Reviews for Harry Potter and the Ties that Bind
slytheeriin chapter 1 . 4/12
Im just at the begining of HP and the Gift of Memories, but I want to know, do you plan a sequel to this one? O:
The Holy Dragon's chapter 23 . 3/24
Amber chapter 23 . 3/10
I love this series! I really hope you end up continuing it eventually!
Hunter in the Darkness chapter 17 . 2/18
Isn't his potions shop suppose to be in Hogsmeade?
Epicboss67 chapter 23 . 1/28
Harrymort reminds me of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. Is that just me?
The Age of Awesomeness chapter 23 . 1/28
Alrighty! Time for my review for the past three stories in this series!

First of all, I’d like to state, this is simply amazing! You’ve done an amazing job developing characters, the world, and the plot is also quite well-thought out and has clearly been prepared with further events in mind, unlike Rowling. (Little bit of a forced ending in canon.) You’ve certainly put a lot of thought into this series, and personally, I cannot wait until the fourth book begins to appear!

I’d also like to commend you. You’ve kept my intrest through three books that probably total close to or more than the canon story. That’s a feat in of itself! :P

However, one thing that’s a bit of a iffy issue with these stories is your authors notes. I’m not saying that they’re all bad; you do discuss some stuff prudent to the story in them, but you do keep constantly promoting your own self published works multiple times, when really, I’m here for the fanfiction you’ve created. Personally, I don’t like it, and I’d advise you not to talk about it too much. It causes readers to lose intrest, including me sometimes.

And a thing I found quite hilarious about these books is how much the reviews dropped from book two to this book. Absolutely hilarious! About 2500 review difference. I have a feeling a lot of people just rage-quit the story once you killed off Hermione. I found it hilarious how people do that, personally. I had a good five minutes of laughing my butt off about it, actually.

Anyways, to sum up this entire review, I quite enjoyed this story series as a whole, and can’t wait for the fourth book. I’d advise you not to advertise your books but putting the full summary in author’s notes, because it causes people to lose intrest. And, I find it hilarious at how many people rage-quit this series after Hermione was killed.

Keep up your amazing work on this series! I hope more will be coming soon!
MCRasengan chapter 23 . 1/23
I can only request that you finish every last one of your other stories as quickly as possible. This series is amazing, so I definitely need more when it comes. Also, I request a yes for Susan once she matures a bit. I understand the whole “she’s not ready yet” point, but Daphne and Susan are the two who simply have fit best with Harry so far. Either way, please work towards making Year 4.
G the Headmaster chapter 2 . 1/14
I’m trying to figure this story out!
Mystery Melmoth chapter 18 . 1/11
Tbh, i am not really enjoying this stoty anymore. Mostly because at this point all i am expecting is thing to get progressivly worse. And already the situation approches the point where the only way to deal with all this contrived bs would be even more contrived bs. So i will just end here, assuming that ultimately even though the pureblood hardliners have effectivly won already you would come up with some bullshit for harrys group to 'win'. But i dont care to read more.
Guest chapter 23 . 12/5/2017
I love this story and the other 2. the fact that the story is on hiatus until you finish the others, is understandable yet very disappointing. I will come back to these stories if and when the story is fully told. I wish you lots of luck with your original stories.
noxenrom chapter 1 . 10/31/2017
Sadly this sequel is the weakest of all your stories. Overemotional reactions with too much plotfullfilling accidents.
Well written nonetheless. Just not what I expected to get to read.
old-crow chapter 21 . 10/31/2017

Your Tom and Harry chapter feels like what the conflict when Riddle tried to take control of Harry in book 5 should have been. She finished hers in a short paragraph, whereas your description felt like a real fight.

Well told.

old-crow chapter 22 . 10/31/2017

You referred to Salizar living in the first century several times in this chapter. Did you mean the tenth?

Guest chapter 23 . 10/24/2017
It's been over a year now. Please tell us you are working on the next segment of this great story!
Guest chapter 23 . 10/12/2017
Oi, it's been near a year since you've done this. Where's the fourth book? Your writing's great stuff mate, but come on.
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