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Bicky Monster chapter 34 . 6/23
Okay, so I VERY rarely leave reviews, and even more rarely on this site, but for this story I have to.
I am currently a little bit speechless but I will attempt to express some of what I am currently feeling . This story is so painfully, terribly, beautifully relevant. It hurt me to the point that my heart physically ached as I read, I had to take breaks to clear away my tears and I wondered whether I had it in me to actually complete the journey to its end.
I am glad I did, because there is something pure in the horror and grief and love in this story. It was compelling, and frighteningly real given the characters and setting.
You gave everyone a story, you made all the characters come to life, you made me care not just a little but deeply about your OCs and you made me both desperately sad and wonderfully happy all at once.

So I shall just say thank you and leave it there.
Vera Gilbert chapter 1 . 11/3/2017
ow... It's weird! I cannot believe April would cheat on Donnie. it's just so hard to believe. I hope she will be with Donnie, and only Donnie.
Vera Gilbert chapter 1 . 11/3/2017
Wow... It's weird! I cannot believe April would cheat on Donnie. it's just so hard to believe. I hope she will be with Donnie, and only Donnie.
Chandrakantya chapter 34 . 9/11/2017
Okay, well, I hate you for this fanfic so much. I wanted to be productive today, but nooooo, someone like you had to come along, write this FREAKING AMAZING fanfiction and in the process consume my whole day!
Nah, but really, I binged read this, I couldn't stop, it was just too good!

The plot was absolutely fantastic!I had to put my phone down and breath half way through the chapters because, just, wow! My head is still spinning. :D

Just, thank you for this story! It was an absolute masterpiece!
Crystal Hope Dragon chapter 33 . 8/6/2017
I still can't believe you martyred Donnie though. *sniff*
Crystal Hope Dragon chapter 34 . 8/6/2017
It was perfect. I binged the whole thing in two days, and it was perfect. You broke my heart ten times over, but life hurts and must go on, and the next generation was AMAZING, but you KILLED Donnie! It was too close, too perfect, too personal. I used SOOO many tissues.
Please keep up the amazing work!
Honey the Queen Bee chapter 4 . 6/29/2017
While this story really has me pulled in tight, my first real giggle came from auther note i. Cause we're all going to hell indeed...
GobbleMan chapter 33 . 5/13/2017
I just wanted to offer you my sincerest gratitude for having taken the time to plan and write this story. Honestly, it's been a while since I found a fic (in any fandom) that's moved me to laugh out loud, cry, and basically express myself because of how moving the words on the page really are. You have a gift, my friend. The way you write is so fluid and graceful and I love how you are able to characterize the characters so well but at the same time, you're able to showcase a plausible and fitting evolution to who they are as individuals. I loved this fic so much, like to seriously have no idea. Midway through it, I got this emotionally compromised feeling in my arms and a lump in my throat. Then at the end, seeing how things panned just...I was left with that bittersweet taste of reality and satisfaction. With the character deaths and rough life events, you made a fic that's startling similar to real life and I appreciate that. You didn't bring any characters back to life or leave everyone singing songs and skipping to the sunset. The characters picked up the pieces of their lives and found their own happiness, just as we do when confronted with terrible ordeals or harrowing events. Being able to do that so well takes skill and you undoubtedly have it. Thank you for a magnificent read! The fandom is blessed to have your fic as a contribution!
quietpagan chapter 34 . 12/11/2016
EVEN SO, THIS WAs a fantastically written fic, even if it was a heart-breaker and I'm STILL upset. You got the characterization down so pat it was like an actual piece of the show, except, you know, with significantly more character exploration, sexy-time, and fucKING CHARACTER DEATH.
Everyone's relationships were spot-on, especially Leo and Karai. I was on the edge of my seat and actually had to get up and MAKE A GODDAMN CASSEROLE in order to stop being so anxious about what was going to happen during the ballet recital.
Your descriptions of Splinter's failing health were really heart-wrenching. I had a grandfather who had Alzheimer's, and he would sometimes have bad fits and call us names. His last day was, like Splinter's, an unusually good one, like his body knew it would fail during the night and decided to go all out on the last day. So that tore me up.
Donnie's determination to go out and Be A Father in the public eye was terrifying, but it really spoke to me, about risks and bravery and doing what was right by everyone else and not only yourself.
So, anyway, thank you for utterly stabbing me in the gut but also making me laugh and cry happy tears or whatever.
You're really, really good at it.
Guest chapter 33 . 11/26/2016
This fic is literal perfection. I don't know much else to say. Absolutely wonderful!
Maketa.Hito chapter 34 . 11/13/2016
great writing. i want to let you know that i loved this up to a certain point and then i became upset. I'll have you know that I've been crying on and off for like an hour and have been listening to music to cope. FUCK. i esecially lost it after the wedding.
FrostyEmmmmmmma chapter 19 . 7/25/2016
ch 15
And now back to our regularly scheduled reviews. Don would perch at a laptop, wouldn't he? You clearly have a good time writing the Don/Mike brotherly relationship, and it shows. I like that Mikey did actually make muffins. There's some "as you know, Bob," speeches in this chapter, which is very helpful for catching up the non-fan readers in this audience (ie, me). Since you left an author's note: the chapter *is* a little slow and feels kind of long in places, but I'm not sure what there is to do about that. Somtimes massive information dumps need to happen to move the plot forward, and so long as the next few chapters are a bit snappier, I think it evens out.

