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god of all chapter 39 . 3/20
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
G Fawkes chapter 39 . 3/16
Already read the march 8 bio update. Was ready to moan about 'three months' and all that, so...
I guess I got nothin'.

Wasn't it "Caddyshack", where the old guy tells the fat kid- "You'll get NOTHING and like it!"

Okay. Just waiting.
Darklordcomp chapter 1 . 2/25
I am sitting at work shouting yes yes yes yes yes in a bathroom stall i love this story
World Theory chapter 23 . 2/21
Reading Ginny's part was rough. It's like watching a recording of a train wreck, with people you know from a distance on it, in slow motion.

I can't wait for the flying pigs… :)
World Theory chapter 19 . 2/20
How does one express their feelings in words, after reading what Dumbledore thinks? I am dead-serious when I say that I am profoundly flabbergasted by the workings of his mind. He would knowingly sacrifice the education of an entire seven grade levels worth of children for one year, for the very un certain chance of “redeeming” a … Lockheart, when there might be other ways of doing the same thing, without throwing away the education of so many students, who are the future of the world, and who might just be barely scraping together enough money to pay for the dubious privilege of attending his school? I wonder who would do more harm to the school as a headmaster, Dumbledore, or Voldemort.

They cannot possibly get Dumbledore out of that school fast enough.
World Theory chapter 17 . 2/20
So… Wizarding coins, or at least Galleons, are actually a little like physical bitcoins. They have a memory of exchanges, like the block chain of a bitcoin. Although, I suspect that the goblins would frown upon the act of splitting a galleon in half, or some other fraction, and trading with that, so their not entirely like bitcoins.

I also happen to have recently been watching some videos about the history of money and trading. I found out that most of the world has only recently fully escaped from the Gold Standard. The United States no longer uses it, and basically most of the world has their own currencies backed up by the value of the US Dollar. So it's all completely virtual. I also saw a video series about the South Sea Bubble. The YT channel I learned all this from that has a lot of fascinating history videos, is called Extra Credits (or Extra Credit; I can't remember). I have a new understanding of that James Bond movie with Gold Finger in it. And I can see why a source of infinite gold would be terrifying. I heard what happened to Zimbabwe when the dictator of that country decided to print his own money until it was worth less than dirt. It was terrible for the people living there.

My solution, though, would be to use several more, new metals, or substances, that can't be produced by a philosopher's stone, or by some other means. I heard that platinum was almost choosen instead of gold, when the silver standard couldn't be used anymore. It was rejected because it's a little too rare, and was easily confused with silver due to its color, but that might not be a problem for the Goblins, if they just print identifying marks on the coins for the average person. I wonder if something like titanium would work as a coin, too? From what I know, it's pretty difficult and expensive (costing a lot of energy) to refine from ore, so it strikes a reasonable balance between expensive and abundant. Just don't expose your titanium coins to high temperatures; allowing metallic titanium to remain in the presence of oxygen, while at or near its melting point, will make it rapidly oxidize. I'm probably overlooking some things, as I'm not an expert on using metals as currency. (Is anyone, really?) Anyway… The whole idea of introducing a new coin type would be done as soon as possible, by offering to trade the old galleons that people have, at a certain rate depending on research done to determine how much philosopher's gold has been introduced to the market, and upon the relative worth of the new coin.

I also think that the knuts and sickles should have their values separated from eachother and from the galleon, with publicly posted values based on eachother, but not lock into a specific ratio. And if a new coin is introduced, it can be valued like this as well. In fact, this would actually make it practical for a new lowest value coin to be introduced, perhaps make from aluminium. That way it would be easier to get more exact prices for goods, if you can use a smaller value coin. Anyway, the point of having the ratio of values between the coins unlocked, and allowed to float around, is to diversify, and make it difficult for an influx of any one type of metal to disrupt the economy. I admit that it would probably be a bit trying, and uncomfortable at first, to calculate the price of goods, and make transactions. But it would be so robust! (Unless the philosopher's stone isn't just limited to transmuting lead into gold. Because if it can produce other metals, or elements, that would be quite bad. The goblins might have to use paper money. And I'm not sure if that's possible, with their connection to precious metals and such. They might revolt before they'd accept that. Who knows? It might even be tied to their perception of money; they might not be able to viscerally comprehend the idea of symbolic money. Then again, they might take to it like ducks to water, and it's actually the Wizarding population that would dig their heels in. But if they do switch to paper money, at least they already all use a single, central bank. Because it might start off as bank notes again, like it did for paper money. Which had a lot of hiccups at first, because people were using bank notes to trade with, from a lot of different, competing, banks, and the value of the notes were only as reliable as the bank itself was.)

