Reviews for Queen of the Swarm
Guest chapter 30 . 7/20
This fanfic has gone of the deep end. There is no saving it. The whole fact that you could write the conversation at the end and specificly tell us that t was good shows you definitvely need therapy to not endanger your friends and family
Guest chapter 29 . 7/20
This chapter was pathetic. No matter how weak you made her zerg strain, no matter how pathetic you made her power compared to the potential of the zerg, her body has long since evolved to be resistant to stuff like this. And if you claim it didn't you are simply too stupid to write around the actual abilities of the zerg. You have shown to be a disgrace on the starcraft and worm community
AndrewWolfe chapter 78 . 6/4
CMVreud chapter 78 . 6/3
Wonderful story.

And to your A/N: yes, yes you have.
CMVreud chapter 77 . 6/3
Drama Queen(s).
CMVreud chapter 76 . 6/3
Bloody fucken DIVA capes.
CMVreud chapter 73 . 6/3
Intense. Some minor inconsistencies with the S9 powers, but I read by rule of cool in degrees, so I'll allow it.
CMVreud chapter 70 . 6/3
Oooh, nice twist.
Especially that it's got to be a bit of John Wick at the end.
CMVreud chapter 62 . 6/3
And Brian, you can cut out radio signals and radiation. [...]and prevent the occasional nuclear meltdown.

Why do I only see that now? Brian would be perfect against Behemoth.
CMVreud chapter 59 . 6/3
Wait, isn't that like... 4-D?

Oh, and as we're off the Tyranid route I'd say it's hormones now that keep them all so... mellow? with another. Like a constant bit of being high.
CMVreud chapter 58 . 6/3
Poor Panacea. Poor cuddlebug.
CMVreud chapter 54 . 6/3
Everything, everything had gone wrong. He'd had a plan, one judged by Accord himself as 'banal, imbecilic, but passable'.
And then, somehow, it was as though fate took one step to the side.

Please, please have Ziz fuck with him (because he is an ****).
CMVreud chapter 50 . 6/3
Brian just facepalmed. "Why did I ever let myself get saddled with you people?"
"What do you mean, 'you people'!?" Aisha snapped. "You're sayin' it that way because I'm black,
aren't you?"
Her brother just let out a groan of endless suffering.
This is the sort of humor that is needed today.

"We're teens and Regent's an ass. Yes."
I think 'Regent is an ass' is just the juvenile version of 'Blame Coil' and a lot of people should be good with it.
CMVreud chapter 49 . 6/3
Mugglicious, the nurse is right. Aaand when you're out you have Lisa, Paul and Imp helping you to come up with... interesting comments.
CMVreud chapter 48 . 6/3
Rachel suggested it be like a plushie, Alec added that it should squeak.
I know where this is going.
It had to be huggable, sure. Soft and round, without rough edges.
Jupp, definitely know where this is going.
It scuttled forward on six stubby legs and two blunt pincers,
the volleyball-sized creature moving with a slow and ponderous gait.
I really thought more in line with Tribbles.
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