Reviews for Revenge of the Wizard
Pit93 chapter 20 . 11/22
how can gravity impair portkey and apparition? space travel yes, but apparition is a skill developed and used in the gravity of a planet so gravity can't block it.
jiromanawari chapter 34 . 11/19
Harry and the Rebel Alliance are idiots. I can't believe the author has managed to write characters so devoid of logic and proper planning. HP is said to have been trained for 30-some years, but he doesn't act like the trained warrior he supposedly is. Jesus.
Lmppsc chapter 9 . 11/18
bennylava77 chapter 4 . 11/17
Ensorcelled is one of my favourite words!
Cassandra30 chapter 35 . 11/6
They should have transfigured the boy's body and taken him home as well. He deserved it. He died with honor. He was good enough. I certainly hope that Harry shows that young woman that memory.
libraryrockerr chapter 40 . 10/25
You brought up a point about Vader not deserving redemption, but I think that presupposes redemption precludes continuing suffering - and it doesn't. I can see Anakin raising up and loving children and then looking at these precious, precious souls and realizing this, this is what I killed and tormented with my own hands. Over and over again. Because Anakin knows how to angst. Way more painful and torturous than death. And what about when those children who love him learn about what he's done? Yeah, he's paying a lot more by staying alive.

Seanq chapter 17 . 10/21
If you can HIDE the planet, why can't you take a group of say 10 and HIDE Harry's ship?
ArachnidHiveMind chapter 1 . 10/16
Cassandra30 I think this is the first time I’ve opened a story and all the immediately visible reviews come from one person
Cassandra30 chapter 17 . 10/13
Han Solo is for Leia not Harry.
Cassandra30 chapter 16 . 10/13
Superb! The Empire can be defeated!
Cassandra30 chapter 15 . 10/13
They did forget them.
Cassandra30 chapter 14 . 10/13
Go, Harry! Poor young lady. I do point out no one including the British stopped the assault.
Cassandra30 chapter 13 . 10/13
Terrific! Charlie's polyglot abilities with animal experience is paying off.
Cassandra30 chapter 12 . 10/13
Keep her arm. It can be reattached. The Wookies need to get off.
Cassandra30 chapter 11 . 10/13
Harry is doing well. He's always had the ability to think on his feet and outside of the box.
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