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ShadeOps21 chapter 51 . 1h
As an Aussie, I think I can recommend some rather funny Aussie (and New Zealand) TV ads off of the top of my head that might serve as inspiration:

Comedy: "Beer Chase" from Carlton Draught, "Bugger" which is about the Toyota Hilux ute, ANYTHING by RACQ between '08-'10 (Charter Boat, Have You Got That Ladder Yet, etc).

Dramatic/Serious: Anything by the Victorian TAC on Road Safety (some of it is pretty high impact, pun unintended), same for Queensland Main Roads.

Cool/Awesome: The ADF have some pretty cool recruiting ads that they run for each branch: Navy has a first person POV about seven days in the navy, Army had the 'Rise' ads, and Air Force had 'Accomplished'. I'm sure you can twist them as a 'Huntsman' recruiting ad.

If you want links or anything, give me a yell. My phone isn't letting me sign in on here for some strange reason.
StirFry98 chapter 51 . 5h
Following your 7-beat plot (you have taught me well, Sensei) the next chapter would most likely be the black moment of a relationship:Jaune wants to confront Glynda about this, but needs to wait until after the formal event -in which he appears on edge to Glynda- and when he finally does get to talk, he doesn't handle it well. Jaune might even reveal his fraud to Glynda, either accidentally during his anger, or intentionally as he's finally figured out what it is Cinder wants and decides to sacrifice himself to protect his students, colleagues and the woman he loves (even if they'll all hate him for it).
Wonderful chapter as always. Loving each and every one of your stories. I'll admit that they have their slow points inwhich I'm less enthused to read, but they ALWAYS pick back up, if not in the chapter immediately after, then the one right after that (and the payoff is phenomenal every time. Without fail.).
Jedias Gloshma chapter 51 . 7h
Why does that favor sound like the worst thing that could possibly happen. I don't like it. Not one bit. Good chapter.
2000redred chapter 51 . 7h
You should do a commercial of that banned one from Coca-Cola. It is where a boy buys two Pepsi cans from a vending machine, then stands on them and buys a can of Coke and leaves the Pepsis behind.
Gojiman2016 chapter 12 . 7h
GIVE ME THE COOCKIE my god this omeke killed me my insides hurt lungs gut jaw from smiling like a creepy bastard damn u cour know ur creations hurt like all story is turning out great,your other story uhhh shit well the one with jaune x cinder favourite. The entertainers get butterflies for some odd reason i don't know why i Must get giddy like a girl who got her pony, that fic surprised and excite me with its story and idea the characters are fuck it "groovy" ash-evil dead
DecZoidberg chapter 51 . 8h
Another excellent chapter, thank you so much for writing.

If the writing load is too much for you you could post the updates less frequently. I love your fic but if it's destroying your work-life balance then I doubt anyone would mind a slowed down release schedule and I would be relieved to hear you're taking it easier. At the moment you must be writing a 3rd of a novel each week. Just a suggestion.

Thanks again.
Silver Gaurd Saito chapter 51 . 9h
Yeah sorry but I'm going to have to disagree with you on the whole power-up thing. Let's be frank in real life there will always be people who are just plain better at certain things then other people no matter how much effort people may put in to better themselves. One of my favorite antagonists, Dante from the first fullmetal alchemist anime actually points out the flaw that success comes from hard work alone using the success/failure rate of the state alchemist exam to support her argument. Look, I'm not trying to put you down or anything but this is a complaint that I find to be kind of overblown; ESPECIALLY in a setting where varied supernatural abilities are thing, with more to come from what we've seen so far.
Eclipsed Blade934 chapter 51 . 9h
Schnee (RWBY) : Now what did you learn today?

Mei (Overwatch) : All the ice walls... All of them...
Wizard Of chapter 51 . 9h
Really good chapter. Also, Ikol Ichigorath posted a really good idea for a spoof commercial. Ikol, if you're reading this, Where in the world did you find that commercial? It's infinitely better than Taken 3's fence climbing scene, extended cut, and that's hard to beat.
Blinded in a bolthole chapter 51 . 9h
... Well... your "funny adverts" are actually funny, have nice twists and are quite possible to happen (at least some of them. I can't see Ironwood advertising Iron Wood. BTW did you know the first recorded condoms on Earth were made of wood and were used by Ancient Egyptians?)