ch 16
I wish there were an actual reporter named Carlos Chiang O'Brien Gambe. I could also perfectly picture his reporter's voice as he read the statement. Candy and Casey need to stab evil Phil Coulson in the side and run. This chapter definitely picked it up. Nice and tense.

ch 17
I really liked how you highlighted the "pathetic and juvenile" Sprite to emphasize Mikey's sudden embarrassment. That's so on point. Aaaaand enter the Love Interest! jfc Leo step off Mikey's dick for two seconds.

ch 18
OMG YOU KILLED BEBOP! YOU BASTARD! That sammich is making me hungry. Yeesh, Google Translate's making Leo sound wee-yurd. Those are some interesting word choices he's making. :)
FrostyEmma chapter 14 . 7/2/2016
ch 11
I love this whole scene, but the 'weird psycho whisper' line really added to the absurdity and strange horror of the situation. I liked reading things from Mikey's perspective.

ch 12
I like Candy a lot, and I liked her justified annoyance at Raph being surprised Mona went to college. Ooh shit, plot just got REAL. And Mona is an interesting character. Nice tense chapter ending.

ch 13
Sorry, Captain Leomerica, I agree with Raph here unfortunately. I do like that Mikey tried to stop him; even if I agree with Raph, I don't want him to go out and straight murder people. And I like getting to see this side of Mikey.

ch 14
'Lisa Frank' - LOL. The packing scene was nicely tense, and I liked that you described the wad of bills in a 'dripping ziplock.' Leo's mental contract makes a lot of sense; he'd need to find a way to live with himself and his job. You write a really good action scene; this was very enjoyable. HOLY SHIT LEO RUN FROM EVIL PHIL COULSON SHIIIIIIIT! Wow, this whole chapter was really, really well done. Not awful at all. It was very tense, and I actually felt kind of breathless with relief at the end. I was worried for a moment that evil Phil Coulson was going to capture Leo.
FrostyEmma chapter 10 . 7/2/2016
ch 8
This chapter is a bit hard to follow, tbh. There's a lot of dialogue, but not enough dialogue tags to easily follow who is speaking. OMG I HATE THAT SPLINTER IS SICK JFC EAT YOUR OISIHII HAMUBAAGAA AND DON'T BE SICK. I liked that Donnie excused himself so that April and Casey could have a moment. "My sexy stranded Cetacean," LOL Donnie you dork. Ugh, April you drama queen. Except that the dilemma is real. It seems terribly unfortunate that she doesn't have any female friends she can turn to. Poor April.

ch 9
'Cheerful music and MarioKarts' - imagery made me smile. LOL Splinter. I hear ya, April. It was definitely "interesting." Lay the smackdown on Casey, Kirby. Fuck, I love Kirby. I think he's my favorite character so far. STOP FUCKING WITH SPLINTER OMG. Kinda want to slap Donnie for his 'perfect little daughter' comment. SHE'S CASEY'S DAUGHTER TOO. LOL at the New Yorkers comment; quit being pretentious, Mikey, and eat your geeee-roh. Leo's comment was actually really sweet. I like the baby's name a lot. I know we're supposed to be feeling sympathy for Donnie's angst here, but mostly I feel sorry for Casey, shoved into third wheel status. Let's see how that develops as the story progresses.

ch 10
'Dancing slices of pizza' - LOL forever. jfc Donnie, you begrudge Casey TWO DAYS with his own child? Pretty obvious it was sensei, Donnie, but that's exhaustion for you; keeps you from thinking clearly. Aww, Georgia likes her uncle so much, she puked on him. 'Drowning a turtle was WORK. You had to COMMIT' - love that line. I really like the way you write Candy, and the whole scene with Candy and Raph was really well done. I look forward to seeing how that develops.
Guest chapter 34 . 6/20/2016
Holy shit thank you, this fic is a gift. I stumbled across a rec for this via tumblr fanart (not 100% sure whose), might be the most beautiful piece of fanfic I've ever encountered AND it's in one of my oldest fandoms.
I have never seen a functional poly relationship written this well, it being my OT3 was a massive bonus.
I also deeply appreciate how each one of the brothers is written with attention to the quirky little facets of their personalities/issues/insecurities- writing from the POV of just one of the boys can be a challenge, much less making sure EVERYBODY gets their spotlight.
From cackling at odd hours to actual gross crying, it's been one hell of a trip. Thank you again for your time and effort in this, I treasure it and look forward to seeing the rest of your work.
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