I'd really like to know what's going to happen next, so I better stop writing. Plus, I think I just about exhausted my ideas for the moment.
World Theory chapter 15 . 2/19
I was kinda wondering when the story of the 'Stone was going to come out.

Also, I what will come of Dan Granger seeming to look like someone who disappeared over twenty years ago. Is he actually a wizard that someone disappeared with memory charms? Or maybe he's the son of someone who was? I could see that being a possibility if whoever disappeared was actually going into hiding in response to the war, and they took their toddler son with them. They may have even been fleeing from some extremely traditionalist and dark family, who thought that Dan's dad had disgraced the family by producing a squib, or marrying a muggle, or somesuch thing. I don't believe in coincidences in stories, unless the story needs a coincidence.
World Theory chapter 14 . 2/19
I love Mr. Granger's sense of humor. Those dad jokes, though…

As a complete coincidence, a member of my family has recently taken to calling our cats some variation of “pussy” to mess with us. I do find it pretty funny, since that practice seems to have fallen out of style. I've seen it a lot in old movies.

Anyway, I thought this chapter was really funny with the characters making all those jokes. I thought the joke you slipped in with the talking to snakes scene, and the shop keeping shouting, was pretty funny, too. :)
World Theory chapter 12 . 2/19
Hoooooo boy! Dumbledore is worthy of a certificate to officially recognize his ruined state of mental health. There's optimism, and then there's delusion. Dumbledore is afflicted with both.

Maybe he made the mistake of thinking that rationalizing something is actually rational thinking, some time far in the past?
World Theory chapter 11 . 2/19
I'm starting to think that Molly has some weird ideas about parenting. Or at-least, her ideas about parenting have come into conflict with mine, partially. I'm referring to the thing she's done with Ginny's Harry Potter fixation, and her birthday. I'll try to give her the benefit of the doubt, though.
World Theory chapter 7 . 2/17
This is actually my second time reading through the story; I don't know how far I got the first time, it was rather a long time ago. I do remember the scene with Lester at his home though. However, I didn't really understand it properly the first time I read it. I didn't recognize that ruined bit of brass and glass as what I think now, is probably a time turner. I also didn't catch the importance of the Lester giving up half his life to spend more time with someone who I think was his love. I probably should have figured it out the first time, with all those hints that reference time, the sands of time being held back, and Lester thinking to himself that he's much older than his 60-something years of age.

I also didn't quite catch that Barchoke would seem to be the son, or relation, of the Potters' former account manager, from the days when there were multiple actual Potters.

If evolution shaped the development of the Goblin race, I would find it interesting to find out what conditions lead them to develop such a fundamental mental … orbit … around keeping track of gains and losses. It sounds like an extremely hardcore hoarding instinct. Maybe their ancestors had to deal with severe and frequent famines, and losses of other resources? Maybe their ancestors lived deep underground, and had to stockpile enough stuff to get by, incase their tunnels to the outside collapsed, and cut them off. That way, they would have enough supplies to last for as long as it took to dig their way back out. (I don't know how they would breath for long enough that they would have to worry about starving, if they did get trapped underground. Maybe they have some sort of biological, or magical adaptation that lets them make due with little to no air? I'm leaning towards a magical trait.) And now that I think about ancient goblin ancestors, I can't help but think about a fossil record. Are goblin fossils being found, and covered-up by a conspiracy? Or are they being labeled as an uninterestingly non-magical ancient human ancestor? I wouldn't think that goblin bones look that different from human bones, given that the two species can apparently successfully interbreed; you can't just have different parts all over the place, or else the genetic program won't compile correctly, or at all. Which begs the question: How do humans and goblins have such different psychologies? Is there addition genetic information that's stored in some magical form, which contributes to the end result of the being known as a goblin? It would have to work on different principles than DNA does. I'm so confused…
World Theory chapter 6 . 2/17
Lol. Poor Ginny. Poor timing, Molly. That was totally believable, though. People do tend to panic a bit when they have unexpected, important, company show up.
CorruptEnlightenment chapter 39 . 2/13
Thank you for updating! How delightful to see Hermione rip Lockhart a new one.
HellKnight01 chapter 23 . 2/5
After reading this for the 4th time it just occurred to me after reading Ginny's "Its not fair. I saw him first." Line that her attitude is parallel to Snape's thought process of Lily and James.

Mind. Blown.
Smithback chapter 39 . 2/2
wow. this is awesome. I read all the fic so far, in 3 weeks, (quite fast for me in a fic) it is awesome.

I love Hermione's father.

anyway great story, great chapter.

about the coment at the end of chapter 38: like in the book 1984, to change the history is manipulation of thereallity of the present .
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