Also, plot thickens and there's a good chance that Jaune would finally have to make a stance against Cinder.

Ozpin seems to have underestimated the trust the students have toward Jaune.
Antiguo chapter 51 . 10h
Good chapter. I liked how the plots are evolving and while the fight was too one-sided (if you make RWBY team more deadly, it would have been nice if the other team also acted in an intelligent fashion) it was still a great fight and great character development.

My only question (and this is also for the rest of your fics) is why your protagonist are so dead set against any of their female acquaintance having sex? In Not this Time fate, Jaune is nearly psychotic that his sisters are away from men as much as possible and in White Sheep and here both Jaune and his father are also of this "My sisters/daughters are too pure for sex" while celebrating that Jaune has/must lose his virginity.

And this gag is just weird because in both instances are man (or woman) who were/are obsessed with sex (one man slut, the other nearly threatened to have babies and another a man with 9 children and counting) who get enraged at the mere mention that their females in their lives could even so much as have sexual desire.

Is this some old gag? Is hypocritical humor? Is a belief you have about a male-female relationship? A form of personal virtue/failure that shows us a deeper view of your characters? A writer tick?

It just always looks so weird with the overall plot and characterization.

Besides that, good story.
Ikol Ichigorath chapter 51 . 11h
For humorous advert ideas: have you done the "Dare Iced Coffee" ad in which generic masculine character A is walking along a road in a sandy place, holding a Dare and about to open/drink it.

Generic Biker speeds by, snatching it.

This is followed by a trucker driving in the opposite direction grabbing it with some outsize tongs. Following this, generic masculine character A pulls off a debatably awesome spinning jump-climb-grab-roll and reclaims his coffee.
Opens it, takes a sip and cuts to the logo of the company with a voice over.

A second or so later it cuts back to generic masculine character A finishing his sip and turning to see a Jetfighter swooping into the frame, with the clear implication that things are about to get cranked up to maximum ridiculousness.

Replace Generic Masculine Character A with Ozpin. Biker with Jaune, Trucker with Oobleck.

And then replace the fighter jet with General James Ironwood standing cross-armed at the prow of his flagships. Shift the location to the Grimmlands and end it with Atlas endorsing Coffee-Chan.

And I think we'd have a winner that gets around the whole 'everything is just scantily clad females doing mildly stupid things and calling it amusing' that you seem to be struggling with when searching out adverts to rip for your omakes.
NyaNyaKittyFace chapter 51 . 12h
I agree with you to an extent on the random power ups. The thing that would make it ok with me is if they actually have to TRAIN to use this great power. That they don't just have control of it right off the bat. I mean it's a power you just got how can you suddenly master like it's as simple as breathing. Now hereditary powers is a different subject. I'm actually ok with that because others can in fact train to be better than them. Examples being Rock Lee and Maito Gai from Naruto. Both trained their asses off to get to where they were and surprised two people that fall under these categories. Rock Lee was far stronger than Sasuke, who inherited his bullshit sharing an eyes and was only surpassed when the creator of chakra himself returned/reawakened Sasuke's power to him from his life as Indra. Maito Gai however, surpassed Uchiha Madara and almost killed him is not for INSANE healing and for bullshit plot reasoning, he would have. On another note HOLY CRAP JAUNE FINALLY CATCHES A BREAK! He now knows who and what Cinder is after! Well part of what she's after. Now he just needs to play his cards right. Though I do wonder how this will effect his relationship with Glynda. While Jaune did prepare teams RWBY and RVNN he never tried to put them on the front line and left it up to them on how they will proceed when the time came. Honestly Ozpin, Glynda, and Ironwood directly pressuring Pyrrha in to doing this. Not only that, but leaving her emotionally in turmoil and we all know Jaune doesn't like it when you hurt his students. On and your Okame's are HILARIOUS!
DamascusVazarin chapter 51 . 13h
Now that this fic is close to ending, I wanna say that I hope the jaune and neo fic is soon
nightmaster000 chapter 51 . 13h
Another awesome chapter
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