Reviews for The Pokemon Games
Jeptwin chapter 1 . 9/20/2015
OC Form


Name: Jake Ballaugh

Nickname (Optional):

Type of Trainer (ex. Breeder, Coordinator, Elite Four/ Gym Leader Apprentice, Trainer etc if needed specify details): Trainer

Description: (Height, Fashions, Looks etc) Wears a leaf-green shirt, brown sneakers, and brown pants that blend in with trees, due to a bark pattern on them

Age: 13

Personality: Kind, Smart, Clever, friendly, and loyal, Jake knows exactly how to play the game. But he also knows that friends are better than an alliance, without actually being tricked by someone else. More likely to kill himself in the final two than a friend.

Background: He grew up in a modern home, in a town that could be considered normal in these situations. But still, knowing the day would come when he sacrificed himself for someone else in these games, he trained hard and constantly in stealth, and a majority of weapons, giving him strength and agility beyond his age's normal capacity. His favorite weapon would be a blowgun, because he's good at mixing poisons, staying hidden, and has excellent aim.

How they choose friends: He chooses friends based on intelligence, loyalty, and kindness

What region they are from: He is from the Sinnoh region.

Group Number:7

Behavior: He acts a little crazy at times, and acts weak so his opponents underestimate him. He'll even take it to the point where they could kick him over and over again, and he wouldn't react.

Around Friends: Kind, Smart, strategic, and protective

Around Enemies: weak (depending on the situation), crazy, cunning, strategic

Around their Pokemon: Kind, happy, cunning, loyal

Around wild Pokemon: Cautious, smart, kind

Partner Pokemon: Gallade

Type of Pokemon (Must be fully evolved): Psychic/Fighting

Nickname (Not required): Gallant

Reason behind Nickname (required if Nickname is given) Wears a red cape Jake gave him in his mega evolution, and protects injured and weak Pokemon

Personality: Basically the same as Jake, except more curious

Backstory: he was the first Pokemon Jake ever caught, and was a Ralts at the time. When Jake got a cape from his favorite actor, he gave it to Gallant.

Moveset: X-scissor, Psychic, Focus Blast, and Cross Poison

Ability: Steadfast

Held Item (for example Mega Stone): Galladite

2nd Pokemon

Type of Pokemon: Kingdra

Nickname (Optional): Ruler

Reason behind Nickname (required if Nickname is given): Wanted to give him a nickname, and thought it was appropriate.

Personality: Somewhat silly, cunning, loyal, kind

Moveset: Hydro Pump, Dragon Rush, Sleep Talk, and Blizzard

Ability: Damp

Held Item: Ability capsules
Pokemon Games chapter 1 . 5/26/2015
i love pokemon online games too much. here all games are available /
Eclipsed night Umbreon chapter 1 . 3/22/2015
name: lyra
type of trainer: mega evolution trainer
descriotion: back hair with red shirt, and blue jeans, a mega stone in the shape of a necklace.
personality: caring, daring,adventourus
how they chose friends: have to trust her before she becomes friends
region: kalos
group number:1
behavior: sirious at first then lossens up
around friends: very sirious, like a leader
around enamies: not willing to back down
around their pokemon: careing and loveing, like a mother
around wild pokemon: carefull
partner pokemon:
species: charizard
name: blitz
gender: male
reason behind nikname: blitz was a given name because he is far bigger than any normal charizard, with scar's over his eye.
personality: headstrong, and sirious
backstory: ever sense he was a charmander he was left out and called a monster because he was born with a mutaion of being big even for a charmander.
moveset: hyperbeam(signiture move), flametrougher, slash, and Sky drop
ability: fire range
held item: mega stone
type: dragon eevee
nikname: Rajani
gender: female
normal draceon's white, shiny is black
reason behind nickname: for the dark night
personality: naughty
moveset:Hyper beam, soul, and bite
item: dragon claw
description of dragon soul: Dragon soul: the user concentrates its mind and a with light engulfs the user. Then the user rushes to its opponent, doing so its body transforms into a white dragon hitting the opponent. This is attack guaranties a one hit KO.
Pechachu chapter 1 . 12/22/2014

Nickname (Optional):
Type of Trainer Coordinator

Description: (Height, Fashions, Looks etc)
5'5 girly clothes, white, blonde
Timid but if you anger her scary
Came from a rich family but neglected
How they choose friends
She doesn't
What region they are from:
Group Number
Around Friends:
Around Enemies
Scared until pushed til he limit
Around their Pokemon
Around wild Pokemon
Partner Pokemon
Type of Pokemon (Must be fully evolved):
Nickname (Not required)
Reason behind Nickname (required if Nickname is given)
Name of my shiny grade our 3
Abandoned by mother and father and found by sky
Moonblast, psychic, recover, hyper voice
Held Item (for example Mega Stone)
2nd Pokemon
Type of Pokemon
Nickname (Optional)
Reason behind Nickname (required if Nickname is given):
For my pet butterfly
Overprotective, anger issues
Quiver dance, bugg buzz, sleep powder, hurricane
Compound eyes
Held Item:
Focus sash