Reviews for Praeludium and Allegro
Forgetmenotz chapter 27 . 3/19
Oh my god! Please would you update? Pretty pretty please! You just ended with a cliffhanger and I wanna know so bad! Please! I’ll read it immediately and I assure you I will love it no matter what, it’d be impossible not to!
Dreams of Summertime chapter 27 . 3/13
When is she going to reunite with Takashi Nara? I loved their friendship and I totally ship them!
camierose chapter 27 . 3/8
omg awesome
Yuki Maeda chapter 27 . 3/6
I really like your story, but I'd like it more if Haru and Takeshi were still friends
nacheell chapter 27 . 2/13
Please update soon i can't wait for the next chapter!
ArdentAlice chapter 21 . 2/12
This fic is really well written, and all the characters are pretty well-developed and believable. I'm also a fan of tackling the issues of the Shinobi Nation's political system. Unfortunately, the vibe I get from this story is really dark and depressing. Haru, as interesting as she is, is fairly hard to relate to. For one, she opposes the system and hates the idea of being a shinobi yet simultaneously does very little to ensure she remains removed from either. She is constantly manipulated, and is somewhat aware of the fact, yet does absolutely nothing to stop it from happening. Her depressive episodes are understandable, but I don't understand how her parents deaths suddenly convince her that the world is real. If anything, wouldn't it be more realistic if she denied their deaths by saying it was all some dream? Wouldn't it be more understandable if she became more unstable? While Minato's POV in a previous chapter does mention how she seems removed from the world, I don't see that perception also being represented during Haru's POV. If anything, it seems like she's been overwhelmed by the political system and her ninja peers to the point where she's retreated and attached herself to the orphans. Mostly, it appears as though you're not quite sure of the direction Haru should be taking with her life, and are torn between making her a ninja or keeping her civilian. The idea of making her a diplomat is very interesting, but it's hard to believe that she would succeed as one in what you have already established as a militaristic government when she has no military power or ranking. I won't be able to continue to reading this story, sadly, but I must say that this is an interesting approach to the Narutoverse, and although I have to say I would have preferred something more along the lines of the civilian movement in "Of the River and the Sea," the in-village approach could have some potential provided that Haru takes a stance or makes an effort to change things. Overall, this was an interesting read. Definitely high-quality in terms of grammar, spelling and diction, but it was hard to read due to the darker undertones and the frustration that accompanied watching a character getting constantly knocked down and seeing them do nothing about it. I would definitely recommend it to those who enjoy tension and political mysteries, but I would otherwise avoid this fic if any of the above observations don't agree with you.
animemangaobsessed chapter 19 . 2/6
oh my god, they have them!
blueerimartian chapter 27 . 2/5
AAAAAHHHH THIS IS SUCH A GOOD STORY i really love haru gekzskaskksjs her name means day in korean HAHHDJSJJD i hope you update soon if not totally fine :)))
Wolfena chapter 1 . 2/3
While I like the style and plot you have created, I just can't stand the major feeling I get from this book. Anger and Hatred. People do say that their work usually reflects themselves in it so if this is the case, please lay off the anger, find a way to help yourself. I know I did when I was younger. Anyway, I got to chapter 20 before I couldn't take it anymore. Maybe once I've calmed down I'll try reading again but I just can't take all the anger in this fic. Sorry. Though this is just my opinion so don't take it personally please.
queenfirst chapter 10 . 1/31
lol i dont get why your OC allows herself to be trampled on like that
aarinisreading chapter 20 . 1/28
Holy shit, I did not see that coming. I mean, I did but it was still surprising.
aarinisreading chapter 19 . 1/28
So, the list of suspects:
-ANBU and Minato
-ROOT and Danzo
-Inoichi and/or Shikaku
The most probable suspects are ANBU/Minato or ROOT/Danzo. How did I do?
aarinisreading chapter 17 . 1/28
Has Haru ever thought of ghost writing? Like, recounting the Greek myths or something as books. (Of course Takeshi would know but shhh) (It's something I would honestly do. Build up a familiarity in the world to a certain set of myths, Greco-Roman, Egyptian, Norse, ect. and then recount a fictional series based off those worlds, use them for worldbuilding from that world. Build it up to construct a world (our world) where they're a series and recount real life events as fiction. Ficcention.)
aarinisreading chapter 8 . 1/28
I honestly would have punted Takeshi into the sun by now civilian or not
TheOneKrafter chapter 13 . 1/25
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