Reviews for Queen of the Swarm
mst3ktoo chapter 21 . 9/3
Barf powers: Activate!
Chezzzz chapter 78 . 8/12
Thanks for the excellent story.
FieldMarshal1915 chapter 12 . 5/23
Facts are probably on their side with what they say at times, especially if they bring up crime statistics. Its a hell of a situation.
FieldMarshal1915 chapter 5 . 5/22
Sophia has it all Taylor.
Sex, as you said. She's a girl.
You didn't mention race but well, heh. Look around us.
But not anymore.
Malkeus chapter 51 . 5/15
Legends city. Murderous bomber KNOWN for his shit. Pick one.
Malkeus chapter 50 . 5/15
Oh no, brain slugs!
Malkeus chapter 44 . 5/14
Seems like a Contessa plot...
mst3ktoo chapter 70 . 5/15
Steve is the MVP
DragonANGL chapter 60 . 5/10 Coil's apocalyptic timeline, I wonder if Skitter-turned-feral-Kerrigan would be able to shrug off a certain psycopath's uh, 'quirk', or if she'd become Butcher 14 (or 15, what have you). Or if the previous minds would be subsumed into the Swarm Hivemind.
Guest chapter 6 . 4/3
"I shouldn't tell people what my powers can do so I have a trump card" tells random villians what her powers are in under a minute. Soooooo stupidddddd
suziq968 chapter 78 . 4/4
This was amazing, intriguing and, occasionally hilarious. I'm looking forward to going to your profile and seeing what else you've done. Also, kudos on circumventing a huge pet peeve by insuring that when Skitter uses spider silk she utilized hundreds or thousands of spiders at a time to make it more realistic instead of using one thread to do anything.
Boundless Scholar chapter 15 . 3/23
love the Monty python reference.
Bravo chapter 78 . 3/18
Malkeus chapter 76 . 3/18
Everybody is just fucking compelled to poke the bear...
Malkeus chapter 74 . 3/18
Oh the horror, to condemn an innocent cuddlebug to the Birdcage...
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