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Luine Mercury LWG chapter 60 . 11/21
The most convincing lies are the ones that people tell themselves. After all, why bother making something up to fool people when you can let them do it for you. Jaune's lies have grown so much that people will create the narrative for him and all he has to do is let them convince themselves.
Luine Mercury LWG chapter 43 . 11/20
I knew Jaune had a plan. He's lied to EVERYONE else, why would it be any different when it's his parents?
DrSanjiZant chapter 38 . 11/19
We must request many of the youtubers who are good at singing to Sing this.

Luine Mercury LWG chapter 37 . 11/19
I feel like the omake was actually just what Glynda was doing while they were away from the table (and each other).
Guest chapter 1 . 11/19
Happy 32nd birthday, Couer! Thanks for giving us all the great stories!

I told you I'd do it. You should have expected this. won't let me post the exact same review so I'm gonna have to add a meme or something to each one. It's like the 12 days of christmas song except it's memes and your birthday.

You thought it was a constructive review, but it was me, the birthday Anon!

Your candles have already been blown out.

-Slides right in- Good evening, and happy birthday.

Happy birthday, make sure to have a blast!

Cake to frosting ratio? Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Here's a little lesson in trivia, your birthday's already listed in couerpedia. If you are a writer #1, make sure to have a birthday full of fun!
Luine Mercury LWG chapter 30 . 11/18
So it's Port's moustache, Neo's parasol (Hush), and Adam's mask.
Luine Mercury LWG chapter 29 . 11/18
I like the idea that Port is actually telling the truth with all his stories, and his Semblance is something that pretty much breaks logic so that he CAN do everything he claims no matter how nonsensical and outrageous the boast is.
stephenadezio chapter 61 . 11/15
The issue is that is IS exactly that: interrupting the machine did prevent Pyrrha from getting any of the Fall powers.

Second, Cinder never chased down Pyrrha, Pyrrha sought her out on her own for reasons we'll never actually know.

Third, your flaw in Pyrrha's death is assuming that there was an in-character reason for it. With the benefit of the next few seasons and a LOT of objective analysis, we now know there wasn't any.
Ic3pup543 chapter 64 . 11/7
Yowza! I cant believe it's been so long since I saw this thing, or so long since it began. I cant claim to have been around from the start, unfortunately, but certainly during the process. Comedy, suspense, romance, thrills, thankfully little tragedy, we had it all here. It's kind of ironic, having read your other stories; jaune accomplished nearly all of the same things he did in those, and his enemies all believed there must be something greater than a lucky punk, where really there was Jaune. Far more insufferable than some random punkass. They believed he was what he was in other stories, but this was just the right guy in the right place with the best forgeries imaginable. Thank you, roman. I had a great time reading this, as ever, and I have high hopes for the sequel! As ever, thank you for your dedication and imagination in this creation!
Colshan chapter 55 . 10/31
I liked this story more when it was funny. Now it's just depressing. Like I want to try and finish it, but my interest is steadily dropping.
Reader 451 chapter 39 . 10/17
... But... I like Jazz. :(
Reader 451 chapter 38 . 10/17
The reason why the songs in Aladdin were better than most of the others: Robin Williams. I miss that man.
Although, Jeremy Irons singing Be Prepared was pretty epic. So epic he blew out is voice. True story.
I would have to say,
1. Aladdin
2. Hercules
3. Lion King
Although I do have a soft spot for Anastasia.
myroomisblue2 chapter 17 . 10/17
so far have come to the conclusion that jaune is like clouseau but somehow his lucky incompetence goes unnoticed
Reader 451 chapter 18 . 10/13
Glynda: Would you like some coffee in the middle of the night when most people, normal people, totally, really, absolutely, drink coffee. This is in no way code.
Jaune: Well yeah, but no thanks. Not interested in being awake all night.
Glynda: But I can make sure you're only needed to be awake for 1... maybe 2 hours?
Jaune: Come on, you can't just turn off caffeine.
Glynda: But... But... like I said: This is NOT code.
Jaune: I know, good night Glynda.
Oblivious IJ chapter 64 . 10/13
Yaaayy~ Oscar!... WAIT! Does this mean Magical girl coffee won't be made anymore?! Noooooo! Coffee-chaaaannn!


IJ the oblivious one
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