working against it and what everyone needs to give up to continue to use it.
Sebine chapter 20 . 3/19
Fuck me running

The greatest healer is dead.
Guest chapter 29 . 2/1
I know you have abandoned this for 2 years now, but PLEASE keep writing. This is incredible, dare i say nearly on par with the original. This book is on the rational fiction list in goodreadd, did you know that? Not many fanfictions get on to goodreads and even fewer unfinished ones.

I REALLLLLLLLLY want to know how this continues. I particularly wamt to hear more of Weavers story. As My favourite sections of the original were the ones in which Skitter was managing her civilians, the idea of weaver running such a huge organisation is a dream come ttrue for me.

I also want to know the details on how she revealed her body to tattletale. That sounds like it was hilarious.

It is also really interesting to see bonesaw as good girl. I'm not sure I like the name, although i understand where you got it. I also would mildly critisise the way you made her at a lot like the original bonesaw, making her MumDad. It was Jack Slash who REALLY made her into a monster in the original. She didn't stitch her family into one giant monster when he was initiating her into the S9, she only started her behemoths afterwards.
Despite a few quibbles, it is lovely to see her interact with panacea and if she gets adopted by jack her story will become VERY interesting indeed, if in risk of becoming a lot like she was in the original.

Anyway, i am LOVING this book. Please continue writing.
BlackWishBone chapter 10 . 1/17
Wait, isn't shatterbird a cauldron cape?
Draco Oblivion chapter 8 . 6/27/2016
Hehe Weaver is such a badass
Draco Oblivion chapter 7 . 6/27/2016
Damn, this is dark. Felt kinda sick reading this but it's just the kind of world Jack thrives in. Have to admit the changes you've made with him as the protagonist are awesome it'll be like the fix it fics except he'll be binding all the lost lambs to his twisted will
The Lightning Bandit chapter 2 . 6/16/2016
Full disclosure: I don't really like the whole Worm style of constantly switching view points.

But this chapter was well written. Jack seems like a big asshole, but that is who he is. And what exactly is he planning? And his Mom's death was his trigger event. Which makes sense. I really disliked in canon how Taylor did basically nothing to help herself as a civilian. Giving a bully a black eye doesn't make things 100% better, but it definitely helps.

And how come her Mom's death wasn't a trigger in canon? Did she not have the shard yet?
The Lightning Bandit chapter 1 . 6/16/2016
For a first chapter I like it. I've read a lot of Worm fanfiction even though I never finished the story. I got annoyed with some of the characters in canon, but the universe is a lot of fun. I'll keep reading this and see if I like where it's going.

The concept of a Skitter who's already a hardened ruthless killer is new. Most stories start after the locker which means you have to deal with her morals and her dad before she can really become evil. This is a breath of fresh air.
Johnhamsta chapter 29 . 6/9/2016
Your story is absolutely fantastic, and I hope you update soon!
Wolfman217 chapter 29 . 5/23/2016
ASocks chapter 29 . 4/21/2016
Alas! Oh please, why couldn't this be longer!
I think it would easily be the best Worm fanfic ever if it was just more complete. Well, thank you so much all the same.
Goodpie2 chapter 7 . 3/31/2016
Jesus fuck. Even the good Bonesaw is creepy as hell.
Zarbapha chapter 29 . 3/24/2016
Ah, doppelganger. Oddish place to end, but end the story sorta did.
bkasavan chapter 29 . 2/3/2016
I love this story. I look forward to more updates.
I'd love to learn more about the Society.
Undying Soul98 chapter 29 . 2/2/2016
This is an excellent AU of Worm. The best thing about this story is the characterisation- despite Jack and Taylor swapping places, I still feel that you've captured the spirit of them. Taylor's the one who wants to do good in the world but normally results to vilanous ways, while Jack is the selfish one who loves to fuck with people and manipulate them. There are some really good parallels drawn between them, showing how even without the crappy backstory Jack is still the same guy he always was, but he's TRYING to be good. Its interesting how Weaver claimed most of the Slaughterhouse members for her army, as well as the Undersiders (Whom she has a much different relationship to than canon) while Jack takes the less orthadox ones. Jack having influence over Good Girl is a nice touch though. As for the rest of the fic, still glorious. The Leviathan fight was horribly long, but so worth it. Jack did a Skitter and took his mostly second class power (How could CUTTING with a knife at a distance hurt an Endbringer?) and then made himself gloriously badass. Jack Armsmaster WIN!

So yeah, this is an excellent addition to the fandom. Well written, in character, with interesting divergences as a result of Jack and Taylor's swap. It will be interesting to see how Jack's character develops as he gains attention and renown for actions as a hero rather than a villain (Perhaps being the one to stop Scion due to selfish reasons rather than being the one to kickstart the apocalypse). Well, it'll be interesting if this fic continues. I've read some of your other stuff, but it doesn't quite have the same impact or potential as this. If you continued this, I'm sure I and many others would be very happy readers. Undying Soul out.
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