Reviews for Sympathetic Properties
G Fawkes chapter 37 . 7h
How weird. Robst and yourself both updated on the same day last time, Aug 6.
Sounds like a race to me!

And yes, I COULD check the bio, but that''s no fun, and last time I did, it had me estimating you were two months out. (Snoring sound)
Let the bad writers take that long. Maybe they might actually proofread... na!
Kali-blue chapter 22 . 9/22
the Bechdel test is easy, but rarely passed. it took you over 21 chapters to have 2 females talk about something other than a man or a boy. Most of either Litchfield or Harry's discussions with other boys and men weren't about girls or women so it can be done. So if you are actually serious about it, you can be more intentional about passing it earlier and repeatedly in what you write. Cheers, Kali
shadowfox-2012 chapter 37 . 9/20
Just wanted to say I loved this story I had been getting bored/annoyed with bad/evil/manipulative Dumbledore. But how you rote this the way you make every POV change its own little cliffhanger at times and how you showed the goblins, give's me hope that there's more like this out there I just have to find them.(probably not as good though.)
Well I need to go clean out my favorite story's now most don't measure up.
Sorry for rambling.
cameron1812 chapter 37 . 9/16
Holy smokes. Sorry it took me so long to find a time to review, but I needed a time where I could read this all in one shot and do it justice. You've got such a wonderful mix of plans, agendas, and a bit of Columbo in court (or is that John Grisham) all at one go.

Adore the arbitration, as well as the short Luna/Ginny scene, and the developing Prince History story (oooo there's so much fun about to happen on so many levels). I could mention so many other things that make me happy, but I hope you get the idea.

This was worth the wait, and more. Thank you for sharing your craft and ideas.
HeartsGlow chapter 29 . 9/14
It's...hilarious, in a way, how little eleven year old CHILD Ginny doesn't think like an eleven year old child. Are you sure she's not 14?
Paty S chapter 2 . 9/13
Don't know how I feel about this development with Hermione, just seem to come out of nowhere and there way to young in my opinion for any proper relationship. Harry doesn't seem to see her in that way.
HeartsGlow chapter 25 . 9/12
Well, we finally find out what, or who, the "Lost" are
Paty S chapter 1 . 9/12
First time reading it and I'm enjoying it so far, really like seeing more of i wonder if Dumbledore will interfere with Harry quest for the true.
Guest chapter 3 . 9/9
Why do you add job titles before names? "Auditor Axegrind. Litigator Lichfield" sounds a bit absurd, doesn't it?
D'ennui chapter 2 . 9/9
"'Ermione's goin' mad with worry"

I don't think Hagrid's spelling is as bad as you make it out to be. Granted, he has difficulty in spelling Voldemort, but I do think he can spell basic words like "going". While I can imagine Hadrid saying this, people don't write the way they speak. Can you make out my accent, or whether I drop my Hs?
Guest chapter 1 . 9/9
Oh yes, I'd love a Harry Potter/Matilda crossover! Two magical students off to Hogwarts by the time they're 11. And I think Harry'd actually have a friend not intimidated by Dudley.
galacticplumber chapter 37 . 8/31
Something tells me Hagrid still has far too heavy a case of the sads to do his standard first year duty. Could something more have happened since last time seeing the lovable oaf? Yeah, but we don't need anything of the sort to explain this and nothing of the sort is in evidence.
GiveMeBackMyFreedomFandoms chapter 13 . 8/27
Snape deserves to be killed by a werewolf.
This is proof that he's a "Nice Guy"
JPElles chapter 37 . 8/27
Great story.
fraewyn chapter 37 . 8/26
Love it!
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